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Jun 29, 2017
OnePlus 11
Official Links for OnePlus 11R / Ace 2 >>

OTA updates:

OFP/EDL Packages:
  • Color OS PHK110domestic_11_A.07_2023012100010220 : Download
  • Oxygen OS CPH2487export_11_A.07_2023012100050201: Download
  1. PHK110= Ace 2 China
  2. CPH2487= 11R Global

Extracting Payload.bin
use payload dumper go from

Partition backup Restore (root) & unbrick (fastboot):
adb/partition manager

Fastboot Operations:
use fastboot enhance from

Hardbrick Solution:
No Free solution, only MSM Auth

Identification of Hard brick:
A hard brick refers to a device that is no longer able to boot up or function properly due to a software malfunction.
Volume up + down + USB = 9008 Port in device manager under COM Port

1. black screen even after pressing keys
2. 9008 device in device manager
3. Qualcomm bulk device in device Manager

Only Black Screen No Bulk or 9008 Device in Device Manager: this the totally dead condition if device stuck on black screen & not show a 9008 Port then you have to short test Point, this is the major issue after flashing a bootlader image from fastboot, flashing boot & system related partition not cause hard brick, so i already mention above don't flash a mbn or bin file from fastboot (these files mostly available in ofp/EDL ROM)
Op11r ( CPH2487) is only for india and have only india rom (ace 2 china with cos)
Use the last android platform tools v34.x.x and enable on dev settings oem unlock
All the above has been done:
- platform tools 34.0.1 (I think).
- developer mode, enable USB debugging & Unlock

Issue is the cable, use previous OnePlus cable or OEM cable cannot (fastboot mode don't recognise/detect the device).

Only use cable in the box then it will work.

My previous OnePlus cable are from 8 pro & 9 pro = no luck

My device (Ace 2 12+256) is now unlocked
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