Which are/What is your favourite AcoustiX profile(s)?

  • AcoustiX Pro

    Votes: 36 35.6%
  • AcoustiX Lite

    Votes: 11 10.9%
  • AcoustiX+

    Votes: 16 15.8%
  • AcoustiX Cinematic

    Votes: 10 9.9%
  • AcoustiX HiFi (Speakers only)

    Votes: 49 48.5%

  • Total voters
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Table Of Contents:
Post #1 (OP): Download Link, Features List, Supported Devices and ROM Types List
Post #2: Changelog and Notes
Post #3: How To Install/Use, Credits List and Future Reference

Welcome to AcoustiX Audio!

This modification aims to modify and use the full potential of Dolby Audio on HTC Devices with HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio. It modifies the BoomSound profiles in Settings, you can switch to whichever one you want any time. The information below will indicate which BoomSound profile will be the custom AcoustiX Preset chosen.

AcoustiX+ (Tuned for headphones): A new surround sound effect aimed to sound more spacious/full than other presets. Select "HTC Pro Studio" in BoomSound settings.

AcoustiX Lite (Tuned for earphones): Same as AcoustiX+ but with more treble and less bass, designed for earphones and small drivers. Select "HTC in-ear" in BoomSound settings.

AcoustiX Cinematic (Tuned for headphones): A close imitation of surround sound audio in cinemas. Select "Others" in BoomSound settings.

AcoustiX Pro: Optimized for HTC Hi Res earphones, based on AcoustiX Lite. Select "HTC earbuds" in BoomSound settings.

AcoustiX HiFi: A special preset only for speakers. Greatly increases treble, improves virtual surround sound enhancement, using AcoustiX audio curve while leaving the bass untouched. Select "Theater Mode" in BoomSound settings when using SPEAKERS ONLY.

AcoustiX Resonance Speaker Boost Mod: This is a special speaker boost mod which aims to boost speakers when using "Theater Mode". There are 2 options in the AROMA installer, an "optimal" version to boost speakers at a relatively safe level and an "overdrive" version which boosts speakers even further but at the risk of distorted audio, audio clipping, and possible reduction of speaker life span.
How to access BoomSound settings:

If you still don't know how to access BoomSound settings, seriously consider a lobotomy.

ANY HTC Device with FULLY WORKING HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio



Sharing Policy:
ROM developers are allowed to add this mod in their ROMs with proper credit given. You may NOT include this in other soundmods under any circumstances nor can you edit files in my mod and claim it as your own. DO NOT STEAL MY WORK. The presets in this mod are strictly EXCLUSIVE to AcoustiX Audio.

v33 Download
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Post #2: Changelog and Notes

AcoustiX Audio v33:
- AcoustiX Lite: Increased dialog enhancer to 10, re-tuned again with Dolby Atmos UI
- AcoustiX Cinematic: Increased dialog enhancer to 10, re-tuned again with Dolby Atmos UI
- Fixed installer issue with Speaker Only mod
- Added better Magisk support, which is now unified in the AROMA installer.

AcoustiX Audio v32:
- AcoustiX Cinematic: Retuned using Dolby Atmos port
- AcoustiX Lite: Retuned using Dolby Atmos port
- AcoustiX HiFi (Speakers): Enabled GEQ (only just noticed it was disabled ever since HiFi was introduced)
- Added AcoustiX Speaker Only Enhancement option

AcoustiX Audio v31:
- AcoustiX Cinematic: slight tuning/improvements for overall balanced sound
- AcoustiX Lite: Completely re-tuned (on Mi Hybrid Dual Driver Earphones)
- AcoustiX Pro: slight tuning again for HTC Hi Res earphones

AcoustiX Audio v30:
- Disabled Dolby Volume Modeler in all presets (SIGNIFICANTLY reduces noise levels)
- Re-tuned all presets to sound better with the change above
- AcoustiX Pro is now tuned even better for HTC HiRes earphones
- Removed v28 presets as an option

AcoustiX Audio v29:
- Improvements to AcoustiX+, AcoustiX Lite
- Removed InfinitySound
- Added AcoustiX Pro preset (Specifically tuned for HTC HiRes earphones)
- Added AcoustiX HiFi preset (Theater Mode for speakers ONLY)
- Added AcoustiX Cinematic (Replacing previous gen PsychoRealism)
- Added AcoustiX Resonance: Speaker Boost Mod

