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[STOCK+][AROMA'ROM][D856&D858Hk - 20E][5.0.1]

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Mar 23, 2014
The clock in the centre and round the indicator of battery percent in the status bar.
Application: LGSystemUI
Operating system: 5.0.1 LoliPop [firmware-based and Stock']
Description: Clock in the centre and round the Indicator level battery percent +colour blind and blur on the background curtain.
Extras.description: Interval of the battery - 1%
Author: daemontu & zmeeed1
Installation: From the mode "Recovery" with automatic change of the application.
details: To the color of the blur(blur in the background curtain) changed the color of the Wallpaper, you have to restart the phone.


A huge thank you zmeeed1 for assisting and prompting what to do.
P. S. If you liked the mod please thank the little plus here zmeeed1

Unfortunately do not work on d858hk

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smart notice does not work


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Sep 26, 2016
I just dont understand. I read that the only stock firmware for D858 is 4.4.2 and this ROM should be 5.0.1. So what does it mean? Is there also stock 5.0.1 for D858?

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http : //lg-phone-firmware.com/index.php?id_mod=41

...on this website you can download stock rom to your d858hk (and not only to 858hk). You have avaliable versions: kit kat, lilpop and marshmallow.

I'm puted space in link because i need have more then 10 post on forum. Link works but you have to remove space. HF :)
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    AROMA'ROM[LG 856&858HK 20E][5.0.1] v2.0

    Name: AROMA'ROM[LG 856&858HK 20E]
    Version: 20e
    AROMA ROM Version: v2.0
    Author: daemontu[daemon-vaha]
    release date: October 2015








    Aroma'ROM firmware for the two versions of the phone: D856 and D858HK. Aroma'ROM is installed from Recovery MODE
    During the installation process the user is provided with a wide selection of installed software[applications]. Your decides what will be installed and what is not. In the case of a wrong firmware or if you want to change the installation package of the firmware, you can firmware reinstall.

    What you can add or exclude:
    1. You can select the model of phone.
    2. Set the requested percentage oversharpened
    3. Set or remove the tick to install the following applications:
    - LG Apps: FM radio, postal service, weather, recorder.
    - Useful Apps: app the website forPDA, torrent search, Tool-care system, management of gestures(for D858), e-book and a great audio driver.
    - Different Apps: the ad blocker and the APN configuration.
    App from Google: Books, Google Crome, Drive, Gmail, Maps&Street, Music&Videos, PlayGames, PlusOne, TalkBack
    4. You can select the keyboard: LG, Xperia.
    5. You can select internet browser: Stock or USMobile. Also under Google apps: Chrome.
    6. You can select the file Manager: Stock, ESExlorer, RootExlorer, Total Commander.
    If you memory card is inserted, in the it's root will appear archive Fix_eXFat.zip. This archive will need to flash it through recovery mode after installing the firmware, in that case, if you format your memory card in the format eXFat.
    Friends, after installing and all the manipulations, you select the Flex theme. She rebuilt graphically. Made the player transparent widget, Taskmanager and widget transparent. Something else, but can't remember. ;)

    As a bonus, if you memory card is inserted,in the its root appears in the folder ViPER4Android, which, if you are in the process of installing the firmware installed Viperfx copy it to the root of internal memory. Starting Viperfx, installation driver, at the request reboot - restarts the phone. Then again launch the app and download Viperfx profile. If you have copied the above folder to the root phone memory, then when you load the profile to display profile, which should be progruzil, and then enjoy some great music. I suggest that you listen to music in FLAC format. Even native headset that comes bundle the sound in order to improve. If in the program settings Viperfx you will select the interface "Expert", when headphones are connected, turn on Convolver and choose the impulse Accudio ((48kHz Z. E.)) HIFI Earpods.irs - personally, I use it. Then go to the settings for save profile, overwriting the existing, or create a new one. When comparing the sound with the included Viperfx and off - You'll be surprised the difference in sound. Also in the profile settings will be installing audio driver for the speaker.
    To compare the difference of sound advise to listen to "with" and "without.->>>" Great track as FLAC

    me: Thanks to everyone who actively participated in testing, and in particular UNI13
    OK. Now will do. ;)
    Don't want to put a downer on your good work but I think you may need to remove the lucky patcher app from the installer..;)
    Any chance of it working on D855?

    Unfortunately, the firmware is not suitable to your device.
    @inclub.org,installed it on my d858hk,its way way smooth and snappy than stock ROM and even GPS gets locked within seconds....thanks for the wonderful ROM and is there a way to reduce the size of navigation bar /vanish navigation bar and make it pop up based on need(without xposed)thanx once again.

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