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* Disclaimer 
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, 
* or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research 
* if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you blame me in any way for what happens to your device, I will laugh at you.
* BOOM! goes the dynamite

***This is no more "Cardinal Xtended". We have moved from Cardinal and starting from zero as "MSM Xtended or MSM-X".
We have tried our best to blend it with all available options, features and stability of different ROMs in to one for better user experience.
The Base is AOSP & GZOSP and thus Special Thanks to @martinusbe & Team GZR for the same.***

OnePlus Devices

* Awesome Slider
* sRGB Toggle
* HBM Tile & Toggle
* Wide Color Gamut Toggle


* Post Call Snackbar toggle
* Full Screen Caller Photo
* Call Recorder
* On Call DND Option


* Night light brightness mode options
* Expanded Desktop
* Screen Stabilization
* 5 Step Display size
* Double Tap To Wake
* Ambient & Always-On Settings
* Ambient Play Options


* Reset battery stats
* Screenshot sound toggle
* Volume Steps
* Increasing Ring Tone
* Sim 1 & 2 Ringtone
* Quick Unlock
* Pass Swipe to Unlock

===> Xtended Options (Xtensions of Xtended) Includes <===


* Scrolling Cache
* System Wide Animations (15 Options + Random)
* Toast Animation
* Listview & Interpolator Animations
* QS Tile Animations


* Volume Key Customization (Call Answer, Cursor Control, Reorient & Music Control)
* Disable Keys
* Swap Back n Recent Keys
* Backlight + Customizations
* Single Press + Long Press + Double Tap Customizations
* Accidental Touch

Decoration Menu

* System Themes (Omni Style)
* Battery Bar (Animation, Gradient, etc.)
* Carrier Label (Font Style, Size & Color Options)
* Status Bar Clock Customization
* Status Bar Battery Customization
* QS Header Styles
* QS Tiel Icon Styles
* Status Bar Logo Options
* Status Bar Weather


* Status Bar Double Tap Sleep
* Lockscreen Double Tap Sleep
* AOSP Gestures
* Carbon Gestures
* Edge Gestures
* Gesture Anywhere
* OP Nav Gestures
* 3 Finger Screenshot
* Power Button for Torch & TimeOut

Lock screen

* FP Vibration
* Lockscreen battery info
* Lockscreen Weather Temp & City Font & Color
* Lockscreen Weather Condition Image
* Lockscreen Clock Font, Size & Color
* Lockscreen Date Font, Size & Color
* Lockscreen Owner Info Font, Size & Color
* Lockscreen Shortcuts
* Face Auto Unlock Toggle
* Lockscreen Max Notifications
* Lockscreen Visualiser
* Lockscreen Media Art
* Lockscreen FP Unlock on Boot
* Lockscreen Hide Statusbar
* Lockscreen Hide Indications

Navigation bar

* Navbar on/off
* Navbar Customization (Layout, extra button)
* Navbar Pixel Animation Options
* Navbar burn-in Protection
* Navbar Pulse Options


* Heads Up
* Dialer Only HeadsUp
* Battery & Charging Light Customization
* Notification Light Customization
* Toast app icon toggle
* Toast app icon color
* Toast app text color
* Vibrate on connect, answer & hangup toggle
* Flashlight on Incoming Call


* Advance Reboot
* Power Menu on Secured Lockscreen
* Several Toggles, can't write so many
* On-The-Go Toggle (worth mentioning)

Recents apps

* Recent Types (Pie/Oreo)
* Clear all FAB
* Clear all FAB location
* Show memory bar
* Immersive Recents
* Immersive Recents Date & Time
* Recents Styles (Animations, Icon, Colors, etc)
* Hide Apps from Recents

Status bar

* Network Traffic (Activity Indicators, Type,Units,Interval,Auto Hide, etc)
* Brightness Control
* Status Bar Items (Toggles Options)
* Old Mobile Type Toggle
* Ticker & Ticker Animations
* 4G Icon
* VoLTE Icon
* Roaming Indicator Icon

Quick Settings

* QS tiles view customization (Number of small QS tiles, rows and columns)
* Brightness Slider Position
* Brightness Icon Option
* Vibrate on Touch Toggle
* QS Tile Titles Toggle
* QS Info Header Toggle
* QS on LockScreen Toggle
* QS Quick & Smart Pull Down
* Bluetooth Batter Toggle
* Vibrate on Touch
* QS Footer Warnings
* Running Services Icon Toggle

