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Speed tweaks for ChromeOS/FydeOS/Cloudready

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Mar 31, 2021
I've noticed two ways to speed up ChromeOS (and forks) that I *think* (let me know if I'm wrong) would be pretty easy to implement.

First, the filesystem. I noticed chromeos-install seems to use ext4 by default, with just a bunch of "mkfs.ext4" commands...
Could we just swap out all the mkfs.ext4's with mkfs.f2fs, and enjoy a free speedup on SSDs (which most chromebooks have)?

Second, and I'm less sure of how to do this, but using more compile-time optimization (like -O3 instead of -O2). Since ChromeOS is based on Gentoo it should be at least possible. Here's an example of a Gentoo overlay with the sort of optimizations I'm talking about. IDK if this would be plug-and-play or not though with ChromeOS.

Also, let me know if you've gotten any other interesting speedups working 😁