AcoustiX Audio v28:
   - All Dolby Profiles for M9: Disabled Volume Maximizer to greatly reduce noise (at cost of slight volume loss)
   - Tweaked PsychoRealism 2.0 slighty
   - M9 config now based off HTC 10 dolby config
   - fixed IntenseBLAST profiles
   - added AcoustiX+ and AcoustiX Lite presets (M9 and 10)
   - Force High Performance Mode for WCD9330 DAC (M9)
   - Sense 6.0 discontinued support
   - NEW: PORTED HTC 10 DOLBY DS2 TO M9 (stock ds1)

Dragon-Fi Audio v27:
   - Better Marshmallow Support
   - End support for KitKat (Android 4.4)
   - Atmos working for Marshmallow
   - Added InfinitySound v2.0 and PsychoRealism v2.0 presets
   - Increased audio offload buffer from 32 to 128 (still good low latency performance, better stability)
   - Stopped 192KHz experimental feature for M9, kept forced 24 bit output

Dragon-Fi Audio v26.1:
   - Fixed Dolby Atmos for APQ8064 devices

Dragon-Fi Audio v26:
   - Fixed Volume Leveller bug in Atmos
   - Added Atmos for M9
   - Retuned profiles for Atmos M9 only (Different sound to previous HTCs)
   - Fixed Dolby Uninstallation
   - Added IntenseBLAST for Atmos, HTC BoomSound with Dolby and Atmos for M9
   - Removed old Dolby Atmos presets, kept PsychoRealism and added new Speakers preset
   - Slight preset name edits in AsUi

Dragon-Fi Audio v25:
	M9 Specific:
	-Enabled Dolby Speaker Surround in Speaker Theater Mode (M9)
	-Reduced noise and distortion on PsychoRealism (My modified preset for "Others", M9 only)
	-Enabled Distortion Regulator on PsychoRealism (My modified preset for "Others", M9 only)
	-Good balance between treble and bass in PsychoRealism (My modified preset for "Others", M9 only)
	-Added InfinitySound (modified Earbuds preset) (M9 only)
	-EXPERIMENTAL (M9 ONLY): Force 24 bit 192KHz playback to all mp3/aac/flac formats via compression driver

	M8 Specific:
	-Disabled M8 beats port (for now, might come back to it in the future) still having problems with the one @doma999 sent me but he is working hard nonetheless
	-Updated Dolby Digital Plus to Dolby Atmos (Thanks @worstenbrood, @ahrion and @aki_007 for porting!) (M7 and M8)
	-Re-enabled compression driver/audio offload (M9 and M8)

Dragon-Fi Audio v24.1:
-M9 USERS: Dolby REMOVED due to conflicting issues of insanely loud headphone audio and overprocessing
-Fixed uninstall Dolby option

Dragon-Fi Audio v24:
-Renamed Project ERA to Dragon-Fi Audio
-Renamed Generic Dolby to Dolby Audio
-Removed Huawei Dolby
-Added HTC One M9 support
-Added Sense 7.0 support
-Disabled buggy Audio Offload
-Simplified and refined AROMA installer
-Fixed M8 beats port and installation issues
-Themed Dolby Audio UI to imitate M9 BoomSound with Dolby
-More Dolby Audio UI theming including widget (Thanks to @kansasboy001)
-Modified Dolby Audio endpoint to match m9's config
-Dolby Audio is as close to M9's Dolby as we can get (FYI: Speaker Mode replicates Music Mode on M9)
-Special version of PsychoRealism profile only for M9 BoomSound with Dolby (Choose "Others" headset profile in BoomSound settings to activate)
-Added option to uninstall Dolby Audio
-Extra: Try and kang me now you little ****s

Project ERA v23.2:
-Added proper Beats Audio port for M8 (Thanks to @doma999 for porting)

Project ERA v23.1:
-Fixed NEW (Generic) Dolby Digital Plus "Play Demo" sound (Thanks to @kansasboy001 for alternative fix!)

