[STABLE] [12.0] Official Pixel Experience 12 - OnePlus 5 & 5T [DUMPLING + CHEESEBURGER]

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Feb 7, 2008
This is too cool. Was on the verge of letting my op5t go - but this has given it new life 🎉
I hope that hardware key customization mentioned in the January release notes will apply for us too.
Might even fix what @Key3i (and I) experienced with "total silence"...
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Jan 19, 2022
Hey! Thx for awesome work!
But I have 1 question. How can I move volume control slider to the left side of the screen? I mean, physically volume controller on the left side of device and it's not very comfortable)
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Jan 20, 2022
Installing this rom 12 stable after i installed one plus stock recovery or locked oem.... Can i received update...?? When it ll available....


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Aug 18, 2012
I've successfully installed this ROM on my OP5 and its working fine.

If I attempt to re-lock the bootloader, it all goes wrong and on boot I get a message that this is an un-trusted device. Is there a way round this?
Jan 12, 2018
I'd like to compile the ROM for the oneplus 5T but I can't find the vendor files and I can't find the manifest.
Could you please send me the links?
Thanks in advance:)


Jan 17, 2011
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...aaand it's officially stable! Another year, another update! 🎆

Download, Changelog, Release Notes and Guides

Learn more at lexip.dev/pe!​

Please use the Telegram Group for problems and questions.
just installed and it is amazing! Returned the Pixel 6 pro I had bought as I figured it can wait. Can't believe how similar it is and functionality. Think it disabled engineering mode as I cant access *#800#* anymore or reinstall the tool kit but don't really need it and sure there's workaround. Can enable voip and volte but doesnt actually work unfortunately but will try finding a way. Thanks for a beautiful build!


Jan 17, 2011
I checked it out ... This is not stable for me .... game space not working properly.... cellular network not strong enough..... and most important for OnePlus User that is Oxygen OS feature was not present there..... This is the most annoying part for OnePlus User..... That's why i came back to the Oxygen OS 10. And never want to install custom rom. If any developer Make Oxygen OS like rom then i will try..... thanks 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😊
weird you'd even bother then... probably best you stay away from this site then if you're so enamoured with OP. Though it's more Oppo and ColorOS now which looks horrendous. I have more functionality than I ever had with Oxygen OS. Can't believe it even allows long poster style screenshots of social media feeds. Lexip puts the new and not improved Oxygen to shame.


Jan 17, 2011
sir i want to request you if possibal then please add few features in next update or in plus verson
1) Google photos unlimited access
2) double tap to unlock and lock
3) in built call recording
4) parallel apps support
5) quick replay in landscape
6) quick gestures like three finger screeshot + music control + raise to answer call+ flip to mute + off screen word gestures (V to activae flash light)
7) navigation bar (hide the navigation bar and pin) for three dot navigation bar
8) face unlock
i know few of them can be solved with magisk module but if this will be add in rom then it will be the best rom that what i believe or you are devloper you konw better then us
and please tell us when can plus vesron will be available
thanking you in advance i know you will answer this soon ( ;
I wouldnt expect unlimited google photos is even possible. That is literally reserved for Pixel phone owners. Not sure how you spoof photos into thinking you have a Pixel 6 or pro. I don't think Android 12 has in built call recording. Parallel apps is a oneplus feature not a Google one as are the music gestures. Google did away with face unlock, at least on the Pixel 6 pro which I have used. And gestures like the swipes for screenshot were replaced with double tap on back of phone. You can ask google assistant tho, almost as fast. Maybe you could ask for a double tap on fingerprint sensor on back which would be more inline with the google build. You should probably look at other ROMs that make enhancements, or perhaps this is sort of thing added to the enhanced version. My understanding is this ROM tries to be as true to the original as possible. It's remarkable to me that pretty much all the features are included, including many for the camera, which is no where near as good on the 5T. Just wish this could be available for the 7Pro which I will be getting again soon.
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Jan 17, 2011
@xLexip OnePlus physical button to mute the phone turn off everything. I don't get alarms or any other notification (without sound). In PE11 Plus. There was an option in OnePlus settings to not completely turn off everything but can't find it in this version. Will it be back in future updates?

I have added the Clock app in "Apps that can interrupt" settings but the physical button still turns off everything. So the only way is to turn on Do not disturb mode from the notification bar then alarm works.
oh yes it does turn off music if you're listening to it, but instead I've just started using the "do not disturb" option that's easily accessed in drop down settings menu.

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