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[STABLE] [12.0] Official Pixel Experience 12 - OnePlus 5 & 5T [DUMPLING + CHEESEBURGER]

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Jan 12, 2018
Thank you for the link.
It s strange, the first time I looked the gitlab website only displayed a white page (which is why I couldn t find the vendor blobs) and now it s the same with your link.
I guess it s a problem with my browser, I will try with another one.
Thanks again for the ROM and for the links!!!
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Jan 17, 2011
Awesome build. Wondering if engineering mode can be enabled again through Log Kit as I can no longer install it..... also with factory reset seems it sometimes locks internal memory so can't install or transfer files.... reinstall sometimes works, but now I noticed after about an hour I have access again, which is weird.

Also after a factory reset strangely enough the camera app didn't install. But everything else seems to work like it did. Wondering is it possible just to get your version of it it was pretty cool with all the pixel 6 features included.
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May 19, 2015
OnePlus One
OnePlus 5
Hello, my first time with PE. Flashed with OrangeFox with no issue. Encryption works and I managed to get certified Play Store with Magisk Canary. First impressions very good and I didn't find any bug so far. Good job and thanks for the ROM!

Solid Mercury

Senior Member
Aug 1, 2012
@xLexip Thanks for this ROM. I installed this ROM without any issues. Using JIO sim from India and everything is working fine. I didn't have to do anything extra to get that working. May I know what is stopping from supporting mobile data from second sim card. This is something which has not been supported since PE 11.


Senior Member
Jun 22, 2015
No clue what you've done then, it works for me and others. You could try using another version or package of t.me/ngcam or the OnePlus Camera from lexip.dev/pe.

Just clean flashed wiped all of the phone including SD card. Flashed like instructed :/ formatted f2fs cache,data and system partitions, flashed magisk stable version. One of these may be the culprit ?


Dec 21, 2015
Thank you for the ROM ! What's the best way to hide root (Magisk), Magisk Hide is no longer present in the magisk menu, neither does Zygisk. Thank you.

I can use Zygisk on DotOS A11 but doesn't seem to work here.

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