[Sound Mod] AC!D Audio Technology v4.0 | released!!!

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Jan 13, 2012
Odp: [Sound Mod] AC!D Audio Technology v4.0 | released!!!

Someone close this thread, there is 7.0 already....


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Jan 3, 2013
Mmm no diference for me, its wrong?

1.- Moved the mod and walkman V to sd card,
2.- in CWM, i select, install zip from sdcard
3.- select AC!D mod and install.
4.- select wipe dalvik cache
5.- select install zip from sd card
6.- finally install Walkman V

And no diferences... only changes the walkman.... but the sound is the same, help please and sorry for my bad english, thanks :D


Jan 15, 2013
how should I install this mod? I'm trying and trying with instructions, but i have bootloop anytime...
I use CyanogenMod 9.1 (FXP209) on my Xperia Sola


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Mar 6, 2013
Need Help

First of all a big thanks to all members of team acid. You guys are doning such a wonderful work. Now about my question. I m using sony xperia-s with ics 4.0.4 stock rom 6.1.a.2.55 rooted. I have firstly installed ver 4 of acid audio it worked wonderful on my device. Only problem with me is every time I reboot my device android is upgrading messege appears and app count of all user apps then it finishes the boot. So it take around 3 mints to boot up. How to fix this? Plz help me in this regards. Then I tried ver 7 of acid audio but it not worked for me device goes to boot loop. And android is upgrading msg still alive in this ver too. I have already flashed media apps of xperia v along with walkman and they all works fine. Now plz suggest me which ver of acid audio I can use it with my above mantion stock rom? Plz also suggest which addon I have to flash? And plz fix this android is upgrading problem because apart from that I really loves acid audio. I am also eager to use latest ver 7 of acid audio but rightnow it gives boot loop. Hope for ur help. Thanks in advance.

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    update 22.10.2012

    It does not support GB!

    XPERIA NXT ONLY!!! (Work on Official Firmware, Stock based ROM, CM9, CM10, AOKP, AOSP and MIUI ROM)

    This MOD is really unique cause it is the only one who have all theses sound technolgy in only one File!

    We are now in team with Knight47, Rizal Lovins and ThilinaC to share an even better work with better support for Xperia NXT phones (thanks to me) better support for Xperia 2011 devices (thanks to Knight47), better support for Samsung galaxy S2 (thanks to Rizal Lovins) and better support for Samsung galaxy S3 (thanks ThilinaC)

    This MOD is Specially build to enhance sound quality on Your headset, earphone, headphone

    and on your speaker

    You'll have overall better Bass
    A better sound quality (specially on basic headset)
    An overall clearer sound (less distortion and bad noise)
    A better compatibility with good headphone (special preset for headphone)
    No more bad sound on speaker, sound will be clear and volume higher on some device
    really better sound on video recording
    more sound frequencies for a better experience

    I ported several audio technology:
    - Beats Audio by Dr Dre (Powerfull bass)
    - Clearbass Sound by Sony (Clear Bass)
    - Xloud by SonyEricsson (higher sound volume and clearer sound on speaker)
    - Dolby Digital Sound (Equalizer enhancer bass setting and Surround setting)
    - Surround Sound (Deeper bass and reduction of bass distortion plus Eq setting support)
    - Alsa by Walkman (Audio resampling and driver activation for android phone)
    - Dynamic Bass by Walkman (more Bass frequence and better bass support)
    - DSP Manager by Cyanogen Team (Eq setting support overall more powerfull sound)
    - Audio resampling from Sony Xperia T (NEW!)
    - Clearbass audio setting from Xperia T (NEW! Bass even clearer and deeper than before!)
    - Sony Walkman Player ( NEW! now with Xperia V style!)


    AC!D AUDIO TECHNOLOGY V4.0 (22.10.12)

    Xperia NXT on ALL ROM!!!
    Go to our WEBSITE for ALL download link


    Feel the music!



    So after hours and hours of work to get this MOD fully working on ALL xperia with Incredible change I'm proud to present you my last update!

    This time there is two version like I said a week ago:

    #1 : XSIncredibleBass#4 ---> Only for Xperia S/P/U and Sola
    (I used Xperia S soundfiles from official firmware edited them and added lot's of other sound files for an awesome music experience)
    This Mod is an update of previous XSincredibleBass MOD

    #2: XSIB[cm9andX2011] ---> for xperia 2011 line (stock Miui and cm9) AND for Xperia S/P/U/Sola (CM9-CM10 only)
    (This is a really larger file 'caus it has almost all Xperia S official soundfiles app libs and frameworks related to audio plus A lot of my modded files even some of previous edition)
    This Mod is based on all my work from the beginning and it is built to work fine with DSPmanager (tweaked by clearbass DBS SRS etc...)

