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Jun 30, 2012
I don't believe in it. old info and now it's galaxy watch 4. why should they still equip the old clocks with new functions?

Zico 10

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Feb 27, 2010
HTC Sensation
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Only on Watch 4, at launch, but i still have to use your mods....rooted phone

Active 2 is still pending.
It has been released in Australia as of two weeks ago,

But doesn’t work for me because the ECG/back button is faulty, and Samsung are f’ing terrible with the support. I give them a whole bunch of info and they just reply with “ECG is not available in Australia” and close the support case.

Even when I send them the link on their own website which shows that it is available, they still respond the same way and close the case without giving me a chance to respond.

I f’ing hate Samsung so much, really regret having bought this POS. I can’t wait for someone else to make a decent smartwatch for Android. I’ll toss this in the trash right away if a decent Pixel watch we’re released for example.

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    Samsung not add Blood Oxygen in Tizen for GWA2...

    But I will check our older findings... with SM-R820 DUA3...

    Test checklist...

    This still work... so red LED not deactivated fully...

    My Rooting is still working. So I have Root access in DUA3...

    Maybe mistake... w-home trick seems not work... to enable BloodOxy Widget...
    Will check later again with open eyes...

    sdb push w-manager-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.w-manager-service/bin/

    No luck yet to make the Widget visible like before...

    sh-3.2# launch_app com.samsung.shealth.measure
    ... successfully launched

    Shows same "not avaliable"...

    Will proceed with SH mods...


    Still 2 hits for search text string:
    Old method was to replace text string SM-R820 with SM-R840...

    In my tests with DUA3 SM-R820 I realized this is not "Driver switch"... but kind of blacklist...

    So my "new" method is:

    sdb root on
    sdb shell mount -vo remount,rw /
    sdb push shealth-measure /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin

    Only changed text string SM-R820 into SM-R821...

    To start Blood Oxy I send Command:
    sdb shell launch_app com.samsung.shealth.measure

    This means only progress like before... but with less modified files...

    Now will try to do more text string changes... because SH TPK contain in every Binary Model Name text strings...
    Will check if blacklist stuff or something else...

    Best Regards
    Simple edit of manifest.xml allow me now to start Blood Oxygen in 3 wayS...

    D:\SDB\SDB260>sdb shell launch_app com.samsung.shealth.measure
    ... successfully launched
    D:\SDB\SDB260>sdb shell launch_app com.samsung.shealth
    ... successfully launched

    2 Commands because I have simple replaced shealth with shealth-measure...

    And this allows me also by clicking the Icon...

    Now next changes... rename... to run also where SH is installed...
    I have Root and ways to deinstall...

    I am trying to simplify also for others...

    Best Regards
    I will be receiving a GW3 sometime next week. Not sure if I will keep it yet as it is probably to big for my skinny wrists :D.
    But I would be up to do the necessary testing for you @adfree
    Attempt 1.

    With changed text string inside 20 files from SH bin folder...

    sdb root on
    sdb shell mount -vo remount,rw /
    sdb push notification-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push scp-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-alert-viewer /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-breathe /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-debug-menu /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-exercise /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-exercising-viewer /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-health-data-permission /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-heartrate-measure /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-measure /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-mindfulness /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-multiworkout-widgetsetting /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-sa-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-sdk-data-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-stress-measure /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-together-viewer /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-whitelist-sync-service /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin
    sdb push shealth-widget /usr/apps/com.samsung.shealth_gear/bin

    Need then time to check if still working and to maybe find differences...

    Best Regards