Project ERA v23:
-Added a new Dolby Digital Plus, officially from Dolby (Thanks to @aki_007 for getting the port working without framework modifications, Thanks to @riyono/@ocoot for the files/tutorial)
-My custom config for Movie preset in Dolby Digital Plus, you can customize any preset, anytime
-Moved things around in AROMA Installer (More features are put into options)
-Updated names in AROMA
-Added notes page in AROMA to (hopefully) get lazy people to READ THE DAMN THING BEFORE ASKING REPEATED QUESTIONS

Project ERA v22:
-Added Dolby fix for AOSP ROMs
-New improved Dolby presets
-Updated Dolby Digital Plus to r7 (Thanks @worstenbrood)
-Modified preset names to differentiate between stock presets and ones edited by me (Thanks @worstenbrood for decompiling/compiling for me)

Project ERA v21:
-Added Dolby Mobile! MAJOR THANKS TO @worstenbrood!!!
-Heavily Tweaked default and rock presets on Music Mode Dolby
-Music Mode Default Dolby enabled Matrix Decoder + Mobile Surround Upmixing
-Enabled hidden configuration options in dolby_config
-Forced Native 24Bit Audio playback for M7 Sense/GPE, NOT WORKING ON AOSP (FINALLY!)
-Dolby Mobile Sample Rate Multiplier x4
-Removed V4A profiles from the soundmod (Will still be in your storage if previously installed though)
-Tweaked presets: Music: Default/Rock, Movie: Default/News
-Moved project era installation conformation to /system/
-Removed my SRS tweaks - obsolete now

Project ERA v20:
-Fixed updater script
-Added SRS Headphone 360 Profile
-Added SRS CircleSurround II Profile
-Added SRS TruSurroundXT Profile
-Added new DTS Headphone-X (11.1ch) Profile (Redone IRS from 11 channels provided by Vinardo_ZzZ 2000)
-Added new DTS Headphone-X 9.1ch variant profile
-Added new DTS Headphone-X 7.1ch variant profile
-Added new DTS Headphone-X 5.1ch variant profile
-New speaker profile (Using TruSurroundXT) available on all profiles (except CircleSurround II)
-Removed 97era init.d script to fix microphone bug (IT SHOULD FINALLY FIX FOR EVERYONE)

Project ERA v19.1:

Project ERA v19:
-Added back IntenseBLAST options for HTC Droid DNA and Butterfly
-Removed options for Beats Audio/IntenseBLAST tweaks for HTC One Max users (incompatible)
-Added new MatrixWideSurround profile (Wide soundstage and larger room size) thanks to @Vinardo_ZzZ 2000 for the custom IRS
-Added surround-sound ambiophonics for stereo speakers (Available on all profiles) thanks to @BSDgeek_Jake for IRS
-Added 7.1ch Surround Sound simulation profile (Thanks to @jmxc23 for the Surround Sound 7.1 IRS)
-Hopefully fixed microphone issues again
-Fixed updater-script
-Added compatibility for HTC One (M8) GPE ROM users
-Added compatibility for Android 4.4.4 GPE users

Project ERA v18.1:
-Fixed Status 7 errors (Thanks @fisha21)
-Added Project_ERA_Version.txt in /sdcard/ to confirm installation/version number
-Fixed no sound on AOSP M8 users

Project ERA v18.0:
-Added support for ALL AOSP ROMs
-Added support for all variants for HTC One Max
-Refined AROMA Installer
-Hopefully fixed microphone bug
-Updated soundfx libraries from Nexus 7 Android L preview firmware
-Improved V4A DTS Headphone-X profile:
    -Playback AGC set to 4x with output gain at 2.3dB
    -62Hz and 125Hz Bass region is now +6dB
    -Field Surround set to extreme with mid image at slight
    -Changed clarity mode to XHiFi now - should be MUCH better than before
    -Increased 8kHz for more exciting sound
    -Decreased 2KHz for more clarity by getting rid of some high-mids
    -Disabled Cross-channel for better surround sound simulation
    -Larger reverberation room size (wider sound-space)
    -SoundField decreased to 5m for less echoes
    -Wet Signal set to 10

