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A quick question for everyone in Europe and USA: How can i bring a google edition Z ultra to Portugal? Will it be compatible with GSM carriers? I own a normal Z ultra... but i'd love to have a google edition instead..

anyone? :confused:


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Sep 19, 2007
any way to download them?

Hey you do know that if you copy the build.prop from gpe to your omni build you all of the sudden have DATA working but not Wi-Fi right? And nexus update checker is doing something too...


Playing around wih it here. DATA thru 3G and LTE is working in your omni build if you use the GPE build prop pasted higher up.

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Aug 23, 2010
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Thank you very much are your developers settings only force closing with art or with dalvik too? Art is not stable and should not be used on a day to day basis (it is more stable with 4.4.1-4.4.2)

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Developer settings do not force close, only security settings.


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Nov 14, 2008
i doubt that the GPE Z Ultra will support classical S1 Protocol. From what i think google will have "ordered" a classic fastboot/recovery solution from Sony and not Sony's own s1boot version. From that point of view we won't be able to grab the ROM from EMMA/SUS/PCC.
What can be done:
adb shell to the device
root it
dd all partitions to img file and send one of the developers. ALSO (BEWARE!!!!!!) s1boot CAN be upgraded/overwritten. IT MAY BE accessible and dump'able from dd. NOONE of you should do that! If you screw with s1boot you can NEVER EVER reflash the phone again if you screw up (atleast not without opening and connecting to jtag).

So please to users with the GPE, unlock it -> try fastboot boot one of the recoverys (DO NOT fastboot flash!!!!!) -> install a root package like -> reboot to system -> dump all available partitions to a img file. (cat /proc/partitions etc. etc.)

Please do atleast list the partitions and report back here ;)


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