Sony Xperia Z3: pink spot in the middle of the pictures

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Feb 13, 2011

I'm the owner of a brand new Xperia Z3, which I bought in major part for the camera, but i noticed a pink spot in the middle of many picture, most of the time when i take a picture of plain white/grey/brown surfaces. It seems that i'm not alone since at least 10 other owners reported the same problem on the Xperia support forum:

I post some pictures that I and other owners uploaded on the forum:

If you have the same issue; please go to the sony xperia support forum and make your voice heard ;)
the adress is:

In addition, don't forget to vote for the REDDIT of this issue in order to raise awareness:

Thanks !
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Aug 10, 2013
Seeing these threads makes me get tired of the Sony Xperia Z3 as a whole. Reminds me of the time of the HTC One M7. Here is another related thread on a defective camera or software processing:

Shots with one of the Z3, on SUPERIOR AUTO mode:



This is sickening!
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Having the same issue and posted on the Sony Mobile link you added, hopefully Sony can get it fixed.

Read a lot of reports of Z3C owners having the same problems.
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Aug 10, 2013
Can someone confirm that they are NOT having this problem? I want to have some hope it is a software issue, not hardware.


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Jan 8, 2011
Mine gets the pink areas but more mild but not centered like OP. Mine is definitely not that bad.

Call your nearest TMO store and tell them to reserve a phone on release day and exchange, I am going to do that as mine has severe light leakage from the right side of the frame.
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Oct 26, 2014
color shading

It's called color shading..

you can see it in this review. Mine also has this issue indoor.
"On the downside, DxO says "color shading is visible in some outdoor pictures and low light conditions and strong flare is noticeable in sunny backlit outdoor scenes." "


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Oct 28, 2012
Are you guys having this problem with the tmobile variant of the phone? I have the international D6603 and I don't have the pink spot in the middle.


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Nov 30, 2009
Mine has that pink spot as well, t-mobile version. I can't really notice it during videos but certain pictures you can sort of see it, this sucks.


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Jan 21, 2011
New York City
I'm also seeing this on the Z3 compact but it doesn't seem as bad as the OP. Mine seems much worse when I snap pics of blue things. White I'll get it but not as bad as when I shoot blue.

Edit: Does anyone have one that DOESN'T do this? I'm still within my exchange period for my Z3C. Wondering if I should risk the exchange and have the same issue (if not a worse issue) on the new unit.


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    Wow! I'd send this phone back, it should NOT look like that
    Looks like OPs photos made it to Phonearena. Hope Sony is listening.

    I really think it's a SW issue. At first I wasn't sure but last night on my Z3 compact I did some testing with the front facing camera as well. In a dark room with barely any light (just a light a little stronger than a night light) I took a selfie and it was all purple HELL (think M7) However, I then used the camera app Pro Capture and there was no purple tint in the selfie(there was a little in the viewfinder but the picture came out without any purple).

    I need to test more with that app the the rear camera. At first it appeared the spot was not as visible with pro capture but I will do more testing.I will also redo the FFC tests I did last night as I'm not posting selfies I took at like 3 am for testing only :p
    Remember Clove has a "pre test" feature in which for

    20 Pounds , they pretest Unit before they ship look for dead pixels etc. BUT they have a special instructions
    section and I asked them if they would check for muffled
    Speakers. They said yes so POSSIBLY you can call and
    ask them to photograph a white wall and see if will
    "Camera Test".

    NOTE: Pre-test is on the order form, and there is a special instructions section on Pre Test.

    Purpose of call is to see if they will check Camera.
    I am in USA called them on SKYPE.

    I did not order from them , I will wait to see these at
    Sony Store...and get the guarantee against broken glass etc.

    The Alpha seems like a more durable solid device, puny battery so you need a spare....

    Hopefully Z3C on next batch to USA will be tighter QC.

    Sony should be informed of the Broken Glass Survey and put GG3 on back also...IMO... and no pink spot
    photos, and more uniformly clear speakers .
    was in the Sony Store tonight and played with both the Z3 and the Z3 Compact. noticed a few things:

    1. neither demo units had pink spots against white/pale backgrounds in the gallery, or in the viewfinder. images looked really good for "fun shots", including the maligned panorama mode? (didn't someone malign that?) anyhow, the images looked great.

    and unrelated to imaging:

    2. i gotta say the Compact is a sexy bit of kit. the full size Z3 is a gorgeous piece of design (as i'm sure all you owners know) -- and although it LOOKS big, it's very manageable when held. that said, but there's something really charming about the Compact in hand, especially when loaded with near-similar firepower.

    3. SCRATCHES. these are demo models, of course, and who knows how they've been handled. but on the Orange Compact, there were loads of hairline scratches along the back already, after just four days.