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Sprint Sim unlock help (Lg v40)

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New member
Mar 21, 2020
Hello, a week ago I bought a refurbished LG v40 (Sprint) from my local best buy, BestBuy guarantees that the device is not blacklisted and is totally paid off by the previous owner at the time of (trade-in). and I verified with Sprint that it was indeed not blacklisted before I bought it from BestBuy. fast forward a week, it's now blacklisted for an unpaid balance before I was able to get service on it. :(
BestBuy won't take it back because they verified it was clear at the time it was purchased. called sprint and they won't unlock the sim due to it having an unpaid balance and won't activate it on their network until the balance is paid in full. tried an unlock service and they were not able to find an unlock code and refunded my money. I'm stuck on what to do with this paperweight. :rolleyes: