SPAM Reporting Thread: This thread is to be used in reporting any and all found Spam.

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Seems awfully like communist propaganda.
I see no difference between
And the prior except for language
All are useless posts with useless information
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Oswald Boelcke

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Seems awfully like communist propaganda.
I see no difference between
Thanks for your heads-up. We don't accept any political statement, be it left, be it right wing or whatever title a movement is given or which country is affected.
The thread you quoted has been visited by many moderators including me many times and was never considered as political propaganda.

As a request for your future posts, please note this reminder by my esteemed team mate @woodman

Regarding your second quotation: I'm slighly surprised that you were able to access the linked post and to read it in full as the thread was already deleted about 12 hours ago. Please be aware that XDA doesn't follow any political direction, country, party or movement. We attempt to be as much neutral as possible and have that clearly addressed in rule 2.4 of the XDA Forum Rules.
2.4 Personal attacks, racial, political and / or religious discussions: XDA is a discussion forum about certain mobile phones. Mobile phones are not racial, political, religious or personally offensive and therefore, none of these types of discussions are permitted on XDA.
For this reason, I've just deleted your two posts in this thread and this one. I'm completely neutral to your political stances but please be reminded XDA is not the place to propagate them.

Oswald Boelcke
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    Ok, I believe I hit all the spam that was reported and then some, any more let us know or report it, Thank you for all you do for keeping XDA streets clean.

    And BTW if you were caught in the hammer swing and were banned due to friendly fire, apologies for that, I had to swing high and wide to clean the spam...

    As you, younger coward says,

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    Good grief! I feel like I'm working on an assembly line for the "spammer hammer!" :ROFLMAO:

    Keep em coming brother! (y)(y)
    Is this spam? I don't use telegram, but it sounds spammy.

    ...and it's gone
    In the old days, a new user had to first write a few posts in other threads before he could start his own thread.
    This was good, because it forced the user to read many posts about his own problem and sometimes learn to use the forum search engine. Currently, there is no restriction for starting a thread, which results in asking the same questions over and over again on the same problems.
    Such repeated questions over and over again are also a form of SPAM.

    Perhaps it would be worthwhile to return to the old rule.
    I also liked that 10-post system before they could add links or create a thread but we also had a lot of members just randomly posting 10 useless posts just to create a thread or post a link. I don't even know what system works better, a lot has changed since then.

    Poor fellow! Seems he had some automotive...........;)

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    Members, this thread is to report any found Spam. And or hit the report button is also a great way to report the found spam, thanks in advance, for helping keep XDA clean.


    Just wanted to thank you guys for reporting, we do appreciate it though we don't always take the time to reply as often as we should after checking it out.

    Thank you,

    XDA Senior Moderator
    My standard tpv pm sent to many, many people:
    Hi there,

    Several of your 'thanks' posts have been deleted as it is obvious that you are trying to get your post count up to ten to post in the dev forums ;)

    Instead of spamming the forums with 'thanks' posts [which is against XDA rules] you would be better off hitting the thanks button. To get to ten posts, head over to the general Q&A section of your device or the main Q&A forum and answer a couple of peoples questions.

    This has 3 benefits - win:win situation :

    1. You get to help another member and get the 'feel good factor' by helping someone out.
    2. Your post count will very quickly increase - there are many people out there looking for help and you wont get into trouble by spamming.
    3. You may actually learn something new today by helping someone with a problem that you may not of known about yourself - remember Google is your friend (search).

    So, go on, feel good today and help someone you dont know ;)