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[STABLE] Project-Xtended XR vX.r Final A11 [R |Android 11] [October 8th, 2021]

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Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
This is ROM shows Google Certified only. It never showed uncertified since very beginning as I remember. Try installing Mini Gapps package of GZR and then let us know the same. Regarding lag in Facebook app, yes we have seen and it actually goes because of excessive tweaking we did in kernel n ROM side. Will see what we can do in next pending update.


Falshed the Gapps package from GZR and now in play-store settings its showing as certified. Also after flashing the GZR gapps, random bootloop during initial boot is gone now.Thanks!!

Please tell me the version of the GCAM used in this RoM. Thanks for looking in to FB app lag issue.

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Senior Member
Jan 5, 2018
OnePlus 3T
OnePlus 8 Pro
May be a stupid question but because it is mentioned explicit I would like to know what the result is.
Some pages back, SuperDroidBond mentioned that it is wise to clear caches + system for the latest X7 build.
Normally system is cleared by the Rom itself when an update is done.
What is the result of clearing system in twrp; are all rom settings back to default and are all apps gone?
I think not because app data etc... is stored in /data but just to be sure.

In other words; is the result of clearing system before an update the same as doing a dirty flash with only clearing dalvik/cache or are some settings, apps or other things gone after this?

Although a lot of information on the internet is not complete and very clear, I found a link which was:
In the first part they tell clearly what every partition is doing.
For me the new procedure for rom upgrades is now:
1) Wipe /Cache, /Dalvik and /System
2) Install ROM
3) Install Kernel
4) Install GZR-Gapps
5) Install Magisk
6) Reboot and enjoy latest ROM without loosing any system related settings
In between every step I also clear /Cache and /Dalvik to be sure.
System - it contains rom+gapps and apps prebuilt in the rom
If u wipe the system you are deleting the rom and gapps and modifications done to system partition (kepp in mind magisk modules won't be deleted)

Data-this where your personal apps that you installed and data of apps (system+user) are stored
So wiping it will lose the same

And no need of wiping cache and dalvik with everyflash
I just flash ROM+gapps+magisk+kernel(if needed) then wipe cache. And dalvik


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
Guys this Rom supports f2fs file system for system partition?? I had formatted it to f2fs via twrp but after flashing this Rom it goes back to ext4...so now all my partitions except system is in f2fs format. Will this cause any issues??



Senior Member
Nov 12, 2015
Teaser guys


  • Screenshot_Settings_20180607-115814.png
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Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
That is with stock settings. So no need of extra ###

What about in-app lagging?? :)

---------- Post added at 08:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:14 PM ----------

Guys this Rom supports f2fs file system for system partition?? I had formatted it to f2fs via twrp but after flashing this Rom it goes back to ext4...so now all my partitions except system is in f2fs format. Will this cause any issues??


Somebody please clarify...


Senior Member
Apr 11, 2014
I use f2fs on loads of different roms and I've never encountered any problems so far , aslong as its only the data partition that's in f2fs then you'll be fine.
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Jan 19, 2014
Hey the ROM is damn near perfect for me one thing is I use Viper4Android and I always have to restart the app. Is there a deep sleep or something of that nature in effect for all apps? The ROM is silky smooth and fast because of this I'm sure. Just wondering if I can disable it for Viper4Android

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    * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD card or anything happens with your device
    * Flash on your own risk/knowledge.

    TEAM XTENDED: @SuperDroidBond | @mady51 | @mukesh22584 | @anishpratheepan | @xawlw | @SonalSingh18 | @Roger.T

    FEATURES: Get Feature list from HERE

    DONATIONS: SuperDroidBond | mukesh22584 | mady51

    SUPPORT LINK: MSM-X Telegram Public Group

    Click HERE

    ROM DOWNLOADS: Project-Xtended ROM



    ROM SOURCE: Project-Xtended ROM Sources

    KERNEL SOURCE: Our Official Devices Sources


    We would like to give thanks to everyone in the Android community, big or small.
    That said, we would like to Thank all These Teams for their contribution to the Open Source Community.

