Question Stock Binary v5 IMGs

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Dec 19, 2021
Hi everybody, i hope you're well

I'm wondering could anybody post S22+ EUX IMGs from your phone? Currently Binary version 4 is on samfirmware/samfw/sammobile and since my phone already automatically took the latest update (v5) i can't flash an older ROM over the current bricked phone (bootloader still knows it's on V5)

boot, dtbo, vbmeta, vbmeta_system, vendor and anything else you might have - I'd appreciate it a lot - I could flash those 1 by 1 with odin by making .tar for each file :p

Who knows when the firmware will be available for downloading :(

EDIT: Bifrost application for windows already recognizes it somewhere S906BXXU5CWEA/S906BOXM5CWEA/S906BXXU5CWEB/S906BXXU5CWEA - but i can't download it - getting an error "bad return status 401"


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