Star N8000, firmware and rom

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Feb 17, 2012
neeeed help...

I format System on my n8000 when i want to flash custom rom and i cant flash anything, how can i flash stock rom?


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Jun 10, 2013
Hello staff recently bought a

Android 4.0.4
kernel 3.0.13

I wonder if you have any link with ANDROID 4.1 ROM? Is it possible to work?
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Dec 6, 2008
help for my n8000 star

hello staff i have big problem with my n8000 star. i try all firmware but have same problem, wifi and bluetooth no work. help me please


Jun 15, 2013
N8000 screen issues

Hello all total noob trying to get my head around all this.
I have a Star n8000 which i bought second hand and that came with a problem were by parts of the screen on the right hand side were unresponsive but this has got quite a lot worse.
At first i was thinking it may be that i needed a new digitiser but have come to the conclusion this is not so. When i turn the phone on i can use all of the screen to open apps but when i use the apps or widget screens about a centimetre all the way down the right hand side of the screen is totally unresponsive which tells me it is not a digitiser problem but something else and a couple of days ago the back button has also packed up working as well.
Its is a
Android 4.0.4
Baseband version MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V14, 2012/07/27 20:01
Kernel version 3.0.13
Build number E1808_V75_JBL1_5640_20120730

Am i right in thinking it is a software problem and that i will need to root the phone and install a new rom or am i even more ignorant than i think i am which is very.
Am absolutely terified of bricking this as i am totally without any kind of funds to replace it due to not working for the last 5 years due to health problems.
Any advice is much appreciated.
Have a good day all.
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Jun 16, 2013
N8000 wifi dont turn on


I have a problem with my star n8000,i have installed a rom in my mt6575 n8000 and then my wifi doesnt work anymore :(
anybody can help me??



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Aug 30, 2010
Dirty Waters,CT
Moto G 5G
Ive Come Across The MTK6577 Stock ROM/Image That Can Be Flashed Via SP Flash Tool.
This Is For The N8000+ MTK6577 Only.
also,is it possible to just use DSIXDAs ROM kitchen to cook a ROM for this phone?
and what would it take to get a custom kernel/OC kernel for this?
from what i understand we're looking at a 1GHz Cortex A9 Processor.this must be overclockable.


Jun 16, 2013
star n8000 mt6575 efs backup


Can anyone help me? I need a backup of the efs folder for my star n8000 mt6575.. mobile phone don't detect the sim cards, "no service"..

anyone have this backup?


Jun 15, 2013
Stock Rom files wanted please

Hello all i am after the stock rom e1808_v75_jbl1_5640 for N8000 but cannot seem to find the files without either needing to get Winip, or it is in Chinese which even after translation is unreadable and the same with the Russian download link i have seen.
Is it possible that the file is here somewhere without it being a link.Will be using sp flash tool.
If i use the 12 June list from here do i need to download all the files? and if not which do i not need
Sorry for my ignorance but i am trying to get my head round this.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
All have a good day
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Jun 15, 2013
Struggling with drivers

I hope everyone is well.
Been doing loads of reading and have managed to root the phone and download the nessasary files but am really struggling to install mtk 6575 drivers onto my windows 7 pc.
I know there not installed as when i load scatter file in bruno martins guide then hit download nothing at all happens.
I downloaded the mt6575 usb vcom drivers from brunos tools at 4shared but i dont know the process of how or were and with which program to install them, I am windows 7 64 bit.
Been struggling with this for a full day and just feel brain smacked.
I have read a lot of post regarding the same issue and have tried loads of the advice but still no joy.
It should be simple but its not as simple as me.
Any ideas guys?
Have a good day
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Jul 9, 2013
I have a star n8000 phone, last night I tried to upgrade to the latest firmware (05.07.2012).

but I miscast ROM ..!! and now my phone totally dead (brick?)
I try to reflash the ROM again with appropriate ROM, but my phone can not be detected by my PC. so i confused how to reflash..
anyone can help to reflash/unbrick my star n8000 phone.

thank you so much if anyone can help solve my problem..

sorry for my bad english, use google translate


Jun 15, 2013
All sorted

All sorted now just spent for ever looking for the right rom and eventually found it here -

They have literally thousands of files so will have just about anything you are looking for which in my case was a stock rom to sort out my messed up screen and camera settings,
Have a good day all


Aug 17, 2013
It would be possible to adapt to the N8000?