Project ERA v17.1:
-Fixed Visualizer for HTC One M8
-Fixed power button end calling audio bug for HTC One M8
-Fixed H/K Audio
-Added .nomedia file in Viper4Android kernel folder to prevent detection of WAV files in other music players

Project ERA v17:
-Added my personal Viper4Android audio profile (Featuring DTS Headphone:X 11.1ch rough simulation IRS thanks to @Vinardo_ZzZ 2000 for making my request IRS!) (You must install V4A from the official thread in order to use this profile: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2191223)
-Added compatibility to GPE Android 4.4.3 ROMs
-Cleanup from some old files
-Updated soundfx libraries from Nexus 4 Android 4.4.3 firmware
-Fixed video recording in GPE ROMs
-Re-done audio_effects.conf (Might fix visualizer problem)

Project ERA v16.3:
-Removed new sense 6 audio libraries (Most ROMs will have it by now)
-Reverted AROMA Installer changes from v16.1 (Should fix all bugs present in v16.2 for all users)

Project ERA v16.2:
-Fixed compatibility issues with Google Play Edition ROMs

Project ERA v16.1:
-Fixed compatibility issues with Harman/Kardon audio port (M8 ONLY)

Project ERA v16:
-Slightly modified 5.1/movie/music/voice SRS TruMedia presets
-Cleaned-up build.prop script
-Cleaned-up audio_effects.conf and audio_policy.conf
-Enabled Audio Offload to DSP via HiFi Tunneling(Decreased battery drain)
-Enabled Audio Offload streaming
-Enabled Audio Offload Gapless playback
-Set audio offload buffer size to 32kb (Low Latency playback)
-Fixed audio seeking issue for some people
-New Sense 6.0 Audio libraries update from Sense 6 OTA (M7 ONLY)
-Compatible with Harman/Kardon audio port (M8 ONLY)

Project ERA v15.2:
-Added support for HTC Droid DNA
-Added support for HTC Butterfly
-Added support for HTC One (M7) DUAL SIM
-Minor tweaks to SRS/DTS effects

Project ERA v15.1:
-Fixed updater script

Project ERA v15:
-A few cleanups
-Added compatibility for the new HTC One (M8) 2014 (ALL VARIANTS SUPPORTED)
-Final tweaks for SRS, Dolby and Movie/HTC (MusicBox/VenomSoundEnhancer needed)
-Added new configs to Vocal effect (MusicBox/VenomSoundEnhancer needed)
-Added IntenseBLAST tweaks in AROMA installer

Project ERA v14.2:
-Added support for HTC One Max (International)
-Added support for HTC Butterfly S (International)

Project ERA v14.1:
-Fixed SRS Effects

Project ERA v14:
-Fixed UUIDs in audio_effects.conf
-Added soundfx libraries from HTC One M8 Sense 6.0 leak
-Removed FMAS soundfx library
-Removed ADSP related files
-Removed some libraries
-Removed MPQ Audio Decoding
-Re-tuned DTS Sound with less bass, disabled wide surround and now optimized for earphones
-Re-tuned Dolby Digital Plus with better 5.1ch virtualization effect, Clearer vocals (Enhanced dialog) and significantly decrease fatigue when listening to the effect for long periods.
-Increased speaker size of DTS Sound, HTC Enhancer and Dolby Digital Plus better suited for headphones, making the soundstage and headroom more spaced out
-re-constructed asound.conf
-Updated TFA speaker files from Sense 6.0
[B]-Compatibility for future Sense 6.0 ROMs[/B]
-Updated Beats Audio from Sense 6.0
-Added support for Sprint devices (Proper mounting points)

Project ERA v13.2:
-Removed audio/global PCM dump build properties to stop shuttering for people with low storage space

Project ERA v13.1:
-DTS Sound: Perfect WideSurround speaker seperation, lowered bass for realistic surround sound. Speaker audio config just like HTC Enhancer (A lot of bass)
-Removed framework mods as they were causing 3rd party FC issues for some apps