    I really really hope you'll appreciate my work 'caus it was a real brainstorming to get it working on all ROM but like I said at first post I promised to keep this mod updated so enjoy the long awaited release ;)

    I think I don't really need to write it but don't forget to press thanks button If you liked my work 'caus it keep me updating this mod and let me see how many people use this mod!

    Don't forget to read before download !

    Best regards R-ik (your Sound Dream maker ;) )
    New decision by our team

    Ok we discussed with other member from Team AC!D

    We understand that this v4.0 would have needed more test fir sags version

    We admit that our v4.0 is a bit complicated to install on some ROM and cause sometimes bootloop

    We noticed too that we have too many EQ app widget etc and they can't work properly side by side

    We found what was causing bootloop on some SGS ROM
    Same for some ICS devices

    And finally we know how to fix all fc present in v4.0

    So next version will incorporate theses changes (thats not a changelog just an overview of change that will be done for better stability):

    - Fix bootloop on some ICS devices caused by some line in add.buildprop and infinity sh

    - Fix bootloop on some sgs devices caused by two init.d script (useless if add.buildprop worked)

    - Fix bootloop on some AOKP CM10 Rom Caused by some specific libs

    - Fix all FC issue caused by DSP previously installed on some ROM (will be removed by default) and several EQ app (next version will have only noozxoid EQ)

    - We will probably make an AROMA version with clear instruction and even some tips that you can read while aroma installation. It will help people to undersand how to install correctly this MOD without any risk and prevent from any unsuccessful boot (bootloop) or unwanted fc

    So it will be firstly an update with much more stability, better instruction and much more compatibility with all devices on each ROM

    Secondly some awesome news features and some important changes will be done for a really better sound experience

    To be clear its going to be an important and major release!

    We won't forget to update all OP to make them clearer And same for our website

    Each MOD will be heavily tested before any new release by now!

    We are sorry for people who got bootloop issue and for theses didn't understood how to use correctly this MOD

    Please be comprehensive and let our team give the proof to everyone that our MOD is absolutely not making a placebo effect and that we are making our best to enhance audio quality of each Android Smartphone

    Thanks to all users who followed us all this time and through all release

    We like what we do and we hope you like our work

    Dont forget to be respectfull with DEV and try to make constructive post (report)

    Read carefully before installing anything and before complaining about anything or posting request or a question

    Follow us on FB just write team AC!D on FB visit our FB page to

    And go to our website if you have some time ;)

    AC!D Team
    Sent from my LT26i using xda app-developers app
    I'm proud to present You the best, the most powerfull, the most incredible, the awesome Sound MOD...

    ----->AC!D SOUND TECHNOLOGY V2.0<-----

    AC!D AUDIOv2.0:
    - Working on CM9 and CM10!!!
    - ALSA now fully working (I made my own tweaks and changed all setting added MSM8960 support to alsa, corrected some corrupted files)
    - Bass are really incredible!!!
    - 96000 KHZ resampling now 100% working (not a joke, it really works) (more sound frequencies clairly noticable)
    - NEW! Dynamic Bass from Walkman Z now 100% working (way more powerfull bass!)
    - Wonderfull SRS setting giving a totally new sound experience (perfect preset even succed to modify Clearbass SRS setting)
    - Amazing sound clarity for the best ever sound experience!
    - cleaned all crappy and useless files from my MOD (some tegra optimised files wich was not working, and some "private" files)
    - A LOT MORE!!!

    Open Walkman Player, put all EQ at 0 Clearbass at 0 open SRS setting (on EQ click more) and choose Surround raise volume at your convinence and JUST FEEL THE MUSIC!!!

    BTW I really suggest you to remove System/vendor/etc/audio_effect.conf file it will enable All features that I activated in other player than walkman (by removing it you'll activate all effect for walkman player), reboot to apply changes


    New update is coming my friends...
    ...and this Time you'll loose your ears!!!

    Coming updated is 100% Cyanogen9-10 AND Miui certified!!!

    Walkman player 100% working for CM AND MUI

    Sound much much louder for All

    More effect and better compatibility with Xperia 2011 line!

    There will be 2 version:

    - CM/Miui_XSIncredibleBass ( with xperia libs and Walkman player) ( for CM9-10 ,MIUI AND XPERIA 2011 line based on stock ROM)

    - XSIncredibleBass v10.0 for Xperia S P an U ( and Xperia 2011 rom based on Xperia S firmware)

    I hope I'll succed to change again the way you listen to music

    By XSIncredibleBass

    Best regards R-ikfoot

    Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app