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[STOCK][M] NEW! H815 20G Images + KDZ + Flashable Zips (system+boot+modem+bootloader)

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Jul 16, 2016
downloads don't complete.

Every time I download the complete zip file download stops. I've tried it like 4 times but download never completes.
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Aug 12, 2012
Gdansk, Poland
complete has all parts , yea.
no it won't flash recovery.
no su in rom. after flashing complete, you need to flash su.
this rom is from last year. you prefer to flash stock rom 1 year old ? security patch is old here.

I don't know if with a clean install of the V20p works, but I did this:

Followed the tutorial to install and root V20g.
With LGUP upgrade to V20p (lost ROOT).
Again with adb installed the temporary TWRP on the phone and reinstalled SuperSU like for the V20g.

It worked! Rooted and working great!

Security Patch: 2017-03-01
Kernel: 3.10.84
Build Number: MRA58K
Software Version: V20p-OPT5-SI
Baseband VersionMPSS.BO.2.5.c3-00101-M8992FAAAANAZM-1.31581.1

People can try to jump the V20g flash procedure, flash the V20p and see if it works, later post it here how it was :)

Good luck to all


Jan 4, 2016
I followed the instructions, but I get this loop where the phone boots, goes through "Updating apps x of 18", reboots and repeats the cycle again indefinitely...
What should I do?


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Dec 5, 2014
I followed the instructions, but I get this loop where the phone boots, goes through "Updating apps x of 18", reboots and repeats the cycle again indefinitely...
What should I do?
Restore a backup of data partition if you have one ofcours. If not, make one and try to restore it. As last resort, wipe data dalvik and cache aka factory reset.


Jan 4, 2016
Restore a backup of data partition if you have one ofcours. If not, make one and try to restore it. As last resort, wipe data dalvik and cache aka factory reset.

I wiped data partition again, reflashed and woopidy do! This one is a keeper, I'm gonna be using this phone now till the day it dies an honorable death :D Thanks!


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Nov 15, 2014
1 The smartphone has the original Android MarshMallow 6.0.

ad1 - Unlocking the bootloder with the official successful method.

ad2 - Connection with Minimal ADB and Fastboot successful by the cmd console in Windows.

ad3 - Running a temporary recovery with the command fastboot boot lgg4-twrp.img successful.

ad4 - Downloading twrp recovery via the TWRP recovery menu is successful.

ad5 - Download Super SU.zip via Recovery TWRP successful.

2 - Download Stock MarshMallow 6.0 Rom.

ad1 - Upgrade TWRP Recovery from 3.0.2-0 to 3.1.1-1 successful.

ad2 - Format The date is successful.

ad3 - Adv.Cleaning is successful.

ad4 - Flash MarshMallow 6.0 Rom successful.

ad5 - Launch of Rom MarshMallow 6.0 Successful.

3 - Upgrade TWRP Recovery from 3.0.2-0 to 3.1.1-1 - via official applications from the Google Play store.

Here, there was still a technical problem with the installation of recovery TWRP by Fastboot - so I used the app.

ad1 - Upgrade TWRP Recovery from 3.0.2-0 by an application downloaded from the Google Play store successful.

ad2 - Flash recovery on the third partition from the bottom described as recovery successful.

ad3 - Flash recovery is the first attack described above as a successful boot.

ad4 - Launching TWRP 3.1.1-1 Recovery successful.

4 - Flash Bootloder Nugat and Rom Nugat.

ad1 - Format The date is successful.

ad2 -Adv.Cleaning is successful.

ad3 - Flash bootloader Nougat successful.

ad4 - Flash Rom Nougat Successful.

ad5 - Launching Rom successful.

As I had a technical problem with TWRP Recovery - or so it seemed to me with TWRP I made a downgrade to MarshMallow

6.0. The TWRP downgrade from 3.1.1-1 to 3.0.2-0 has been successful.

And for details from the current status of my smartphone, please visit here 





Please help.
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Oct 13, 2017
I have erased EFS , NV , IMEI is null . Any idea how to fix it? This is from EFS pro


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Dec 2, 2009
I was using original nougat version. Yesterday, I have decided to try lineageos based android 16.0 from xda. I have unlocked the bootloader install TWRP & lineageos16 & gapps but I found it uncomplete. Then I return to original nougat version by installing complete.zip from androidfilehost. Now my phone works OK, but everytime I reboot, shows a bootloader unlocked message. I have tried this tag but not works for the nougat. Any info?

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    These are for the H815 variant only. Files are from software version 20G (Android 6.0 Marshmallow)... more specifically from the 20G Poland carrier-free version. Included below: TWRP-flashable stock rom, boot, modem and bootloader zips. KDZ and individual images are also included.

    20G NOTES...
    Improved stability for apps.
    Phone usability and functionality has been further improved.
    Android Security Patch = 2016-07-01

    *There is NO anti-rollback qfuse used in this update*

    You must have TWRP 2.8.7+ installed to use these zip files. Thanks to Dees_Troy as always for that. And, of course, you must have your bootloader unlocked for TWRP to work. Currently only H815 EU and (some) SEA variants have official unlock through LG's unlock page HERE. Please do not ask if "model x" is supported... did you unlock via LG's official unlock tool? Yes? then you can use the zip. No?.. then you should skip the zips and just flash the KDZ instead.

