still havent gotten my 3.2 update >:\

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Jul 27, 2011
I still haven't gotten my 3.2 update yet I'm running revolver 1.1.3 from but it says ota updates r supported :mad: anyone else gotten it? Its almost 10 pm here :(:mad:
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    You should start a new thread every hour to let us know if you still don't have it.
    mod please dont close ;)
    thumbs up for being the top thread under the general column!!!

    thats kinda sad. do you not get enough attention at home?

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    your post count is 118... and you joined in january, pretty sure you are NOT a senior member, i have visited this site daily for many months and decided this month i might as well become a member so i can pitch in and help others when it is needed, thankyouverymuch

    He's right. This thread has NO point what so ever. Creating multiple threads on the same thing is dupe posting. His post count is 118, but mine is not.

    This thread should be closed, or at least merged with the main 3.2 update thread. Read the rules before posting next time.
    We already have multiple threads about the 3.2 update. Closing this one.
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