SPLs for DREA100 & DREA110 (Orig, Eng, Hard) [updated 2009-05-12]

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Nov 15, 2008

SPLs for DREA100 & DREA110

About SPLs

This thread contains information and downloads for SPLs for the HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1 and ADP1). What is a SPL? The SPL, or Second Program Loader, in conjunction with the IPL comprise a device's bootloader. Aside from bootstrapping Android, the bootloader also fulfills various diagnostic functions. One of these functions is the manipulation of data in the device's internal flash ram. Depending on the SPL installed, the user can apply a signed NBH file, flash nand images, and more. Note that the SPL is installed and operates independently of the Android build that runs atop it.

Currently there are three SPLs available. The G1 variant is the SPL that is installed in stock T-Mobile G1 phones. The Engineering variant is found in the Android Dev Phone 1. Finally, the HardSPL is a modification of the Engineering variant by cmonex, with additional hacker-friendly functionality. HardSPL is the recommended SPL.


The SPLs are packaged in the familiar update.zip format and install from the recovery console in the same fashion as other update files.

0. This is only verified to work for DREA100 and DREA110 devices. If you have a US or EU G1, it is most likely compatible. To check, boot into the SPL and confirm that the first word is DREA100 or DREA110. Please do not attempt to flash a SPL onto a Dream that does not fit that description!
1. If you are installing onto a G1, your G1 must already have been "rooted" or otherwise have test-keys installed. ADP1 is exempt from this.
2. Download the desired SPL zip file (attached below), rename it to update.zip and copy it to the root of your sdcard. As usual, remember to use a USB cable with a ferrite core and dismount your USB drive before disconnecting.
3. Reboot the phone into recovery console and flash the update with Alt+S.
4. To confirm it has installed properly, power on the G1 with BACK + END to enter the bootloader. When you are done, press CALL + MENU + END to leave the bootloader.
5. To revert a G1 to its factory original SPL, simply apply the G1 Original SPL file.

HardSPL (recommended)

VER: HSPL10.95.3000
ZIP: splhard1_update_signed.zip
MD5: 6502af25b9e9fbe1322cc405559af1ca

HardSPL is a modification of the Engineering SPL by cmonex. In addition to the functionality of the Engineering SPL, HardSPL also allows NBH files to be used without matching the CID (carrier ID) check. At the current time the main benefit of this is to allow European G1s flash American NBH files and vice versa. All other features and attributes of the Engineering SPL (such as the ability to flash the mtds from nand backup images) are present. Using the Nandroid backup scripts to create nand backups for this purpose is recommended.

Engineering SPL

VER: HBOOT-0.95.3000
ZIP: EngBootloader_v2_NoSigCheck.zip
MD5: 8008e01cb2c35e06b704e4dfb624ce4e

The Engineering SPL is a custom SPL installed in devices intended for Android development. It has existed since before the launch of the G1 and is now available to the general public as preinstalled on the Android Dev Phone 1, the official development device sold by Brightstar Corp. This SPL, in addition to flashing signed NBH files, can also flash nand dumps through the use of the fastboot protocol (as defined in the legacy bootloader documentation). This is a convenient way to flash the mtd partitions and can be greatly useful in the event that an undesirable build of Android is advertently or inadvertently installed.

This SPL was first originally dumped from a G1 which dream_kill received as a replacement from T-Mobile by cmonex and JesusFreke. The file was released by Disconnect on his webpage.

G1 Original SPL

VER: HBOOT-0.95.0000
ZIP: G1OrigBootloader_nocheck.zip
MD5: ae58b427b797707c453f3b3fa9d13c76

This is the original SPL which is installed in a stock G1. It is easily distinguished by the "trademark" red-green-blue bootloader screen which appears in many HTC phones. This SPL does not support the fastboot protocol and thus will not allow the user to flash nand backup images.

Before the leak of the TC4-RC29 and TC5-RC7 signed NBH images, users running stock RC30 and RC8 were unable to downgrade and install modified Android builds. On January 1st, 2008, xda-dev user chavonbravo leaked the aforementioned files, which allowed users to downgrade G1s through the original SPL. This SPL was dumped by damien667.



  • EngBootloader_v2_NoSigCheck.zip
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  • G1OrigBootloader_nocheck.zip
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  • splhard1_update_signed.zip
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Jun 30, 2005
awesome. anyone wanna try it first? I hope this gives us access to the bootloader?

anyway Dream_kill is probably one of the luckiest guy to recieve one as a replacement from tmobile. He should buy the lottery. lol


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Nov 10, 2008
I just did it....no problems yet......
The update went really really quick.....
Woohooo...No problems! I see android skateboarding!

Thanks alot dream_kill, cmonex and JesusFreke,you guys are awesome!
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Oct 23, 2008
awesome. anyone wanna try it first? I hope this gives us access to the bootloader?

anyway Dream_kill is probably one of the luckiest guy to recieve one as a replacement from tmobile. He should buy the lottery. lol

I've tried it. It works. :). Read the warning though, if something goes wrong during the flash, you'll probably have a brick.


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Nov 27, 2008
Washington State
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Whatcha think, another couple of weeks before us unlucky ppl that got the official rc30 can have at least root? haha, thanks google you guys finally came to our rescue. and t-mobile thanks for your mistake!


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Jun 26, 2007
I am still helpless!

Was Busy around some Issue Developers G1 is a Welcome though but would be Happy if they had allowed Official RC30 to Developers Edition after voiding Warranty also. Hey Google Are you Listening

Edited: on 1-1-2008 New year gift

Thanks ti RC29-NBH file I have root now on OTA RC30 and now converted phone to ADP1
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Jan 6, 2004
Could this update be applied to a phone running the TC5-RC8 (JesusFreke version) Since this update only affects the bootloader I should be fine?


hey JF, if I install the engineering bootloader, can i put the stock bootloader back?


Dec 4, 2008
Done. Worked ok. Now the main question.
After I installed developer boot loader, do that means now what even if i'll install Official RC30 now, I still will have ability to reflash my system with modified.
The answers is 100% yes for me. But just to be 101% sure i am askin it.

Also. When I am booting with Camera+Power and getting those geeks on skateboards. It's said "no image" which image it's searching for? Where it's should be placed? Anything else what I could do from this "booting" mode?


Dec 4, 2008
And another question. Google should have it's own version of OS (/system) for developers phone, beside of "official rc30 for t-mobile, which have root blocked" is this native version published anythere?


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Nov 5, 2008
Washington, DC
To do anything with it you need the fastboot tool (built as part of the source tree). There is a cheat sheet up at www.gotontheinter.net that talks about how to use it.

As to the google official build... source.android.com. Although they are talking about adding a way for devs to install the closed source google apps.
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