    **If we have left someone or some team, we apologize and please PM us. We would be very happy to include your name as well.**
    3rd Release: March 17th, 2018 - MSM-Xtended Release X3

    Hi Brothers,

    Everyone enjoying your weekends. Some of us are likely drunk...., I am too, a bit.

    So here we're coming up with our 3rd Release - MSM - Xtended Release X3

    Let's cut the crap !!! Coming straight to the point, the Changelog for the Release -

    ## ROM-:

    1) Added Compass Tile
    2) Added Running Apps Option in QS Footer
    3) Added Sensor block per package
    4) Added Screen Off Animations
    5) Added Battery & Auto Brightness for AOD
    6) Added Dialer UI Changes + Proximity Speaker
    7) OP Camera Front Cam FC Fix. Please don't ask for aHDR now.
    8) Center of Attraction - Welcome "Screen Stabilization" + QS Tile for SS. Thanks @rituj
    9) Added Downloads Info - time remaining, speed & size. (Don't this chrome in this)
    10) Fixed Bug for Developer Option
    11) Fixed QS Clock. (Center Clock will not show any clock)
    12) Added some stuff here n there for smoothness. Thanks @HolyAngel
    13) Code Cleanup & rework for Network Traffic (auto hide, incoming & outgoing etc.). Thanks @maxwen
    14) Updated About Xtended Dev & Credit Section
    15) Fixed Battery padding issue.
    16) Security Patch updated to March 2018

    ## Kernel-:

    1) Tweaked Kernel & Governor Options for smoothness.
    2) Some Tweaks for better battery optimization.
    3) Most of the goodies are by default enabled and disabled. No need to tweak anything through any app.

    May be this is the first Oreo 8.1 ROM having Screen Stabilization included. Special Thanks to @rituj for sharing commits for the same. I just had to get it according to Oreo. Easy AF.

    Flashing Recommendation: Clean Flash Only. Best to use GZR Gapps or Open Gapps 8.1 arm64 nano or more.

    Download:- MSM-Xtended 3rd Release

    ## Flashlight might not work on first boot. Just reboot once, it will start working without any issues.

    If there's any bug, please do report it with logs.
    If a feature request, please do let us know. We will add it if it's not getting on stability.
    Facing Problems, Please let us know. We are here to help you.

    Best Regards
    Team Xtended
    MSM Xtended Q XQ Release v2 for OnePlus 3/3T

    Hello Brothers,

    How are you all. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Tell us no more. Here we are coming back again to bother you with a new release of MSM Xtended...:p

    This time it's not ROM version that changes but the entire Android Version, yeah thank to Google.

    So, let's see what all we got in Android 10.0 MSM Xtended Q aka XQ Release v2.

    Feature List in XQ Release v2-:

    OnePlus Devices
    • Awesome Slider
    • Oneplus Gesture
    • Vibrator Strength
    • Display Calibration (Kcal)
    • Panel Modes
    • High Brightness Mode
    • Redesigned Battery Meter View
    • Reset battery stats
    • Screenshot sound toggle
    • Sim 1 & 2 Ringtone
    • Quick Unlock
    ===> Xtended Options (Xtensions of Xtended) Includes <===

    • System Wide Animations (15 Options + Random)
    • Animation Duration
    • Disable Transition animations
    • Scrolling Cache
    • Screen Off animation
    • Power menu animation
    • Toast Animation
    • Listview & Interpolator Animations
    • Volume Key Customization (Call Answer, Cursor Control, Reorient & Music Control)
    • Disable Keys
    • Swap Back n Recent Keys
    • Backlight + Customizations
    • Single Press + Long Press + Double Tap Customizations
    • Accidental Touch
    Decoration Menu