QS Tiles

* Sync QS tile
* NFC QS tile
* Screenrecord QS Tile
* CPU Info QS Tile
* On-The-Go Tile
* HeadsUp Tile
* Gaming Tile
* AOD & Ambient Tile
* Weather & Music Tile
* Expanded Desktop Tile
* HBM Tile (OnePlus Devices Only)
* Add/Remove tiles with one touch


* Privacy Guard with AppOps
* Suspended Actions
* Sensor Block Per Package Toggle
* Smart Pixels
* Wake lock & Alarm Blocker
* Pocket Mode
* ADB Notifications

Xtra Option

* System App Remover
* Keyboard & IME Features
* Screenshot Type
* Wake on Plug
* Vibrate on Plug
* Dashboard Conditions, Suggestions & Summary
* Media Scanner on Boot
* Signature Spoofing (Micro G only)

@mukesh22584 (Project Owner Saviour/Developer)
@SuperDroidBond : The Ego Man
@mady51(Project Owner / Kernel Developer & Maintainer)
@mcdachpappe (Developer & Codes Fixer)
@svandasek(Graphics Designer / Devloper & Feature Integrator)
@Jay_B (Maintainer & Boot Maker)
@Ded_Boi (Developer & Feature Integrator)

* mukesh22584
* mady51
* SuperDroidBond

If you love our work, please donate to us. It will motivate us and help us in keeping the project alive.

ROM: MSM-Xtended ROM

Latest Device-Specific, ROM-Specific Changelogs & Random Information: Click Here !

Gapps Package: Open Gapps

It's recommended to flash Nano Gapps only for better user experience.

Clean Flash
1) Backup Everything (Most Important)
2) Download ROM, Gapps, Magisk, etc.
3) Reboot to Recovery (TWRP)
4) Wipe System, Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache.
5) Flash - ROM, Gapps, Magisk
6) Once done, wipe cache.
7) Reboot to System.

Dirty Flash
1) Backup Everything (Most Important)
2) Download ROM
3) Reboot to Recovery (TWRP)
4) Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache.
5) Flash - ROM.
6) Once done, wipe cache.
7) Reboot to System.

**If you fail to follow these instructions, please don't bother reporting any bugs**

**If you use Xposed, please don't bother reporting any bugs**

**If you use another kernel, please don't bother reporting any bugs**

ROM Source Oreo - Project-Xtended Oreo Sources

ROM Source Pie - Project-Xtended Pie Sources

Kernel Source - Kernel Sources

We would like to give thanks to everyone in the Android community, big or small.

That said, we would like to Thank all These Teams for their contribution to the OpenSource Community.

**If we have left someone or some team, we apologize and please PM us. We would be very happy to include your name as well.**

Special Thanks to These Testers
@rishi2603 (Tester & Motivator)
@DrUnknownEMC (Tester & Motivator)
@gFknQ (Tester & Motivator)
@Sunil Harali (Tester & Motivator)
@sushobith (Tester & Motivator)
@Dhairya (Tester & Motivator)
@Babloo289 (Tester & Motivator)
@ps_minky16 (Tester & Motivator)
Chris Kendall (Tester)
Everyone Else from the Testing Team & Users using & sharing feedback for improvements

Special Thanks & Credits

@Rakesh.Batra - Our Teacher. Learned a lot from you Dada

1) Please do not use TiB. If you want use then try Swift Backup or Migrate. These are better options for now.
2) Please Use Paid Themes preferably, so that Substratum Dev can keep on their good work.
3) If you want to try a new theme, try "Valerie" by bro @@DeadmanxXD. It's been my favorite ever since I tried it.
4) If you earn well, then don't hesitate to donate a few $$ to the devs you like. Its token of appreciation and will keep the devs motivated.
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Screenshots Updated :


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Change Logs:

Check OP ! :p

Some More Screenshots Attached :


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Aug 2, 2017
Screen goes dark sometimes, and cannot wake the phone. screen lights up (black) but lock screen does not appear!
on 3X, Stock kernel, no magisk, nano Gapps and Flashed Camera delay fix. will attach logcat soon.


Feb 10, 2018
Hey, Found many bugs, despite fact that I followed installation guide:
- Automatic brightness is not working.
- The fingerprint scanner is not working, I installed zip file from the description and it did not help.
- After the change of font in lockscreen clock, rr was required to apply changes.
Overall good looking rom, but boot animation is not pretty for me. I'll get back to oreo roms for now i guess.


