Stereo Speaker Mod for OOS

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Feb 13, 2017
OnePlus 5T
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
Here you go guys
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Please help I installed this and everything is working well, only when i'm seeing YouTube video and listening to music with Bluetooth I get a static noise after a while.
crDroid Android 6.3
ROM OS Version: Android 10
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4.216-sigmakernal-v13.0
ROM Firmware: 9.0.11


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Nov 25, 2012
Is there a way to enable the stereo mode only when the devices are in landscape? maybe with Tasker by editing the mixer.xml... any ideas?

EDIT: or equalize the sound coming from the speaker (thus decreasing it) to equal the sound coming from the ear capsule, which cannot be higher than a certain level

i use it on my 5t stock with android 10
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Apr 21, 2011
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Will work on Android 11 custom rom?
I tried the one from this post earlier and it seemed to have worked just fine on LOS18.1.
That module does not put down entire file that it wants to replace but rather grabs the system file and replaces certain entries.

Its not replacing any libraries and such, just updating configurations in a vendor file and mocking it using Magisk. Try it, at worse it won't work and you will need to remove the module.

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    This module allows the earpiece to be used as speaker, and mods the microphone pickup when recording video. Audio from earpiece might not be as clear as main speaker. This module was tested on Oxygen OS 4.5.5 version, but should work on other versions as well.

    This module was originally created by @magura320 for OnePlus 3T. I have used this on OnePlus 3T and now ported to OnePlus 5. This is my first mod on XDA, so please be patient with any issues. Let me know if I have missed any credits and would be happy to add them.

    Please visit OnePlus 3T thread for OP 3T downloads..

    OP5_Stereo Sound - Install the Mod using custom recovery like TWRP.
    OP5_Revert to Stock - Revert the mod using custom recovery like TWRP.
    OP5_Stereo Sound - Install the Mod through Magisk (No revert step as of now).
    mixer_paths_tasha-stereo.xml - If you don't want to install the above mods, you can just replace mixer_paths_tasha.xml in system/etc folder with attached file. (Remove "-stereo" from attached file).
    mixer_paths_tasha-stock.xml - If something goes wrong, you can just replace mixer_paths_tasha.xml in system/etc folder with attached file. (Remove "-stock" from attached file).

    @magura320 - For original mod creation
    @SpasilliumNexus - Magisk mod for OnePlus 3T
    yeah its working.. nd is it possible to increase the volume lill-bit?

    Sure, no problem. Attaching two more variants of the module with different volume levels. For reference, the original module I posted before had a volume of 84, these two have volumes of 90 and 95. Give it a shot (at your own risk :p)!
    Once again, credits to @Dante63 for the guide! :)

    Sorry took so long to reply checked headphone leve drop all good.

    Yes awesome work it's working well on my du pie build
    Thanks for doing this and thanks for sharing
    Think any increase in volume would start breaking stuff
    I think the levels are spot on

    Glad I could help, have fun! :)
    I updated @acervenky SD835_DualSpeaker Mod to get it working on Magisk 20.3. I'm on OOS 9.0.10 and it's working without issues
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    I decreased the earpiece volume a little just to prevent the distortion at max volume, you can still listen the stereo effect but undistorted at max volume.
    Also I have installed Viper4Android by guitardedhero and thanks to this the stereo mod works on every app that I tried (YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Sony Music app, MX Player, Piktures built-in player...) I also added my profile (pretty clear audio) into the zip.
    You can download this mods from here:
    - Stereo Mod
    - Viper4Android

    I didn't noticed that the original mod broke the mics when try to record a video (at least on stock OOS 4.5.13)... So I reverted the mics mods to stock and just added the stereo mod with my decreased earpiece volume modification, this is the new link:
    Please use the "Revert to stock" zip available on OP and then flash my zip
    @a g bell I managed to find some time between my work, and I'm attaching a Magisk module to test. Could you test it for me? It should work on OxygenOS Pie for our device, hopefully! :fingers-crossed: I'm not running OxygenOS myself or else I would've tested myself. Credits to @Dante63 for the guide! :)