    • Xtended Ambient
    • Animation Tab (mentioned above)
    • Clock Settings (Font Style, Size & Color Options)
    • Carrier Label (Font Style, Size & Color Options)
    • AOSP Gesture
    • Swipe to screenshot
    • Screen off Power Button Torch & TimeOut
    Lock screen
    • Lockscreen shortcuts (Left & Right)
    • Lockscreen Weather Temp & City
    • Lockscreen Weather Condition Image
    • Lockscreen charging info
    • Navbar Customization (Layout, extra button)
    • Heads Up
    • Notification Light Customization
    • Battery & Charging Light Customization
    • Vibrate on connect, answer & hangup toggle
    • Toast app icon toggle
    • Toast app icon color
    • Toast app text color
    • Disable power menu on lockscreen
    • On-The-Go Toggle (worth mentioning)
    • Advance Reboot
    • Several Toggles, can't write so many
    • Power Menu Animations
    Quick Settings
    • Brightness Slider toggle
    • Bightness icon toggle
    • Brightness buttons toggle
    • Brightness slider on bottom toggle
    Status bar
    • Statusbar items
    • Network Traffic
    • 4G icon
    • Show notification icon
    • Breathing Notifications (SMS, Call & Voicemail)
    • Sensor block per-package
    Xtra Option

    • Screenshot type
    • Allow Signature spoofing
    • Wake up on charge
    • Vibrate on plug/unplug
    • Dashboard conditions
    • Dashboard suggestions

    Download -:

    1) ROM - XQ Release v2 for OnePlus 3/T

    2) Gapps - OpenGapps Beta Nano

    3) GCam for Q-: HyperCam Q3

    Please do share your reviews and feedback. We love the feedback and response we have been getting since the start of this project. Hope to see the same in coming future.

    Donations are always welcome and it does help us in getting the server to build and for motivations for our device maintainers.

    Hope You All Enjoy the XQ Release v2.

    Thanks & Regards:
    Team Xtended
    Xtended Pie based on Android 9.0 XP-1 Release : OnePlus3 | 3T

    Hello Borthers,

    We are here to present you the first Android 9.0 update of the MSM-Xtended ROM. We call it Beta but it's rock stable as oreo.
    But then why "BETA". Because we observed some issue with VoLTE and for that you need to flash Volte-Hack Zip. Other than this you won't notice any bug.

    MSM-Xtended Pie - FirstBlood

    Features Added-:
    [COLOR="#1976D2"][U]OnePlus Devices[/U][/COLOR]
    * Awesome Slider
    * sRGB Toggle
    * HBM Tile & Toggle
    * Wide Color Gamut Toggle
    * Post Call Snackbar toggle
    * Full Screen Caller Photo
    * Call Recorder
    * Night light brightness mode options
    * Expanded Desktop
    * Screen Stabilization
    * 5 Step Display size
    * Reset battery stats
    * Screenshot sound toggle
    * Volume Steps
    * Increasing Ring Tone
    * Quick Unlock
    * Pass Swipe to Unlock
    [COLOR="#1976D2"][B][U][SIZE="4"]===> Xtended Options (Xtensions of Xtended) Includes <===[/SIZE][/U][/B][/COLOR]
    * Scrolling Cache
    * System Wide Animations (15 Options + Random)
    * Toast Animation
    * Listview & Interpolator Animations
    * QS Tile Animations
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Buttons [/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * Volume Key Customization
    * Disable Keys
    * Swap Back n Recent Keys
    * Backlight + Customizations
    * Single Press + Long Press + Double Tap Customizations
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Decoration Menu[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * System Themes (Omni Style)
    * Battery Bar (Animation, Gradient, etc.)
    * Carrier Label (Font Style, Size & Color Option from AEX N)
    * Status Bar Clock Customization
    * Status Bar Battery Customization
    * Status Bar Double Tap Sleep
    * Lockscreen Double Tap Sleep
    * AOSP Gestures
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Lock screen[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * FP Vibration
    * Lockscreen battery info
    * Lockscreen Weather
    * Lockscreen Clock Font
    * Lockscreen Shortcuts
    * Face Auto Unlock Toggle
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Navigation bar[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * Navbar on/off
    * Navbar Customization
    * Heads Up
    * Battery & Charging Light Customization
    * Notification Light Customization
    * Toast app icon toggle
    * Toast app icon color
    * Toast app text color
    * Vibrate on connect, answer & hangup toggle
    * Flashlight on Incoming Call
    * Advance Reboot
    * Power Menu on Secured Lockscreen
    * Several Toggles, can't write so many
    * On-The-Go Toggle (worth mentioning)
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Recents apps[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * Clear all FAB
    * Clear all FAB location
    * Show memory bar
    * Immersive Recents
    * Immersive Recents Date & Time
    * Recents Styles from RR N
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Status bar[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * Network Traffic (Activity Indicators, Type,Units,Interval,Auto Hide, etc)
    * Brightness Control
    * Status Bar Items (Toggles Options)
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Quick Settings[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * QS tiles view customization (Number of small QS tiles, rows and columns)
    * Brightness Slider Position
    * Vibrate on Touch Toggle
    * QS Tile Titles Toggle
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]QS Tiles[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * Sync QS tile
    * NFC QS tile
    * Screenrecord QS Tile
    * CPU Info QS Tile
    * On-The-Go Tile
    * HBM Tile (OnePlus Devices Only)
    * Add/Remove tiles with one touch                                                                                                             
    * App Ops
    * Suspended Actions
    * Sensor Block Per Package Toggle
    * Wake on Plug
    [B][COLOR="#1976D2"][U]Xtra Option[/U][/COLOR][/B]
    * System App Remover
    * Keyboard & IME Features
    * Screenshot Type



