Source built CM14 not booting !?!?!

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Manav Bhagia

Senior Member
May 1, 2015
I just built CM14 from source , (as I wanted to base my new ROM on it) with all the correct device specific files , vendor , kernel .
It took a hefty 7 hours to compile (I had disabled Ninja wrapper as it was causing problems , and jack was jacking up , so I had to manually kill server then restart it .)
After compiling , everything seemed normal ,( it's not my first time compiling a ROM from source , I've had more than three months of experience by now ) but after flashing it on my OP3 , the ROM doesn't boot ! Instead , the screen goes black , with the blue notification light flickering .Also , the filesize is normal (about 496 MB ) , I can post the build here if anyone requests me to share the build . Any help would be highly appreciated :)