    If you have a locked bootloader and want to upgrade... just use LGUP and flash the KDZ. Don't risk it with FlashFire.

    Install Directions:
    These directions should be used by everyone who wants a rooted 20G system.
    Don't want root? Then it's probably easiest to just flash the stock KDZ using LGUP HERE... or just skip the SuperSu steps.

    1. Download LG-H81520G-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip listed under the download section and place it on internal or external sdcard.
    2. Also download the latest SuperSu zip (2.67+) from HERE [Thanks to Chainfire for his auto-patching boot.img version!]
    3. (re)Boot into TWRP if not there already.
    4.* Backup current partitions: boot, system, data, efs (backing up anything is optional but suggested)
    5.* Up to you if you want to wipe data (TWRP > Wipe > Swipe slider) but not needed if coming from a stock rom.
    6. Install LG-H81520G-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip (Install > select zip > swipe to confirm/flash)
    7. Install SuperSu zip (Install > select zip > swipe to confirm/flash)
    8. After zips finish flashing you can reboot! (if TWRP asks if you want to install SU, HIT NO!!!)

    Please do not mirror my files!

    Also, all stock images for 20G are available in the link below...

    MD5 Sums:
    Click button below to view MD5 for each file...
    MD5 (aboot.img) = 7c493525861c4266d530e738062fc315
    MD5 (boot.img) = 2875872b0a1d2805d9b2733288b9a8fb
    MD5 (cust.img) = d7af7d1b148e14b2aa2d66e16ffd54a4
    MD5 (factory.img) = 8d382e47c15ce8e7e40ab4d23a62681c
    MD5 (hyp.img) = d049d428439dcd6b5a86c31fcfe29308
    MD5 (laf.img) = 0b8aa1bc5ee9983b86bd9a8bccb337d2
    MD5 (modem.img) = 714083449d733ed086a88eb192d77994
    MD5 (persist.img) = 3d77aadd5ac3f6fb740c1af4798a8827
    MD5 (pmic.img) = 03482eec78f8b7d29146c8f384b3c437
    MD5 (raw_resources.img) = 9aa291963a8d7b8757d3da5a482a0bbe
    MD5 (rct.img) = 03e489583925004bab373b4fd71ab251
    MD5 (recovery.img) = d189812d83478840bc50a8d38bff02bf
    MD5 (rpm.img) = 60901753bf5929dcf59aa3d31b3bb036
    MD5 (sbl1.img) = f69b18f074eded758418f911d7664c6e
    MD5 (sdi.img) = ad50c1ef2f127e2f5ab1b87d550a036f
    MD5 (sec.img) = 6cd71a0e217d8aac823028c8c520808e
    MD5 (system.img) = 0aad230efe49fb2dabf4a31c62272a20
    MD5 (tz.img) = 9425a1d8a298b899ddd42d31a9e3b927

    MD5 (LG-H81520G-Flashable.Boot.zip) = 2bb3b8e280ab65eead6e4fee424ba747
    MD5 (LG-H81520G-Flashable.Bootloader.zip) = 801c446c09866efb341faacf71d96a80
    MD5 (LG-H81520G-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip) = b098f7031e95f52ccbc1c37039468bce
    MD5 (LG-H81520G-Flashable.Modem.zip) = 1e896ae6cb179c79c3ff90754da0925f

    To downgrade you can use TWRP to restore your backups... and then just flash the matching bootloader zip and modem zip from my previous threads... or just check the CODEFIRE DIRECTORY link for previous stock files.


    Use LGUP HERE to flash a previous KDZ version. KDZ will remove TWRP but easy enough to reinstall that.

    Unofficial Bootloader Unlock:
    Don't have official bootloader unlock? This guy claims to have a working method HERE...
    y u quote OP?

    Follow me on twitter for future updates on LG-related things - twitter.com/@utoprime

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    Awesome! If I'm already running Imperium 5.0 and just want the updated bootloader and modem (currently using the 20d variants), I'm guessing I can just backup and flash the modem and bootloader zips in TWRP? No need to completely return to stock/install the full zip?

    correct.. there is no need to flash full unless u want stock(or stock rooted) lg. an updated modem/bootloader may or may not agree with the system/rom you're using though... sometimes things change where the "rom-base" must be updated to work with the new modem or bootloader. but worst case you just flash the old modem/bootloader back. If I had to guess though I think it should work for ya.
    hello im on cm 13 but my camera auto focus does not work. I just need to know what I need to download from the first page and installation order so I do not mess up my phone.

    other than the current camera not focusing I do not have any other problems. If some one could just simplify which one i need and do not need and the order I would greatly appreciate it

    download LG-H81520G-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip to sdcard/download folder
    download version 2.67 of SuperSU from the link in the instructions to sdcard/download folder

    boot into TWRP (recovery)

    Use TWRP to wipe dalvick cache, as well as cache partition, and system partition and boot partition - do NOT wipe internal memory card or external memory card or recovery partition or data partition

    the immediately use install mode on TWRP to install LG-H81520G-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip

    then immediately use install mode on TWRP to install version 2.67 of SuperSU from download above

    reboot or power down phone, if TWRP asks if you want to install SuperSU or if you want to root phone, say no

    be patient, it takes a few minutes to sort everything out on first boot
    What is the baseband version of the modem?
    no mobile data on LTE :(

    H815 EU version.
    Mobile data properly working.