[STOCK][HD1907][OnePlus7TTMO][Android 11][OTA] 10.0.13.HD63CB to to

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Apr 25, 2020
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
No Oxygen Updater doesn't work for t-mobile stock. Nothing to do with safe or not the app is irrelevant here.

In the same way as OnePlus 6T and 7 Pro sold by T-Mobile, it is not possible to install any updates retrieved from another source than T-Mobile.
Therefore it is not possible to offer updates for this device in the app."

so again please stay on topic.

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  • Aug 27, 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
    yup. from their support site
    Android 11
    May 5, 2021April 2021 Security updateAvailable May 5, 2021
    If your device meets the requirements below, this update will be available to download.
    I'm on it now...am I missing something?... but doesn't the T mobile one has a setting for volte in the status bar or is that the Global one?

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      Android 11

      February 2021 Security update
      10.0.13.HD63CB to
      url: , payload: (size: 2751257860, metadata_size: 162370, metadata signature: , hash: C1603970CAAF4869F7BD2FBEF177C377A18984D40947B7F96F3B67D09D16744E)
      Size 2.75GB sha1 176630595d901676a111f951d7bff5e0aa6a6404

      April 2021 Security update to
      url: , payload: (size: 325611615, metadata_size: 594919, metadata signature: , hash: 49353DE7B9F9831148C78FC2F38EEC33CEB43126607A0ADF2EAE32A2BC006BBF)
      Size 326MB sha1 9e9f6e647af70b7be8f3f05580ffc320af603d33
      I'm sorry... but that's not the case with me... I'm running a personal build of lineage Os now... and I had to flash EU firmware from T-Mobile firmware because mobile data wouldn't work but it's ok now... I'll upload it to drive later if you want to try it out (Los)
      You built los for op7t? Hallelujah !! Please share
      It's buggy right now... I have to rebuild it... everything was good but for some reason COD won't open up on the rom but I know what is wrong
      But the first one I built is good but the kernel was outdated..28 instead of 31
      This deserve its own thread !!!
      I'm not going to do that because there's a Dev that is going to be getting the phone and doing Official Los so... I'll leave that up to him.😉