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Sometimes screen colors seems "too bright"

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Alan Slade

Senior Member
Jul 3, 2012
Good morning.
I noticed that sometimes (brightness always auto at 20%) when I turn the screen on, the color of icons, the interface in general it's too bright, like washed out.
For example, when I open Whatsapp, the background behind the emoticons it's not black, but a light grey, and the mouth or eyes of the emoticons are less distinctive?

Did you ever noticed something like this?


Senior Member
May 28, 2012
Yeah but you will lose every data on your phone. Not sure about useful eh, Btw did you notice if also X-reality disables alone sometimes? I got this issue
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Sadman Khan

Senior Member
Feb 1, 2012
Glad i'm not the only one who thinks so ._. And sometimes my display seems bluish and at other times it seems like a very good white! I don't get it :|

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Also. I guess that's Sephiroth?

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