Project ERA v13:
-Tweaked Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby) for more bass, re-enabled definition and dialog enhancement with CSDecode set to "Music"
-ADDED HTC ENHANCER EFFECT (It uses the SRS Movie/HTC effect) (No more tweaks to retain the intended effect)
-Greatly increased bass on HTC Enhancer effect with SPEAKERS
-Enabled WideSurround on DTS Sound (SRS) for a very realistic sound stage
-Turned off definition enhancement in DTS Sound (SRS) (WideSurround makes the treble too high
-Increased bass in DTS Sound (SRS)
-Loudness Enhancer fully enabled via framework (audiofx tweak)
-New Loudness Enhancer library
-Other audiofx tweaks via framework.jar
-Enabled HPHR/HPHL DAC switch for headphones in snd_msm_soc_2x_Fusion3 and sound_mfg/sound_mfg_DMIC
-Enabled Low Latency Recording
-Handset mic set to analog instead of digital
-New soundfx libraries (Added back some custom compiled ones made by my friend aznrice2k4)

Project ERA v12:
-Fixed MediaLink HD... again (Forgot to place correctly in AROMA)
-Fine-Tuned Dolby Digital Plus with less bass, increased dialog enhancement and re-enabled definition enhancement
-Fine-Tuned DTS Sound with more bass and enabled WideSurround
-Fine-Tuned DTS Sound (Movie) with clearer audio, less distortions and increased widesurround center boost
-24Bit Quantization (S24_LE) for optimal audio quality
-Huge cleanup, mod is now smaller and less bloated
-Removed 5.1ch audio upmixing (Not working)
-Changed audiofx UUIDs according to audiofx framework
-Disabled audio offload (Until HTC properly implements it)
-Oversampling 10240x48000 (491.52MHz) (Since HTC audio playback is forced at 48000 by default)
-Enabled HTC Hardware-enabled AEC (Automatic Gain Control)
-The Beats Experiment:
     - PsychoRealism: Enhanced volume, BASS and widened soundstage (All audio devices EXCEPT Speakers)
     - InfinitySound: Enhanced volume, TREBLE and widened soundstage (All audio devices EXCEPT speakers)

Project ERA v11:
-New Speex Resampler and Wrapper
-Added secret HTC specific audio properties
-New SR_AudioIn library from Walkman NWZ-F886
-Ported new Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX from Walkman NWZ-F886
-451.584 MHz Oversampling (10240x44100) (Zero distortion) (Last time I'm Oversampling!)
-Merged GPE Edition and Sense Edition into one
-Corrected some mistakes in audio_effects.conf
-Added SoX (Sound eXchange)
-Now using Floating Point 32 Bit instead of Integer 32 Bit processing
-Automatic Linear PCM conversion via ALSA
-Fully working ALSA MultiMedia1 playback
-Forced HiFi audio mode
-Changed SRC mode to "Best"
-5.1ch audio upmixing via alsa
-Removed unused files
-Very powerful ALSA processing (Could negatively affect battery life and performance)
-Reconstructed asound.conf (Removed slave alias)
-Simplified asound.conf
-Removed libaudio-resampler.so (Already have a more powerful resampler solution)
-Greatly reduced audio artifacts
-Fixed HTC MediaLink HD (For Sense 5.5 Android 4.4)
-Added Qualcomm Media Framework

Project ERA v10.0:
-Now using Audio Pre Processing library from Droid DNA
-Fixed 32Bit audio processing in asound.conf, audio_policy.conf and audio_policy_8064.conf
-Forced 32Bit audio + 180.6336MHz Oversampling
-Automatically adds build.prop lines during flash
-Updated and added a few libraries from Android 4.4.1 N5 firmware
-Updated ADSP firmware from Android 4.4.1 N5 firmare
-Modified init.qcom.audio.sh
-Added Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine libraries (Not fully functional yet)
-Renamed whole soundmod from PureXAudio to Extreme Rezounded Audio (Project ERA)

