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Spectre Meltdown Sony Xperia Z3

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New member
Feb 20, 2018
Hallo to All,

since Sony is not going to do anything about the z3 being vulnerable, one has too root it and use a custom rom.

Well there are roms for Android 7 and new ones for Android 8 and the z3. BUT.

How do I know that the necessary Snapdragon 801 patches are included.

The entire custom rom thing it not really clearly laid out in that regard.

It would be great if any one could point me to a rom which solves the spectre / meltown problem.
I really do not want to scrap two perfectly good one year old z3. I know there were not recant releases when I bought them but since there are good phones powerful enough for what I and priced reasonably why not buy an use them

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards.