SPAM Reporting Thread: This thread is to be used in reporting any and all found Spam.

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Clark Joseph Kent

Senior Mod / Moderator & RC-RT Committees Lead
Staff member
Dec 17, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
I would have banned him just for his username! :ROFLMAO: 🪓🪚🔪🗡️⚔️
But...but those are 500mg pills! I know a friend of a friend, who has a cousin, that could use those, nvm!


Sorry, maybe because English isn't my native tongue I don't understand your post and would actually classify it as simply spam in a spam reporting thread. Maybe you do help me out here out of my confict how to handle your report? Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Oswald Boelcke
Senior Moderator
It was a joke. SPAM is a canned food that not many people would eat given a choice. Sorry, if it was untasteful, but it's been a running joke since WWII (GIs came up with this acronym). You can remove it if needed.

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