-Tuned PureXSurround again with more bass. Disabled Definition enhancement to decrease static noise. Slightly decreased Dialog enhancement and CS Decoding is now set to Cinema for full "cinema" dynamic range. Realistic full theatre surround sound experience.
-Tuned PureXPsychoRealism with mono Bass (Acts like a virtual sub-woofer) and increased TruBass compression for louder bass.
-Tweaked ALSA a bit
-Reduced distortions
-4096x Extreme Oversampling (180.6336 MHz for 44.1KHz music, 196.608 MHz for 48KHz music)
-32Bit (U32_LE) audio processing
-Audio anti-alaising via Oversampling
-Reduced a lot of noise via Oversampling
-Improved audio resolution via Oversampling
-Added missing MPQ Audio libraries
-Added KitKat AOSP v9.0 which has everything in the normal version EXCEPT PureXPresets (Due to non sense)
-Updated loudness enhancer from GPE KitKat update
-Updated some audio libs from GPE KitKat Update
-Using Beats Audio from Droid DNA Sense 5.0 for more bass
-v9.0 Sense KitKat version has everything above
-v9.0 AOSP KitKat version has everything above EXCEPT from custom PureXPresets and Beats Audio

-Added Loudness Enhancer from 4.4 Kit Kat (A.K.A KitKat's AOSP Audio quality)
-Updated a few soundfx libraries from 4.4 KitKat
-New FMAS library from 4.4 KitKat
-Tuned PureXPsychoRealism with decreased audio focus, decreased definition, much wider soundstage and increased bass
-Tuned PureXSurround (Wired Headphones) with wider soundstage but less bass
-PureXSurround now suitable with headphones
-Tuned PureXInfinity with slightly less definition, increased bass and less audio focus
-Tuned PureXPresets to sound great on speakers
-Added Sony audio libraries and effects for future port of Walkman (Android 4.3) (When someone ports walkman and works on our HTC Ones, I have a huge surprise for everyone)
-Enabled MPQ8064 audio decoding
-Added new MPQ8064 audio hw libraries
-Improved Beats Audio with slightly more bass using Beats Bass as default bass booster

-Fixed LPA lines, now all set to false via 99pure
-Fixed 97pure init.d script
-Fine-Tuned SRS/Dolby/HTC for MusicBox
-Re-Introduced BeatsBass from HTC Rezound
-Disabled Audio PreProcessing to fix SRS/Dolby/HTC surround sound
-Re-Introduced HTC acoustic library
-Slightly more bass with Beats Audio

-Cleaned up a bunch of crap
-Fixed ViperX xLOUD/ClearPhase (Not yet tested)
-asound.conf re-done
-11.6MHz resampling via SRC plugin for asound.conf
-32Bit audio quantization
-No distortions
-Barely any static noise
-Increased beats audio bass (Very slightly)
-Fixed visualizer FC
-Android 4.3 Sense 5.5/5.0 compatible
-Disabled LPA
-Resampler quality now set to maximum of 4 (4 is max for android 4.3)

-Removed xLOUD files, replaced with posteffect wrapper to make xLOUD compatible with ViperOne users (Thanks to :.Infinityx.: for testing)


-Added Samsung Audio Engine libraries
-Added working Sound Alive libraries (system-wide)
-Added mysound, preprocessing and output processing from SGS4
-New ADSP firmware with adsp-loader module which automatically gets loaded upon startup
-NEW MOTO X SoundFX Libraries and NEW audio files!
-NEW Android 4.3 Libraries and added to audio_effect.conf
-Corrected audio_effects.conf
-Fixed FCs on 3rd party Equalizers (e.g Noozxoide) if FC was there before
-Cleaned up some files
-Removed TFA folder to prevent any speaker distortion or abnormalities
-Added xLOUD
-Modified snd_soc_msm_2x_Fusion to make xLOUD work like Xperia devices
-Increased xLOUD volume by 5 values more

-General Clean-Up
-Added a whole bunch of new libraries
-Added some Samsung audio libraries (mysound, soundalive etc)
-Added new WCD9310 firmware from Nexus 4
-Started from scratch again
-Added Butterfly Sense 5.1 audio libraries and Beats Audio
-Fixed low speaker volume (Stupid HTC :p)

-ALSA Ported from Xperia Z's PureXAudio
-Re-written asound.conf from scratch
-ALSA Now uses apq8064tablasnd as PCM to load other plugins
-Enabled Complex Convert
-Enabled Rate Conversion to 48kHz
-Added Dmix PCM
-Added Auto-Convert custom pcm
-Converts every source audio to Stereo
-Much better stereo audio
-Even better audio quality
-Cleaner MP3 compressed audio with less distortions
-Larger buffer size to prevent audio skipping (Uses up more RAM though)
-Forced audio to play 48kHz, FLOAT64_BE format and 2 channels (Stereo)
-Added loads of new ALSA libraries custom compiled ages ago by aznrice2k4
-added apq8064tablasnd soundcard to alias.conf

