[STABLE] LineageOS 17.1 for Galaxy S7 build 21


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Apr 24, 2012

LineageOS 17.1 for herolte

* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
- Wifi
- Sound
- mali drivers
- USB tethering
- HW Backed video Playback
- Ril (Mobile data,calls, sms and stuff)
- Sensors
- Buttons and their backlight
- Bluetooth
- Wifi HotSpot
- 2D and 3D gpu acceleration
- HW encoding/decoding
- Charging with device powered off
- Stuff I didn't test yet
- Camera
- HWcomposer (HWC)
- Fingerprint Sensor
- Mobicore
- SW codecs

Not Working

Take a note that a lot of LineageOS features have not been completed yet this is not a device bug and please do not report those
in this rom thread as you will be reported to moderator also do not post bug reports for known issues or bug reports without proper
a) Logcat
b) proc/last_kmsg (or proc/kmsg)
c) data/tombstones
d) dmesg

Also do not under any circumstances post bug reports if you are using substratum themes or unsupported magisk modules or you have performed any system modifications

Install gapps right after installing the rom itself dont try to boot to system before that

If you are coming from pre-January 2021 build remove fingerprints and delete /data/system/locksettings.db this is needed due to mobicore version change which helped fix fingerprint with 3rd party secure apps

Google Drive
MD5: b1f4026f83fd1c1cb941b8c7d5bf06b2


I do this in my free time so bear that in mind when you notice I didn't fix known bug in next available build, Currently i work on this alone and i am not one of those kangers that just copy source and claim it as their own work,
if you want to support the project feel free to buy me some coffee paypal.me/ivanmeler

Feel free to join telegram group with early builds progress updates and some off topic stuff Join

Based On Android 10/Q

- Merged February 2021 Security Update
- Added proper flicker free (DC dimming) implementation
- Added support for smart cover
- Misc performance and stability improvements

- Merged januart 2021 Security Updat
- Fixed issues with fingerprint in 3rd party secure apps (banking apps paypal password managers)
- Updated prebuilt binaries
- Cleaned up mixer paths
- Added neural network drivers
- Disabled p2p mac randomization
- Fixed wifi direct
- Removed unused 32bit drivers
- Improved performance and stability
- A lot more unmder the hood changes

- Merged December 2020 security update
- Added wireguard to kernel
- Update proprietary blobs to G93*KKKU3ETJ1 (Stuff that is not already using note fe blobs)
- Moved most of libraries to vendor subfolder
- Merged N935FXXS7CTJ2 kernel source
- Downported some changes from lineageos 18
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Hotfix build with fixed stuttering issues from previous build

- Added irqbalance implementation adopted for 8890
- Improved power hal freq. boosting with (Should make whole system a lot smoother)
- uprevved configstore to 1.1
- Adjusted dex2oat rules to allow it to use up to 6 threads under load
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Merged November 2020. Security update
- Synced with LOS source

- Improved audio handling in some voip apps (microphone)
- Adjusted zram values
- Imrpoved UI performance
- Merged october 2020 securiy update
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Updated vendor blobs to N935KKKU4CTH1 with August 2020 vendor security update
- Enabled dynamic audio processing effects
- Improved microphone performance (Should also resolve headset mic issues with some apps)
- Increased recording volume
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Merged September 200 security update
- Synced with LOS source

- Improved ui performance
- Resolved FRP issues
- Added sunlight enhancements for better visibility under direct sunlight
- Further Improved camera stability
- General performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- New working camera drivers
- Improved power hal frequency handling
- Fixed echo in calls
- More precise signal reporting
- Added expandable volume panel
- Selinux is enforcing
- Kernel is using latest note FE base
- All of the drivers have been updated to latest note fe base
- Merged latest security updates merged (August 2020)
- New and improved power hal
- New thermal hal
- Ability to disable fast charging from settings
- Ability to enable flicker free from settings
- Ability to change vibration intensity from settings
- In call volume adjustment has been fixed
- Improved stability and performance (No random reboots anymore)
- Improved memory management
- Working hardware backed encryption
- Working AudioFX
- A lot more imrpovements that didnt make it to the list

