[Stock MM] v30G F400K For F400 Variants

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    Hi. Today, I'm introduce stock rom v30G F400K for F400 variants to all of you (Not supported for LS990, VS985, D850, D851, D852 & D855)

    In this rom, I have many things like that:
    - Based on v30G F400K.
    - Odex rom with aroma optional.
    - Record calling.
    - Full weather animation.
    - Intergrated viper4android.
    - Intergrated xposed.
    - Knock code 3 steps.
    - Reduce nav bar to 32 dpi.
    - Default DPI: 560.
    - Fix buildprop to match device model
    - Tweaks to save battery lifes.

    1. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4FoLWZ0e4kmRjRVb2RNVUJiR1U/view

    2. Instruction:
    - Boot into twrp
    - Backup rom
    - Wipe all (system, data, cache & dalvik cache)
    - Flash rom
    - Reboot
    - [optional] Boot into twrp to flash newest xposed to fix xposed working (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4FoLWZ0e4kmMUpGUWxyS3JqSDA/view)

    3. Pictures
    4. Credit: Thank to Tekcafe team from tekcafe.vn allow me to use their code & tools. Thank to @rovo89 & @zhuhang from XDA

    5. Notes:
    - I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards.
    - I don't have enough device to test. So, my rom can't avoid issue.
    - If you have issue of my rom, please feedback to me soon.
    - Not supported for LS990, VS985, D851, D850, D852 & D855 in this version. Hope will add many variants in next version..
    Hi. Please help whith advise. How can i get twrp in my Lg g3 f400L(stock Android 6.0).
    Your device on stock MM 6 can't root & install twrp. Use LGUp to flash tot 4.4, and then root & install twrp. After that, flash my rom.
    @Waxim1: See my pics below about bluetooth working:
    Yeah i want to try this room buddy :)
    Thanks. It seems that I need to buy a new battery. Without installing any APP apart from the system apps, the phone is 99% in deep sleep but the battery drains [emoji33]
    Just to report something I noticed: I choose auto brightness, but after I reboot the phone, the choice of auto brightness does not stick, I need to re-tick it. Has anyone else noticed that?

    Just another question. Which version of twrp recovery do you use? I tried 3.0.2 official but it did not work, now I am without a recovery and the phone cannot boot in recovery. Would be ok to flash another version of twrp recovery with flashify or rashr?

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    Answer for your few questions:
    1. I don't issue like that. You can choose brightness by manual.
    2. I'm using twrp v3.0.2.0 and don't have issue at all. I've a thread to install twrp. See my thread at below link can be help you: http://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g3/development/twrp-v3-0-0-0-f400-variants-compatible-t3312666