Stagefight-Detector-APP from Google Play Store!

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Sep 28, 2011
Hi all the Happy Fire Phone users.

I thought that all Amazon Fire Phone users would like to know that Zimperium, the company that discovered Stagefright, published a simple app that checks if the device is exposed to any of the several vulnerabilities that make it up.

Simply install it, tap “Begin Analysis,” and the app will show which vulnerability affects your phone.

Unfortunately, the app does nothing else, so it’s up to you to look up what each code means and what you can do about it...

After installing on my two Fire Phones (with Latest FireOS 4.6.3) this "Stagefight-Detector-APP" (from the Google Play Store), fortunately I always get the following message:

Your device is not affected by vulnerabilites in Stagefright!!

So it could be true that Amazon has totally fixed, this Stagefight problem in their latest FireOS 4.6.3 for the Fire Phone!!

Curiously, none one has mentioned on the "Android Comunity" (Latest Android News, El Android Libre, etc), that Amazon has been the first company that has corrected this annoying problem!!...

But it does not surprise me, Because Apparently all these Android News Sites, Has Always mentioned Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and other Big Brands, not the Amazon Fire Phone.

I Really do not know if this APP is reliable or not, but at least works Flawlessly with the Fire Phone and also gives us a Fast Diagnosis of the "Stagefight" problem.

Edit: Today Lookout has Released a Stagefright Detector App, that it also works with the Fire Phone, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:
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