Senior Member
Dec 24, 2017
Hey, Found many bugs, despite fact that I followed installation guide:
- Automatic brightness is not working.
- The fingerprint scanner is not working, I installed zip file from the description and it did not help.
- After the change of font in lockscreen clock, rr was required to apply changes.
Overall good looking rom, but boot animation is not pretty for me. I'll get back to oreo roms for now i guess.
But mine finger print and auto brightness works greatly

Install the fix. .zip
Afterboot to the rom and restart once again and go to settings add fingerprint it works and unlock fastly

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    It's UpDaTe TiMe Folks !

    ⚡ MSM-Xtended Pie XP-3, Release v7⚡

    This is going to be a big release with lots of addition n bug fixes.

    Device-Specific Changelog -:

    ~ Changed Device Tree (Using Hyper Tree Now) - Thnx A Ton To @sairam60 & HyperTeam For Making It Stable & Bug-free.
    ~ Issues With Snap Cam & GCam Fixed
    ~ Other Bug Fixes
    ~ Overall Performance Improvements

    ROM-Specific Changelog -:

    1) Added Breathing SMS/MissCall/Voicemail Notification (Forward Port from Nougat)
    2) Added Power Menu Animation (Forward Port from Nougat)
    3) Added Headset Safe Volume Option
    4) Added Toggle to Control Ring Volume instead of Media
    5) Added Oreo Style Mobile Switches
    6) Added More QS Tiles Styles Options
    7) Added QS Header Style Options
    8) Added Full Gesture NavBar from DU
    9) Added DT2S Option on NavBar
    10) Added NavBar Pulse, Lava Lamp and other options of Pulse
    11) Added LS Shortcuts for Middle Screen
    12) Added Data disabled toggle
    13) Added Option to ByPass the Swipe Option while unlocking
    14) Added Option to enable HeadsUp for Dialer Only (Less Boring One)
    15) Added Ambient Play & History Options
    16) Added Keyguard Animation for charging
    17) Added Edge Gestures
    18) Added Privacy Guard
    19) Added LTE Tile, Ambient Play Tile.
    20) Added Volume Rocker Wake Option
    21) Added Volume Dialog Timeout Options
    22) Added Notch Option (Only for devices with notch)
    23) Fixed my derp in BatteryStyle - Portrait Percentage n all
    24) Fixed the layout of StatusBar icons
    25) Fixed Power-Off Alarm Clock (Thanks to @xyyx)
    26) Now Themes are getting applied to default dialer & file manager
    27) Added Back our Device Sections in About Phone
    28) Added Toggle to disable immersive messages
    29) Launcher3 - Added Option to enable/disable search widget on homescreen
    30) Launcher3 - Some further fixes and improvements

    There are many improvement & fixes in frameworks & system as well as device specifics. Please do check about phone changelog for more information, post flashing.

    We appreciate the feedback & bug reports we have been getting. Please do share a log if you run into issues.

    I hope everyone enjoys this update.

    Best Regards
    Team Xtended

    Google+ Post:- https://plus.google.com/b/107521848969209154432/107521848969209154432/posts/Q7gEqXd6TCG
    Thank you @Saksham Singh for this super smooth update compared to earlier builds.
    One can experience the improvements and smoothness in this build right from initial setting of device...No lags at all...More customization options are added which are working fine...
    One minor thing...When data is disabled, still it shows network traffic indicators in the status bar...
    More to be added...
    BHIM app is still not working...
    Great Job! Tons of customizations, almost as many as the oreo one. Gcam too working flawlessly. Bluetooth calling is working fine, call record option is also available. One bug, cannot transfer files from via usb.
    great work guys!
    Waiting for build XP-2 v5-5
    Finally, v3 for land
    Please fix the blank screen issue after locking the phone... This ROM is awesome in everything only this bug is annoying me ☹️☹️☹️
    Goto Settings-Xtenison-animation-screen off animations select simple fade..

    ---------- Post added at 12:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:16 PM ----------

    1)Low Network Issue..
    2)Mic Not Working Properly
    3)Lockscreen Bug (I think animation causing this issue)
    Will Tell You Other Bugs If I Found any..Other Than This Bugs ROM Is Smooth And Stable Enough For Daily Use..
    (Fingerprint bug and camera switch bug is fixable by flash able zips)
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