Sony Xperia 5 III or Samsung Galaxy S21

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Jan 11, 2022
Hi There,
I am looking for a compact device, which of course should be able to do everything. I currently have a Pixel 4. Now I'm thinking between a Pixel 6, S21/S21 FE and the Xperia 5 III.
Since I like to do photography in my spare time, the extensive manual mode of the Sony appeals to me. However, the device is quite bad in various tests (overheating, no inductive charging, for example).
I would most likely go for the Galaxy S21 as an alternative.

Can anyone give me a suggestion?


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Jul 30, 2013
Since you said that photography is a priority I would'nt discard the pixel 6 as it Is the best "point and shoot " out of the ones listed .

The score is something like this
Pixel 6: Best "Point and shoot" Camera + Photo processing /Cons : Up until now it has been buggy even with the latest software updates (for some)
Sony :The most options to do the photos out the 3 , the cons you have listed them yourself

Samsung : A solid B+ or A- in almost every deparmant , not the most exciting amount of options , but it will perform and behave as expected /Cons : Different variants for different markets , make sure that you are buying the version you have seen the reviews of

Good luck!