Hi ! Dear Sir ! Hug to you from Brazil. My name is Esdras.How are you? I saw a video on the internet S3 Replica MTK6575 480×800 Windows 8 Rom. I wonder if it is possible to adapt this rom for the device Star N8000. Since both, as both the N8000 and S3 replica has Processor Hardware CPU: MTK6575, Processor: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7I)
Hardware: SMDK4x12
Kernel: 3.0.13 1211 V18 Wed Sep 5 2012 9:29:18 CT
It would be possible to adapt to the N8000?
See the website on this subject: h t p p :

A big hug for you from Brazil.:laugh::good:
Esdras M. Duarte


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Sep 5, 2013
Hi! Can anyone tell me if there is a way to flash roms directly from star n8000 mtk6577 and of there is a way can you please post other roms that I can use. Thanks in advance.


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Jul 10, 2012
Video Tutorials

Hello Everyone!!!!

It's been a long time since I've visited this thread.
Well, it is because I already grew tired of my Star N8000 and bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand.
My phone is just lying around in the drawer.

The reason for this is because my screen broke again, and unlike before, I broke bot the digitizer and the lcd (outer screen and inner screen).
I was able to replace it on my own after buying replacement lcd and digitzer from aliexpress.

My problem is that after I did that, the old display drivers I was using did not work for the new LCD. I managed to select a different driver to make it work, but then all the troubles began.

My phone gets super hot and then reboots all the time to protect itself. If I only use it for texting, calling, no issues. But once I turn on the internet, it gets super hot then the phone will just continue rebooting until I turn it off, take off the battery and let it cool down for a few minutes.
It was very frustrating.

If you have seen on my previous posts, I was already planning to create complete step by step video tutorials in flashing our beloved phone.
I never got to finish it because I was in the middle of doing it when I broke my phone.

However, I have been receiving messages from some of our members asking me if I ever finished the video. The last one being @kph1966.
So even though I never got to finish it, might as well post here those that I did.

Part 1 - Issues & Tools
Part 2 - Installing Windows Drivers
Others: Replacing broken digitizer screen (outer screen only)

If anyone may be able to tell me how to fix my phone overheating, I will love to get back to it and complete the tutorials.

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Nov 22, 2013

I have a phone with this (light flash on right on cam)
e1808_v75_nd1a rom kernel 3.0.13 of date jun 5 2012 construction IML74 Android Version "4.1.5" ????????
Mi question is
Is it a star N8000 Note ? (the name is alps i9220 mtk 6575 1 ghz)
which recovery is for it ?
What latest rom are for it? (have some problem in focus camera and wi-fi)
Very thanks


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Jul 10, 2012
Hi there Jpalpano! Thanks for the detailed steps... I have tried them many times with a variety of drivers, but to no avail... Every time I get to step 7-8 on the first set up or the second set up, my computer just says 'the specified location does not contain any information about your hardware'.

I'm pretty sure I've deleted all previous drivers in USBDeview... I do have a USB used for my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse... which does have a yellow question mark by 'Driver Interface, when I click the 'Show Hidden Devices' in the 'View' tab.

This is soooo frustrating as my phone needs flashing and doesn't currently work properly!!!

I'd be eternally grateful for any advice!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards, Karlos!

P.S. you can see other things I've tried on posts 1531, 1533 -1539 and 1543 of this thread!

Hi there. This will only be due to incorrect driver. Have you tried the video tutorial Ive made? It's somewhere on this thread as well.

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    here the official post of STAR N8000
    it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star I9220 dpad. For this phone you must see right topic.

    here a photo of Star N8000
    the led is on the right of camera.

    For flashing with FlashtooL see the good guide of Bruno martins:

    Firmware Stock
    Latest (05.07.2012) official firmware for N8000 - 20120705_e1808_v75_jbl1l THANKS TO Kyrie1965

    Changes (compared to 0612):
    - enhanced KD50M4-51NB-A4 display driver
    - TV bug fixes
    - RX—392A display driver bug fixes
    - OmniVision OV5640 sensor bug fixes
    - RX—323A display driver bug fixes

    12 June Firmware with recovery stock Kernel 12 June

    CWM Recovery

    Root by CWM with superuser
    Upgrade Root by CWM with SuperSu 0.94

    Repartiton FIx

    STAR N8000 custom ROM: Taiwan101_STAR-N8000_V.05 BY JOHNNY

    If after flashing, you have problems with your front camera or display, you must use SPMDT tool for flash new firmware and you must put the right settings for your device.
    soon i make a videoguide.... meanwhile people send me the setting that you have used..
    UPDATE 20-07-2012
    MT6575 Driver Installtion Step by Step

    I have experienced so much frustration installing the drivers for the first time, in order to use it with SP-Flash Tool and SP-MDT Tool.
    It took a lot of research, trial and error, and hair-pulling activities before I was able to finally do it.

