Sony Xperia 1 Google Camera / Gcam Mod Apk

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Oct 15, 2017
Now that Xperia 1 is out and it supports camera2api and raw, there is a high chance that google pixel camera app / gcam finally works.

Anyone with Xperia 1 please test working gcam version and share your findings here. Thanks


Updated : 2 November 2019

First working gcam for Xperia 1/Xperia 5.

It's old gcam 5.1 version, so probably no tele-wide-ultrawide hdr+ night sight...yet. At least it's way better than nothing. Hope more people can donate to the developer so that he can continue improves the gcam port
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Dec 27, 2010
Tried installed the one in xiaomi forum but not working unfortunately

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Nov 10, 2008
Why does everyone want the Google Camera on our devices? With what features is it better than the stock Sony camera app?


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Dec 19, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Why does everyone want the Google Camera on our devices? With what features is it better than the stock Sony camera app?

I started using the Google Camera port on my previous device, the LG V30. I wasn't satisfied with the stock camera and I heard others praise the GCam port. So I gave it a try and boy oh boy was it worth it. The photos look much better. I also use it on my Mix 3 and much like with the LG V30, photos come out better in GCam.


Aug 30, 2013
Surely one of the Devs that have created the current gcam apps just need a bit of a nudge? If anyone knows them, ask them to look into an Xperia 1 version....

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    @MishaalRahman @Arnova8G2 @cstark27

    Hi sorry for tagging you all here. Xperia 1 has been released for few months, but still no working gcam yet. Is it possible or not to port gcam for xperia 1?

    It's been out for only ONE month. Hold your horses...
    Well I think i wanna stay in here .
    Thank you my darling . :eek: You made me think even more I do not leave from sony again .
    You are my bless for me and I wanna see sony step going to the future.:eek:

    You're welcome princess
    Bye sony I use Xperia1 is 1 month have no update camera fix and have no dev support i request to Gcam dev , Lineage Dev have no peole care I think sony good but but not enoungh

    Sony is going to devastated to hear that 1 customer out of their millions is going to leave because they are so impatient.

    Want something done then do it yourself, if not then shut up and be patient
    Honestly, if someone could get the Gcam on this phone then I'd seriously consider it. As it stands though, I hate the stock camera app.
    Like literally hate it. It's slow, doesn't focus properly, takes an age to process after shooting and results are disappointing.

    Portrait mode is probably the worst one I've ever used too.
    Shame, as I love the hardware.
    Over at Zenfone 6 thread, @Arnova8G2 just started development on porting gcam after XDA and Asus sent the device to him for development.

    If Sony is smart and want more people to buy their phone, they should copy what Asus is doing to kickstart development of gcam and other mods/rom/recovery etc