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Feb 24, 2016
why the new version of max player pro 1.34.8 and 1.34.7 always kick me out from the main menu and when playing a video after 1 minute .how can i fix it


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Jan 27, 2020
Is there a way to change the order of the videos in a playlist?

Is there a way to open pages displayed within the internal browser in a normal full function browser like Chrome or Brave?

Thank you!
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Sep 19, 2017
When do you plan to enable Hi10P HW support in new RK3566?
HW-decoder RK3566:

- H.264 AVC/MVC Main10 Profile yuv400/yuv420/yuv422/L5.1 up to 4096x2304 60fps
- H.265 HEVC/MVC Main10 Profile yuv420 L5.1 up to 4096x2304 60fps


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Oct 12, 2011
How can i save stream URLs to a file?
A working address would be 'rtsp://user:[email protected]/isapi/101' that plays properly by copy&paste into 'networkstream' option.
I've tried to put this address into an .m3u or pls file but it won't get accepted.
How can this be done?


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Apr 22, 2021
Q: Please, can will be added options for separate color settings and contrast? Many old videos have bad colors and contrast and only one solution is change colors in device settings, but for each video is so little bit uncomfortly, please think about it, thank you so much, I using payed version for many years, but this function missing me much and I am sure for many other users too. Or if this is not possible, please write why, I saw some video players for android which can do this.

Thank you for answer and for all your work (y)
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Apr 25, 2021
are you guys planning to add left and right sounds balance?

i have imbalanced hearing having this feature would help a lot


Nov 18, 2020
Vivo V15 Pro
Which version of MX player Pro is the best? Because The newest versions have been getting backlash and bad reviews with features missing or impractical ui, and I want to download the best version(not the latest one) but don't know which version of MX Player Pro that is. Please help


Jul 8, 2015
Hello, New to these Forums and Not sure where to Post. I Use MX Player in my Car to Play Music Videos.
So MX Player is Always installed on the Head Unit and Plays the Music Videos from the MP4 folder on the SD Card.
I would love to see 2 Things (Actually 3 but I'll get to that).
1. When I Change the SD Card Over the New Tracks I have Loaded show up as NEW. I'm pretty sure there is an option in there somewhere to change how long they show as new for, but for that day. I would like an option for the machine to play NEW Tracks First.
2. The Random system, I have hundreds of songs but seem to hear the same 40 or so over and over and over. Now, I don't know how to program anymore. Long have I forgotten anything other than basic. Now, on a PC, Run GW Basic and ask it for a random number between 1 and 100. The first will be 50, the second will be 2. I remember that, and it drove me mad for a long time until i came up with a simple trick for seeding the random number generator totally random. The pc used to have a timer that you could pull a number from, i guess the same from an android device or even just get the current time, convert that to an integer and grab a random number from that number. That totally randomises the random number generator. From there well, take the number of tracks and randomise it, picking each track once. then there should be no hearing the same track over and over.
3. Whatever the Add system is in the latest versions, its gotta go. While im in the driveway, the machine hits the network, and and add loads up. I have no problem with your add, but no matter what i push, i can't get back to my playlist. Turn off and back on, it cleverly remembers where its up to, Turn Car off and back on, same same. The only way i could get out of the Add, was to reset the head unit, uninstall MXPLayer and Re-Install an Old Version I have Downloaded. But hey, If the only way to fix the Add problem is to buy the player, I have no problem with that.
Its a great system and I love Using it in the Car! Cheers!


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May 3, 2021
Hello everyone
I'm trying to tell the player my playlist of files, but it doesn't work.

val names = ArrayList<String>()
val files = ArrayList<String>()

for (i in 0 until playlist.length()) {
    val item = playlist.getJSONObject(i)

    if (item.getInt("index") >= index) {

        Log.i(App.TAG, item.getString("title"))

intent.putStringArrayListExtra("video_list", files)
intent.putStringArrayListExtra("video_list.name", names)

//doesn't work to
intent.putExtra("video_list", files)
intent.putExtra("video_list.name", names)

I read the documentation for how to install a playlist: https://mx.j2inter.com/api

What can I be doing wrong?

Tinderbox (UK)

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Mar 31, 2010
England, UK
I have installed the latest versions of the Pro version on my Media Player that has an RK3399(Android 10) and my Tablet that has an MediaTek Helio X27 MT6797X (Android 8)

When i play a video using HW+ the video is very stuttery, But if i close the video and start it playing again it plays fine, This happens on both my devices above and everything played fine before the update.



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Jan 30, 2007
Samsung Galaxy S20
I thought that this used to be possible and I even thought there was an option in the settings regarding this but I can't find anything about it. Is there a way to skip/seek/ff while in pip mode. I thought i used to be able to change an option so that by clicking the next/previous buttons while in pip mode, you could seek instead of next video. I can't get it to work now and I can't find anything while searching. Help please


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Jun 9, 2021
I'm having an issue with the zoom function.