-Added custom configured asound.state for HTC One
-Force Enabled HAC Amplifier
-Opened maximum amount of channels in all SLIMBUS Mixers
-Enabled a few Mixer switches
-Enabled SRS Effect though SND_SOC_MSM_2x_Fusion3 (DOES NOT LOAD TRUMEDIA FILES! It's just the effect)

BETA 1.3:
Updater script now auto mounts system and data without errors :) (Thanks to legents for testing)

BETA 1.2:
-reverted 192kHz audio back to stock sampling rate

BETA 1.1:
-Removed mounting lines temporarily to fix Status 6 error

BETA 1: Initial release of the official port
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how to install:

1) download and move it to your internal storage
2) reboot to recovery (root is not needed but a custom recovery is!)
3) install the zip like any other rom/mod
4) do not wipe anything, just reboot and check if acoustix_audio.txt is in /system. If so then it has been installed.
clarification on how to use:

in settings, go to boomsound > dolby headphone effects when headphones/aux is plugged in.

Each headphone effect profile corresponds to the correct acoustix profile below:

Htc earbuds > acoustix pro
htc in-ear > acoustix lite
htc pro studio > acoustix+
other > acoustix cinematic

to use acoustix hifi, unplug your headphones and make sure boomsound is set to "theater mode" in settings.

When acoustix resonance is installed, speaker volume boost is automatically applied when using "theater mode" in settings
@frankcck for making Magisk-compatible versions!
@mostafa wael + @deezz_nuuzz testers + you guys are the best :p

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AW: [SOUNDMOD][28/03/2013] PureXAudio BETA 1 [M7][OFFICIAL PORT]

Not possible :)

Thought I was in the wrong forum when is saw your thread lol .

I might give it a shot later my friend . Will give feedback on gtalk then .

Sent from my HTC One using xda premium
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Zero, I am getting "status 6 installation aborted" error when flashing with cwm touch
Alright, BETA 1.1 is coming in a few mins :) It's probably the mount commands I put in the updater-script, try mounting the system and data manually and then install BETA 1.1 :)

EDIT: 1.1 is out, mount system and data manually in recovery and see if it works then! :)
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Mar 28, 2011
I just flashed Beta 1.1 without any manual mounting, it worked. I do have sound and it's pretty nice over my headphones (Sony MDR-ZX600). Thank you so far :)


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Dec 17, 2011
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ok i flashed BETA 1.1 with the mounts as you asked, the music player starts for a second and sometimes it says " unable to play this type of audio file"
Sometimes? or always? are you able to use sound at all? (Like touch sounds, sound effects, lockscreen sounds, change ringtone sounds etc)

If no sound at all, I will decrease audio playback to 48kHz, then in the future, I'll see if I can increase to 96kHz (WCD9310 DAC supports up to 192kHz but not sure if S600 chips have the same DAC)
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Sometimes? or always? are you able to use sound at all? (Like touch sounds, sound effects, lockscreen sounds, change ringtone sounds etc)

If no sound at all, I will decrease audio playback to 48kHz, then in the future, I'll see if I can increase to 96kHz (WCD9310 DAC supports up to 192kHz but not sure if S600 chips have the same DAC)
It's always, and yes no sound works, no notifications. I will be available to test. thanks


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Dec 17, 2011
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It's always, and yes no sound works, no notifications. I will be available to test. thanks
Ok then, back to 48kHz for you guys :(

EDIT: v1.2 should NOW work properly :)

Mount manually again to install the mod

Can anyone give me the updater-script mount lines (For system and data)? the one I put in last time screwed my updater-script
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OK i flashed 1.2 and it works well thanks, looking forward to more of this.

ui_print("Mounting partitions...");
mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p35", "/system");
mount("ext4", "EMMC", "/dev/block/mmcblk0p37", "/data");
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