    Recommended Gapps-: Open Gapps Nano 9.0 arm-64

    Flashing Instructions:

    - Verify that you're using the latest version of TWRP
    - Perform a FULL WIPE as described below if coming from another ROM or a different version of Android
    (A full wipe is when you wipe System + Data + Cache + Dalvik ART Cache) + Delete Android folder from Internal Storage.
    - Flash the latest version of the ROM
    - Flash recommended GAPPS linked below
    - Flash Magisk / SuperSU if you want root
    - Reboot and ENJOY!!

    Some Important Things to Note:-

    1) We have removed QuickStep Launcher (default AOSP Pie Launcher) so that you access Recent Panel Tweaks.
    2) As it's removed you may not get Pie Gestures to work. If you want that, then please wait, I will share a zip with that launcher.
    3) For VoLTE Issues, please consider flashing Volte-Hack Zip.
    4) Changelog in About may show blank. Don't worry, will solve that soon.
    5) For any bugs please share logs so that we can try solving it.
    6) No Logs = No Bugs ever occured.

    Please do share your feedbacks as it's most improtant to know how we're doing. Will love the reports and reviews for Xtended Pie.

    Enjoy Xtended First Blood...!!!

    Team Xtended


    Added VoLTE-Hack Zip. But after flashing it you may get data SIM reset issue at every boot just like Oreo.

    Added QuickStepLauncher zip - After flashing Recent Panel Tweaks won't work.
    Very Important Information !!!

    Hello Brothers,

    Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying life well. Well Honestly, not anymore....:p

    It's been around 45+ days that I have been out of sync because of new Job and my current designation doesn't allow me time as taking care of entire North India is a bit tough for an immature guy like me :fingers-crossed:. Moreover, my laptop hard disk was done for it's life as well.

    So from tonight onward I will start working on sources and devices again. Mostly, I will devote 2-3 hours on a daily basis to cover the leftovers. Allow us 10+ days time and we will be back on track with March security updates & the new features and fixes.

    I have seen some people asking if the ROM is dead, so let me CONFIRM you all -

    "It will be dead only and only if users want so or else, it won't."

    I would like to thank those who all tried different ROMs and so now you all can tell me new features & fixes. Those who stayed on Xtended, we would like to Thank You all as well for the Trust you have shown in us.

    Thank You everyone for all the support & co-operation. Allow me to keep bothering you again from time to time.:p:laugh: