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Dec 27, 2012
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Patch a ROM for LG G2 d800!
---- Supports Model d800 ONLY! ----
Lollipop ONLY!

What this is:
This patch can be flashed after flashing a full non-d800 ROM (DO NOT REBOOT AFTER FLASHING A NON-D800 ROM, even into recovery!) It changes the appropriate system files to the d800 variant version, as well as makes the proper build.prop changes. Note: If you use a vs980, ls980, l01f, or f320 specific ROM, there may be additional build.prop changes that need to be made. I didn't add all those because most of the development is on d80* models. Even if it is specific to these other models, patch will likely work just fine.

I took the basic idea from @dev>null (see here) I had previously dumped all of our stock, d80030f partitions. I took those dumps and combined them with the basic gist of this other patch dev>null made.

What changes this makes:
(1) Your entire bootloader is replaced. (a hybrid of 20y and 30f is applied)
(2) Stock lollipop 30f modem/baseband is installed.
(3) Stock lollipop 30f boot image, that has been bumped, is installed.
(4) Variant specific /system files are deleted. Then they are replaced with the d800 30f version of those files.

(1) Boot into recovery, flash your desired ROM. (for my test, I used a d802 ROM)
DO NOT REBOOT RECOVERY, DO NOT!!!! If your ROM asks you to reboot after install, DO NOT!!!!!
(2) Flash this patch.
(3) That's it, you're done! It is okay to reboot now.
Note: Some ROMs might replace your /recovery partition, in which case you should re-flash your recovery before rebooting.

SELinux / Bootloop
This patch properly sets permissions on the files it replaces. That being said, the boot.img in this patch is set to selinux ENFORCING. This means if the ROM you flashed does not have proper support for selinux to begin with, you'll get a boot loop, or hang on the glowing notification LED. Go yell at your ROM dev to fix it, or flash a boot.img that has selinux PERMISSIVE.

ROMs for models other than d80*
There are some additional build.prop changes that might need to be made if the ROM you want to use is f320/ls980/vs980/l01f. There isn't much development on ROMs specific to those models. I'll probably release a version 2 of the patch, eventually, to make these extra tweaks. However, it should work fine as is! The big exception is l01f ROMs. These ROMs are missing NFC files, so either NFC won't work, or the whole thing won't fail.

Major Thanks to:

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XDA:DevDB Information
d800 Lollipop ROM Patch, ROM for the AT&T LG G2

ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2015-06-01
Last Updated 2019-12-31
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Dec 27, 2012
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Change Log

July 29, 2015 (v1.5) (LP 5.0.x)
-Do not flash misc partition. Not needed.
-Overwrites MAC addresses and things.

June 23, 2015 (v1.4) (LP 5.0.x)
-If /data/media exists, set the proper permissions and context
-DONT use TWRP to wipe Internal Storage after running the patch/fix. If you want to wipe internal, do so BEFORE the patch/fix.

June 23, 2015 (v1.3) (LP 5.0.x)
-Change version number to be same for both files (so skipped v1.2 for permission fixer)
-Updated to latest file_contexts from dorimanx
-FIX!!! - ROM Patch and SELinux Context patch both fix ntcode_listing.sh context
++First boot was hanging on completely clean wipe, d800 does not support context: u:eek:bject_r:ntcode_listing_exec:s0
++ntcode file only executes on first boot
++Add build prop tweaks to remove lines that cause execution of ntcode_listing.sh
++In case build.prop tweaks fail and file is executed for some reason, fix its permissions so d800 can execute

June 12, 2015 (LP 5.0.x)
-Permission fixer v1.1
-Fixes a couple of contexts (thanks @dorimanx)

June 11, 2015 (LP 5.0.x)
-Created zip that should fix all SELinux Context and allow boot to ENFORCED mode.
-Posted on my site as "LP ROM SELinux Context Fixer"
-Flash after ROM, ONLY IF SELinux ENFORCE doesn't already work!

June 4, 2015 (v1.2) (LP 5.0.x)
-Added automatic flash of d800 recovery - TWRP (in case ROM overwrote recovery)
-Also posted:
++Added a flashable zip containing devnull's permissive boot.
++Removed my permissive boot, it wasn't working right. Sorry!

June 1, 2015 (v1.1) (LP 5.0.x)
-Supports conversion for Stock Lollipop ROMs from any LG G2 variant, except l01f and lgl22.
-I will probably never add support for those two models since development is very minimal on them.
-Also added other flashable zips to easily switch between ENFORCING and PERMISSIVE.
-Replacement files come from Stock Lollipop d80030f.

June 1, 2015 (v1) (LP 5.0.x)
-Initial Patch
-Fully supports all d80* and f320 ROMs.
-Will do update shortly to add support for converting ls/vs ROMS
-Replacement files come from Stock Lollipop d80030f.
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