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    After trying out a lot of different sound mods and apps and patches I always came back to Viper4Android. Simple to use, great sound quality and a lot of customization.
    Flash the attached Magisk module (v4afx_v1.7.3.zip) through Magisk Manager and press volume up button twice.
    After that reboot your device and enter the Viper4Android app.
    Next, you need to set up the sound mod.
    *I only use Viper4Android for my headphones so I will cover only that part but you could test out different settings for other audio outputs*
    In the Viper4Android's menu go to UI setting and set it to expert.
    Go to Headset and click Enable, I suggest you put on your headphones now so you can hear the changes in the sounds yourself and tweak them to your liking.
    My settings on Redmi Note 5 Pro are:
    Spectrum Extension (enabled): Strength: 0,5
    FIREqualizer (enabled): Preset: Acoustic
    Convolver (enabled); Impulse Response: BBE2.irs (extract the attached BBE 2.zip into Viper4Android/Kernel); Cross Channel: 30%
    Dynamic System (enabled); Listening Device: High-end headphone v2; Dynamic Bass:5%
    Viper Bass (enabled); Bass mode: Natural bass; Bass Frequency: 100 Hz; Bass Boost: 3,5 dB
    Viper Clarity (enabled); Clarity mode:Natural; Clarity:6 dB
    When I try to use on MIUI 9 Global ROM ?? it's will works ???
    I believe it should work. You can try it yourself.
    bbe.rar bad file,error while extracting pls help
    Try again, I changed the archive from rar to zip.