- Merged June 2020. Security update
- Fixed crashes caused by graphics mapper
- Added advanced display features
- Color calibration backed up by mDNIe
- Accessibility mode
- More Modes?! check for yourself under Settings>Display
- Enabled zram
- Switched to bfq IO scheduler
- Switched to common Doze implementation
- Switched to mke2fs for fs generation and checking to improve performance and stability of filesystem
- Reenabled call recording for supported countries
- Added DRM hal
- Improved bionic runtime speeds by setting it to use exynos-m1 core optimizations
- Disabled samsung ZSWAP
- performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Switched to system side LMKD
- Fixed headphones (aux) microphone input
- Imporved UI performance
- Fixed ringtone output being routed to speaker with headphones/bt device plugged in
- Merged May security update
- General stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Fixed audio routing to speakerphone after call
- Updated vendor security patch to march 2020
- Power hal improvements
- Added AptXHD support
- Merged new gralloc and mali blobs from G93*FXXS8ETC6
- Updated camera blobs
- Updated omx blobs
- Updated wifi firmwares
- Merged april 2020 security update
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Removed camera wrapper that was causing issues with some apps
- Improved BT audio/call handling
- Updated power hal (Fixed hw keys reactivating while they should be off (Gestures are enabled))
- Fixed WiFi speed drops with bt enabled
- Merged XXU5ESD2 kernel changes
- Merged XXS6ESI4 kernel changes
- Fixed kernel side security issues related to binder
- Merged march security update
- Synced with LOS source

- Added AptX bluetooth audio blobs back
- Added new power hal which has more control over performance battery life (You cna also control
profile of device under battery entry in settings (Powersave/balanced/performance))
- Improved notification light on/off handling
- Added back Snap camera with working video recording
- Binderized audio hal process
- Added back camera wrapper
* Fixed Camera3 metadata
* Enabled HAL1 for some apps that had issues previously (e.g. whatsapp,snapchat,facebook,instagram)
* Fixed 2k/4k video recording handling in some apps
* Fixed bug where camera would hang after canceling auto focus in some legacy apps
- Enabled batch and backgroun Wifi scanning
- Fixed dual band wifi support
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Merged january security update
- Fixed broken git tag detection in kernel which would show -dirty in kernel version
- Fixed dialer lag with touch tones enabled
- Added back Camera2 as snaps video recording was broken
- Removed unused custom gps impl
- Removed unused gps headers
- updated audio headers and fixed wrong declaration of SOUND_DEEP_BUFFER_DEVICE
- Added audio effects config for sound hal
- Updated audio policy to bne able to use aux as output
- Added libtinycompress
- Reimplemented audioserver arch
- Reimplemented audio hal and so its only building single arch now
- Fixed sound in games and voip apps like whatsapp
- Fixed audio routing going thru earpiece after calls
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Merged LOS source

- Properly fixed Dual sim device detection
- Switched to early mounting EFS from dtb instead from fstab file
- Switched to new radio interface used for signal reporting instead of using frameworks hacks to do so
- Fixed OpenCL
- Fixed Vulkan
- Removed proximity check on system wake which was unusable
- Added Snap camera app back instead of Camera2
- Merged December system security patch from r18 tag together with all new features introduced with it
- Misc performance and security improvements

- Fixed software codecs (sw video playback)
- Fixed random crashes related to audio/video subsystem
- Fixed detection of dual sim devices
- Fixed wireless tethering
- Fixed regression that broke front facing camera
- Reimplemented sensor hal to handle SSENSOR permission properly on aosp
- Audio pahts file has been completely rewritten and cleaned up
- Added trust HAL to control usb otg
- Added device health hal
- Merged november security update to vendor
- Reimplemented display modes as hidl interface
- Reimplemented touch features as hidl interface
- Switched to hardware/samsung power hal
- Switched to a new light hal
- Added back AdvanceDisplay
- Misc performance and stability improvements
- Synced with LOS source

- Updated RIL hal to latest P blobs from samsung
- Updated GPS hal to latest P blobs from samsung
- Updated LHD (sensors) hal to latest P blobs from samsung
- Imrpoved handling of hal1 apps
- Updated mobicore
- Fixed GPS and Fingerprint
- Replaced FP driver with HIDL interface one
- fixed ashmemd access issues
- misc audio fixes
- Stability and performance improvements

- Initial release

XDA:DevDB Information
LineageOS 17.1 for Galaxy S7, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7

Source Code: https://github.com/8890q/android_kernel_samsung_universal8890/tree/lineage-17.1

ROM OS Version: Android 10

Version Information
Stable Release Date: 2020-12-11
Current Beta Version: 1.2.0

Created 2019-10-08
Last Updated 2020-12-11
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Sep 6, 2009
Thank you so much Ivan, you are the best. Get well soon!
If we can do anything else than donating and testing the roms - let us know.



Aug 18, 2017
Rom runs very good. The gesture navigation works but the line at the bottom is missing and if I use the button navigation then the navigation bar doesn't appear.