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Speed up your fingerprint unlock and make it faster

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Bl4Ck R34Ct0r

Nov 25, 2014
Hey guys I found this guide on how to make your A50 fingerprint faster..
1) Open Settings, go to Apps, tap the 3-dot menu button at the top and select Show system apps.
2) Search for com.samsung.android.biometrics.app.settings and select it.
3) Go to Battery » Optimize battery usage and make sure you have selected All apps from the drop-menu at the top.
4) Search for com.samsung.android.biometrics.app.settings again and tap the toggle to disable this function.
5) Reboot your phone to apply the changes.




Senior Member
Dec 25, 2008
with android 9 i had it disabled before and with android 10 it is still disabled.
I don't know if it is placebo but with android 9 i noticed a speed up already.

with android 10 fingerprint works like it should be , i tested the scanner and fingerprint 3 was recognised all the time so i deleted fingerprint 1 and 2.

First I hated the fp scanner but now I love it.

p.s I have no protection glass.

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I guess this would not apply for facial recognition?

btw, can someone please ping me? I'm on legacy obviously and need to check if notifications would work doing the same thing. on topic sorta [emoji56]

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