The custom video zoom resets each time the screen turn off or locks.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Set custom video zoom
2. Lock phone
3. Unlock


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Dec 8, 2003
I am curious (and irritated) HOW MX-player PRO manages to get through my (very strict) firewall since a short time, crying for "checking the paid status" and finally stalling the app if you don't want to apply.
So I would like to know which other app MX-player is using to go online and phone home, so I can block that as well in my firewall.
I noticed this particularly in the 1.32.8 version
For the time being I hava to go back to the 1.24.5 which does not have this annoying problem.
Thanks all for your input ;-)


Feb 15, 2009
Glendale Heights
A couple of weeks ago my Samsung galaxy tab A 8.4 updated to Android 11. After the update I am not able to play some mp4 video files. I use YouTube Downloader to download and convert mainly podcasts to mp4 format and use MX Player to watch them. But since updating the the software it says it can't play this video. Any ideas? Thanks!


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Aug 16, 2021
Mx player pro keep going back (rarely forward) to some frames when I pause the video for too long (5+sec) or fast forward trough double tap or press and move. Sometimes I want to go like 5 sec back but can't because it goes like 2 sec back or 10 sec (not exactly numbers). Anyone know the reason? Happens in multiples videos


Sep 11, 2015
Golden Valley
I have my movies and subtitles on a USB drive. Subtitle files have the same name as the movie file and are in the same directory on the USB drive. I can play the movie on the USB drive, but the subtitles are not working. When I try to load the subtitle file, the USB storage is not listed to load it. I can copy the subtitle file to the internal storage subtitle directory and it works. I didn't have an issue before ( 2 years ago) using an tablet and earlier version of android. I'm now using a Pixel 6 w/android 12. Thanks in advance for suggestions and help!


Sep 11, 2015
Golden Valley
I have my movies and subtitles on a USB drive. Subtitle files have the same name as the movie file and are in the same directory on the USB drive. I can play the movie on the USB drive, but the subtitles are not working. When I try to load the subtitle file, the USB storage is not listed to load it. I can copy the subtitle file to the internal storage subtitle directory and it works. I didn't have an issue before ( 2 years ago) using an tablet and earlier version of android. I'm now using a Pixel 6 w/android 12. Thanks in advance for suggestions and help!
Adding to this, I tried on my tablet (Samsung S6 lite, android 11) and the subtitles work on it. It's only my pixel 6 phone with android 12, that the subtitles don't work.


Sep 29, 2014
Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the codec mx player the video does not play because the codec is missing,
Can I download the codec from anywhere and attach it to the program.


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    Simple question, simple answer - FAQ thread

    Exactly as it sounds. Ask a simple question, and get a simple answer. This thread is intended for questions probably not long enough to warrant their own thread, and/or you are not sure if a thread/answer already exists.

    Please be sure to read the Welcome Thread, the FAQ page, and search the existing forums first, prior to asking your question.
    I have just installed latest free version from Play Market.
    So many ads! In file list between file names, over video on pause. And at the bottom of screen, as before. Whats going on?
    @volpo222 @CDB-Man @USBhost

    It's already reported in another thread.

    This issue is a consequence of android bug that exists on 6.0. This is reproducible only when using native activity chooser for any streaming video (or a remote file). Once you set any app as default, other apps (including Stock one, Google Photos, MX, VLC, BSPlayer) will vanish from activity chooser (except some activities like ES media Player) after clearing the defaults. It was fixed on many nexus devices by Google in 6.0.1. I am not sure whether Nexus 9 is also patched or not.

    Temporary solutions:
    1. Just install any new video player (or intent intercept) that you have never installed. Then open a remote video like smb or it may be any other streaming locations. Now you can see all misssing items.

    2. Alternatively you must find the application which was set as default earlier. It's one of the application currently listed. If are unsure, uninstall one by one & check.

    You can use any one solution from above. Once you got the list back, you can uninstall any new app you have installed or install the application which was set as default earlier.

    Anyway Good News is that, I have already found the workaround & conveyed to the developer as well. It's internally fixed. Next version will bring the workaround for this Android Bug & some more tweakings also done to improve file association.

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    Hi Guys,
    In Note 4's stock video player when playing a movie and then screen mirrored to a smart tv the player/screen would turn black to save on battery. Is there a way to do that on MX Player?
    The stock player probably casts video. MX has no casting feature at the moment, see the pinned topic: http://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/mx-player/sticky-mx-player-chromecast-t2725253

    Been using a Mediatek MT6592 device but switched to the Galaxy Note5. I missed the ClearMotion feature of the Mediatek processor, I used it with the HW decoder in MX Player. I have the following questions:

    •For best picture quality, what should I choose? RGB 16-bit, RGB 32-bit, or YUV?
    •Is there an option to enable motion interpolation with MX Player? Or are there plans to include this feature? The MT6592 struggles with motion interpolation, but the Exynos 7420 can probably handle it
    •For best battery life, should I choose HW+ over HW?

    YUV if your device can handle it. I don't think the ffmpeg package includes motion interpolation (MX uses ffmpeg as a base). HW+ and HW should both use approximately the same amount of power.

    What's the difference between sw, hw, hw+ decoder. I'm on a nexus 4 usually playing 720p videos. Is there one that would be better? Also when I play 1080p, sw has better quality that hw. Is there a reason for that?
    HW+ > HW > SW in that order, use HW+ where available. HW and HW+ use less power.
    joedonmurpy50 said:
    Hello my friends I have used mx player on all my phones why doesn't it play all formats of videos

    Sent from my SM-G900T1 using Tapatalk

    You're going to have to provide more details than that.