    So to help our newbies out there, I hope this guide may help you.

    This is for you if your problem is:
    • The Flasht Tool or SP-MDT Tool cannot detect your phone.
    • When you plug your phone, you hear it connecting, and disconnecting immediately in Windows.
    • Your phone goes into connecting and disconnecting state.
    • Your phone can be flashed via the SP-Flash Tool, but not through the SP-MDT Tool

    The Basics:
    There are actually 2 different types of drivers for this phone:
    1. The USB driver
    - You need to have this installed in order for you to use it via ADB Devices, USB Debugging mode, TPSparky Root tool, etc.
    - This driver is needed for activities where the phone remains turned on.
    - The component of this driver will appear as MT65xx ADB Interface device
    2. The Preloader driver
    - You need to have this installed in order for you to use it with the Flashing Tool and SP-MDT Tool
    - This driver is needed for activities where the phone is turned off.
    - There are two components of this driver: The Meditatek USB VCOM driver and the Mediatek USB DA VCOM driver

    The Tools:
    There are two types of tools you can use for updating this phone:
    1. The SP-Flash Tool
    - This is easier to use as long as you have correctly installed the device drivers
    - This is recommended for flashing only a few parts of the ROM, like for example, changing only the recovery, uboot, and boot images.
    2. The SP-MDT Tool
    - This is an advanced tool which allows you to set the display drivers
    - The installation of the driver is a little more complex for this tool in order for your phone to be detected
    - If you are able to successfully flash using the SP-Flashtool, but then your display is black, wrong color, twisted, etc, this tool is what you need.

    There are a lot of people who are able to successfully install drivers and flash using the SP-Flashtool,
    but to no success when using the SP-MDT tool.
    In my experience, once I got to make the SP-MDT tool work, I had no use for SP-Flashtool anymore.

    The Procedure
    First of all, if you have installed the drivers already, and think it doesn't work, I recommend to clear out all
    Android drivers you have installed using the USB Deview tool.
    Delete all those drivers there that starts with MT.
    Also delete any other drivers you might have installed for your old or other Android Devices.

    ADB Interface Device
    1. Turn your phone on and switch on the USB Debuggin mode under Settings>Developer Options.
    2. Plug your phone to your computer
    3. On the Hardware Update Wizard, select Install from a specific list or specific location (Advanced) option. Click Next.
    4. Choose Don't search. I will choose the driver to install option. Click Next.
    5. On the Hardware Type screen, select Show All Devices then click Next. (Some of you may not see this screen)
    6. Click the Have Disk... button.
    7. On the pop-up, click the Browse button and look for the android_winusb.inf driver in your hard drive (link below).
      Open it then Click OK.
    8. Click the Next button and wait for Windows to install the driver.
    9. You may be notified by windows about failure for driver verification, just select Continue Anyway
    10. Once done, it should successfully install the driver.
    11. Check if you phone can be detected now via the ADB Devices.

    You can now use the TPSparky root tool to root your phone and install SuperUser.

    USB VCOM and USB DA VCOM drivers
    • Launch your Device Manager and Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section.
    • Resize the screen ofyour Device Manager in a way that you see the Ports section without having to scroll down the window.
    • Make this window always visible. Do not minimize it.

    PART 1
    1. Turn off your phone and remove the battery.
    2. Plug your phone into your PC and wait for it to be detected.
    3. Windows should automatically bring up the Hardware Update Wizard.
      If it did not, that means you have not totally deleted the old drivers using the USB Deview tool.
    4. On the Hardware Update Wizard, select Install from a specific list or specific location (Advanced) option. Click Next.
    5. Choose Don't search. I will choose the driver to install option. Click Next.
    6. On the Hardware Type screen, select Show All Devices then click Next. (Some may not see this screen)
    7. Click the Have Disk... button.
    8. On the pop-up, click the Browse button and look for the driver in your hard drive. Open it then Click OK.
    9. Click the Next button and wait for Windows to install the driver.
    10. You may be notified by windows about failure for driver verification, just select Continue Anyway
    11. Once done, it should successfully install the driver.
    12. The device manager should refresh and you should see the driver in the Ports section.
      But then you will notice it will disappear, and you will hear the USB disconnected sound right away. This is alright.

