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[Stable] SlimVXposed - New way to enable Xposed modules without ROOT or BL unlocking!

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Oct 27, 2020
Guangdong Guangzhou

SlimVXposed Official Post

Powered by SlimHook

What is SlimVXposed ?

SlimVXposed is a software that enable Xposed modules on device without root and package modifying.
Currently support modules like FakeLocationXposed, SPromoter, FaceBookXposed, Telegram helper, Android Faker,

How to use ?

Download SlimVXposed from github or gitee, clone applications and modules (Click add button), click application you install in SlimVXposed,
the Xposed modules will be activate and only perform on app that clone into SlimVXposed.

Why SandVXposed renamed ?

SandVXposed is now only available for business.
As origin developer of SandVXposed, I make a new hook framework for VirtualApp named SlimHook.
SlimVXposed is always for free and never provide paid version.

Platform compatibility

Android 2.3 - 12 Beta 2 (May work on future version of Android 12)
Harmony OS 2.0 API 5 (Based on Android 10)
Honor Magic UI 4.2 (Based on Android 11)

Contact & Download

Download SlimVXposed (svxp64 for 64bit and svxp for 32bit)
Download it from gitee (For Chinese User)
Download it from GitHub
Contact me:
EMail: 1#die.lu (replace # to @)
QQ: 3068083845
Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/YDerdvIKxERp
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    Please give download link of FaceBookXposed module you mentioned in the OP.