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[Stable][OTA]Oreo 8.1 Update [OPJ28.111-22-1][16 June 2019 IST]

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Sep 21, 2015
Moto G4 Plus
I was very happy with N(Android-7) but some applications does not work with it so I updated to Oreo as per above method but now I am facing issue with tethering.
WiFi hotspot started but it fluctuate frequently means it connect few minutes then disconnected and again connected . I tried USB tethering as well but it also gets fluctuating. Can you please provide solution for it. Thanks in advance


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    Hello people so there is finally some good news. Moto has kept the promise after all and new stable build has been made available for you guys. It is Oreo 8.1 with December 01 2018 Security Patch.

    Note: Newer build with build number OPJ28.111-22-1 is now available with Dec security Patch and audio fixes.

    People who want fastboot flashable version of the firmware please visit that thread, linked below. This is the best method of flashing the stock firmware.


    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of flashing these files.

    Stock ROM NPJS25.93-14-18 7.0 with April 01 2018 Security Patch: My Stock ROM thread
    Lyu's TWRP: Her XDA thread

    ROM downloads:
    If you are on a totally unmodified system (N 7.0 NPJS25.93-14-18):

    If you have installed TWRP or are on custom ROMs or have root and TWRP (whatever combo) there are two ways of flashing the latest build:
    Method 1: Use the TWRP Flashable Builds created by @Jleeblanch . This will not remove your TWRP. Don't know about root yet.
    Download and flash the OPJ28.111-22 TWRP flashable version in TWRP.

    Method 2:
    1. Flash stock N 7.0 via fastboot IF AND ONLY IF your bootloader version is BL1.06 or older. Don't try to downgrade. Else prefer Method 1.
    2. Install the OTA file "Blur_Version.25.236.3.athene.retail.en.US.zip" via stock recovery/ADB Sideload or by placing it in your internal storage and granting Motorola Update Services Storage Permission and then Checking for Updates.
    3. Install the file "OTA_Package_OPJ28.111-22-1.zip" by the same method as given in step 2.

    For flashing updates using stock recovery:
    Reboot to stock recovery. And choose update from SD Card. Choose the zip and install it.

    For ADB sideload, check this guide by 9to5Google :
    How to manually sideload an OTA update

    Check Attachments

    Rooting Guide:


    Team Reviver
    Motorola Mobility LLC
    kosmas and Anurag Yadav for testing . :fingers-crossed:
    All other people who test these builds
    @strongst @Jleeblanch @echo92 and others who provide constant support
    Ok guys, as promised. Here is the links to a TWRP flashable version of the Moto Oreo soak test. Links are both the same file, only provided one for AFH and G-Drive for convenience.

    AFH: TWRP-athene-8.1.0-OPJ28.108.zip

    G-Drive: TWRP-athene-8.1.0-OPJ28.108.zip

    md5sum: c995bcb22215346e362195447de686f8

    Instructions to flash:

    - Download zip file (it is a large file as it's a full firmware zip minus the bootloader related items)
    - Flash in TWRP recovery
    - Reboot && Profit!

    If you want to root, just simply flash Magisk in recovery immediately after flashing the zip. Or if you want to wait, you can flash Magisk at any time from recovery after you've set up. (NOTE: If Magisk Manager isn't installed after flashing Magisk, just download and install MM from here on xda).
    Update to OPJS8.111-12

    moto has released a new soak test update of android oreo 8.1 for Moto G4 Plus. Keep in mind that this is a beta build (yet official) and once you update through methods like stock recovery update/adb sideload or from update engine itself using the Motorola Update Services, you can't downgrade to a previous version. The build number of this update is OPJS28.111-12 and has 1 December Security Patch and requires you to be on fully unmodified stock N build number NPJS25.93-14-18 (April 01 2018 Patch) .

    The following bugs are present as of now, maybe more:

    Some Moto-Actions are extremely slow:

    • Swipe to shrink screen

    • Chop for Flashlight

    • Pick up to stop ringing

    • Twist for camera

    NOTE: Users who have updated to the previous soak test builds, PLEASE DO NOT attempt updating/downgrading your devices. It is risky and can cause loss of data and hard bricks. Please wait unless we find a fastboot firmware of that version or something newer.

    Users who have unlocked their bootloader, TWRP Backup and the TWRP flashable builds will be made available soon.


    MD5: 819ab7f90872a3c2af391bb71db40066
    SHA1: e75a152813de155252f947f9aca4c75e98eb1d85

    Sent from my OnePlus 6 using XDA-Labs.
    Hey guys, I made a TWRP flashable zip from the ota zip files which will make it easier and safer for you guys to try out the latest Oreo soak test without needing to worry about not being able to downgrade (and possibly take the official ota update when it is released).

    It's currently uploading as we speak and I will let you know when it's ready. I have personally tested this on my own device (Moto G4+ XT1644) and as far as I can tell, everything is working as expected.

    What this means is you guys can simply flash the zip in TWRP and be good to go (much like a custom ROM [emoji6], but instead stock oreo). I've also made the zip safer by NOT including any bootloader related files which means, as I mentioned above, you can easily downgrade if you so choose to or if you happen to play around with mods, root, etc you will have an easy way to get back to a clean stock system.
    Those instructions appear to be for the TWRP flashable, which as mentioned above and in the edited opening post, is pending:

    With regards to the 'and then the zip from post #671 after you have booted to the system once', I'm not sure if using the OTA update on a device with TWRP would work, since stock OTA updates typically require the stock recovery to update the GPT, bootloader and other usually non-modifiable partitions. You may be able to edit the OTA file to ignore the stock recovery check, but again, it might be worth waiting for the updated OPJ28.111-22 TWRP flashable to be released. You could then flash the TWRP flashable and not have to worry about OTA updates, which should also leave your GPT and bootloader unmodified.
    Oh, I created the flashable zip days ago. I was the one who caught the ota file this time [emoji6]. One of the ones I should say.

    I just haven't updated my thread for the latest update yet, but posted the zip on Telegram some days ago.

    Here is the download
    -> TWRP-athene-8.1.0-OPJ28.111-22

    I will update my thread asap with the new build for those that stalk there too [emoji2]