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Oct 10, 2014
Hello everybody!

Here at EverdreamSoft we are happy to announce the development of our new game: Spells of Genesis! Spells of Genesis is a unique combination of a trading card game and an arcade game, with an innovative in-game economy. We were the inventors of the free-to-play genre on IOS and now we are going to fix it!
First teaser:

First Gameplay video:

Everdreamsoft was among the first to have a free-to-play game on the Appstore in 2009. Moonga : Online Trading Card Game. We got pretty good success as the game was rated top 1 RPG game in Japanese AppStore in the summer of 2010 and among the top gossing games in the French AppStore in 2012. Since then, the genre has changed in a way that was not intended. The games are currently only produced by big companies focusing on making a lot of cash, backers or early adopters are not rewarded. Now, we want to create a new game in strong cooperation with the community and the players. And instead of being the only party profiting from the success of the game, we want the community and players who contributed to financially profit from it as well. The game will not only be produced FOR the players, but WITH the players. The money flow doesn't go only from player to company but also from player to player and from company to players.


Spells of Genesis
In Spells of Genesis you embark on an epic fantasy adventure while constantly collecting and trading orbs(cards) to upgrade your deck. On your adventure, you will face hundreds of opponents. To defeat them, you have to battle them using the unique battle system featured in Spells of Genesis. The following screenshots are from the alpha version. The background is missing and the visuals are not final, but illustrate how you will have to battle your enemies.


In each level, there are some enemies you have to destroy. You will do that by shooting your own orbs at them. Each orb has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. When your orb has zero speed left, it will grow until it reaches an obstacle. Placing your orbs strategically is crucial to achieve victory, because if you cross the red line, you will lose.


Beside from what these alpha-version screenshots show you, the game will take place in a fantasy world. You will travel through mountains, deserts, waters and will meet the most amazing creatures there. There will also be a Player versus Player mode and other social features.

Spells of Genesis will be developed by Everdreamsoft, the creators of the successful trading card game Moonga(250.000+ downloads) in combination with Bitforge, the creators of the game Orbital, which was very successful in the launch days of the Ipad and has proven his addictiveness by achieving hundreds of thousands of downloads.

The Grand Story of Moonga
For over 700 years, the different kingdoms in the world of Moonga lived under the dominance of the terrible empire of Sayosia. Then, in a small town, a boy named Kallan was born. His father, a blacksmith, had no place for him so he decided to bring him elsewhere. After nobody wanted the clumsy child, he decided to bring him to a small forest where the Wizard of the Four Valleys was known to live. Raised by the wizard, Kallan learned understanding the nature and the world around him. When he left the wizard, he went to a city called Cartaam, where he made a discovery that would change the world of Moonga forever.
He found a way to confine the essence of creatures and humans into small parchment pieces. These small cards – commonly known as Spells - enclosed the essence of what had been imprinted in them. It was a difficult meticulous task and it took Kallan several years to master the right formula.
With these powerful spells, the people of Moonga were able to defy their rulers, and a new age began…

Story chapter IV : the jewel valley
The new chapter that we are introducing with Spells of Genesis is an allegory of the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Askian is a place in the Moonga world surrounded by high mountains inhabited by humans, dwarfs and dragons. People living in Askian are rich as the mountain contains a lot of precious material. These precious materials are mined in the mountains and have magical propriety: they can be transferred in the air easily. Different regions of the valley are fighting each other for the dominance of the valley. Some groups are popping up time-to-time creating and mining precious material with different propriety. They try to rally most of the miners to their cause. In fact the group who can impose their precious jewel will gain significant wealth.


The crowdsale and In-game Economy
We will fund the game using a new phenomenon called "Crowdsale". The difference between Crowdsale and Crowdfunding(like kickstarter), is that if someone backs a Crowdsale project he will actually share financially in the success of the game instead of only getting goodies or a free copy of the game.

We tailored the crowdsale to be a revenue share system with backers.
We will put 100.000 “Mines” for sale during the Crowdsale. Everyone who is interested in the game can buy some of these mines to finance the development of the game. When the game launches, these mines will start producing “Gems”. Gems are the premium currency in the game, used for buying new packs of cards and enhancing the gaming experience. So everyone who owns a mine, will be generating gems. The more gems there are purchased by the players, the more gems the mines will produce.

At the moment you own gems, you can choose to either use them in-game, or sell them to other players using Bitcoin and in this way get your investment back from the crowdsale. An internal marketplace will allow players to trade gems for bitcoin.

How the gem-creation, mines and marketplace exactly work, I will show to you by using an example:
A player buys 100 gems for 10 dollars in the in-game store from EverdreamSoft. At that point, he will get his 100 gems from EverdreamSoft. Then the mineholders all together will then also receive 100 gems from EverdreamSoft. Then the mineholders can decide to use their gems in-game, or sell them on the marketplace to other players using Bitcoin.


The total amount of gems produced by the mines is equal to the total amount of gems sold to the players in the in-game store. So the more popular the game gets, the more gems the mineholders will be able to sell. The total amount of gems produced will be divided by the mines, so an owner of 1 mine will receive 1/100.000 of the total amount of gems produced. Mines are some kind of cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, which can be traded with other people.

How can you help?
Before launching the crowdsale we first want to build up a followers base. When we have enough people interested in the game, we will announce the crowdsale.
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So come and joins us!
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