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Start-up: Verizon pixel xl bootloader unlock bounty

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Jul 14, 2010
If you havent paid your pledge, please remember to. This is for charity!

I will pay my portion regardless of my outcome. However I might be eff because Verizon hasn't sent my phone yet. As you stated it will mostly be patched with the November updated :( so not far lol. P.S thanks for the dev information, I ordered three of the books you recommend. The donation is for a good cause so people please come through. I have two kids and for those of you who have kids, you know your kids health means the world to you.
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Oct 27, 2010
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Jul 9, 2008
I just wanna say how cool it is that you guys have the bounty going to a charity that's awesome thanks for the hard work guys

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    dePixel8 was released today at http://theroot.ninja/depixel8.html.

    Please make bounty payments to the Make-A-Wish @ www.wish.org/Donate and reply in this thread with the Transaction Number provided by Make-A-Wish.

    Most likely there won't be a bounty collected. However if they release the exploit it will be through an app like sunshine which will cost you $25 to unlock your device. IMO that's money well paid, and the best way to release exploits, since many pledges never follow through on the payment. This way it's a win win for everyone and keeps the devs motivated.

    It was written somewhere that whatever they end up releasing probably wont be on SunShine.

    It won't be part of SunShine, it will be free. We do intend to collect the bounty, neither of us have locked pixels making future development problematic. Bounty will go to buying at least one of those phones.
    I pledge $25.00 on the assumption it is original work, not stolen or misappropriate work of others.
    I stand corrected from last week. All apologies. Good job cracking the bootloader, even better job with the charity.

    We release the majority of our stuff free, generally with full details (even parts of sunshine have been open sourced, and or detailed in write ups), and every monetary "donation", bounty or reward I receive goes to charity. Generally homeless youth charities, children's hospitals, or special olympics. Been this way for a while.

    We will even be releasing details, and open source exploits for Pixel bootloader vulnerabilities in the coming weeks/months.
    I've known of you for many many years. Sorry to be off topic but your profile picture is so much different than your twitter picture. Is that like good cop/bad cop, or in other words your alter ego? Anyway ago I appreciate your work.

    I would really appreciate if you can answer my question regarding learning materials, that will help me to learn more about android security. I'm a programmer by day, so I'm not new to coding at all.