    PART 2
    1. Disconnect your phone from USB
    2. Insert the battery back
    3. Plug your phone into the computer again.
    4. You should be prompted for the drivers again.
    5. Follow the same steps above and use the same driver file.
    6. Once installed, the phone will disappear from Device Manager again. That is alright. Do not worry.

    After Parts 1 and 2 above, you should have been able to install both the USB VCOM and USB DA VCOM drivers.
    You should now be able to flash using both of the flash tools.

    SP-Flashtool can detect it but not SP-MDT tool
    In order for SP-MDT tool to work, your driver should be installed between COM1 and COM16.
    If not, then SP-MDT cannot flash your phone.

    To solve it, you must force assign the COM port for your phone.
    These steps are a little tricky so you must have quick hands.
    1. Turn off your phone and disconnect from your computer
    2. Remove battery for a few seconds, then put it back. Don't turn on.
    3. On your device manager, focus your eyes on the Ports section
    4. Connect your phone to the USB.
    5. The device manager shall refresh and you should see your phone under the Ports section with the COM# in parenthesis (ex: COM8).
      If the COM# of your phone is COM17 and up, then we have to change it.
      Your eyes should be quick because this will disappear in a few seconds.
    6. Disconnect again the phone from USB.
    7. Remove battery again, then put it back.
    8. Now, position your mouse over the part where you saw your phone in the Ports section.
    9. Connect your phone to the USB.
    10. When the Device Manager refreshes and shows your devices, immediately double click it before it disappears again.
    11. The properties of the device should now pop-up.
    12. Click the Port Setttings tab and click the Advanced.. button.
    13. On the bottom of the new window is a COM Port Number drop-down menu, showing the current port # assigned to your phone.
    14. Click the drop-down and select any available COM ports between COM1 and COM16. (I used COM8 with mine).
    15. Click OK, then OK again.
    16. Disconnect and Reconnect your phone again and make sure that device manager already show it under the COM# you assigned.
    17. Your device should now be detected by the SP-MDT Tool.
    This method is rather troublesome. If your SP-Flash Tool is already working, then stick with it. It is not sensitive to the COM# port number.
    If you just want to set the correct drivers, simply open the scatter file of the ROM you want to flash with SP-MDT Tool, set the drivers, then exit SP-MDT Tool.
    What it does is it saves that setting somehow in the uboot of the ROM.
    Then open SP-Flashtool, open the scatter file of the same ROM you set with MDT earlier, flash the uboot.bin.
    It should flash the uboot with the proper driver setting you made in SP-MDT tool.

    If this steps have helped you, I will really appreciate if you thank me using the Thanks button, before just replying to my post and saying thanks.

    android_winusb.inf driver.
    Hi johnnysnavely,

    Here is the steps that i followed,
    1) open the "Multiport Flash Tool" click on -> File -> Open Download Agent File, a file browser window will open, select "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" file. ->refer to attached SP_MPD1.jpg
    2) click on Scatter File Button, a file browser window will open, go to JUNE ROM Folder and select "MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt" file -> refer to attached SP_MPD2.jpg
    3) click on the button with "????????" on the right hand side of the screen, a "Choose LCD and Sensor" would pop-up, click on unlock , choose
    0v5640_yuv (back camera), hi704_yuv (front camera), RX_50RM_392A (display) on the 3 dropdown box. -> refer to attached SP_MPD3.jpg
    4) choose "Preloader --> DA" on the bottom right of the screen.

    you have to check all com ports on the pc/laptop, you can remove and uninstall/install the deivces/drivers, please check the below site ->"www"> refer to attached ComPort.jpg
    5)your Phone driver should be installed with 3-16 com ports, if not, you have uninstall other devices that are grey and installl the phone driver again with the phone plug into usb port. later unplug the phone after phone driver installation.

    6) click on "startall" and plug the phone to the USB port.

    Hope this helps
    Thanks angelobiz for all your help.

    I am a pure newbie :(

    I tried to follow the tutorial about flasing but I do not know where to find the file MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt !
    Should I create it ?


    Here it is.