[STOCK][O] H850 30a OPEN EU ROM Flashable ZIPs + KDZ (Android 8.0 "Oreo")

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Jul 11, 2011
booted in fastboot, then:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.2.3-2-h850.img
< waiting for any device >

waiting forever...does ore need new drivers?
Thank you

P.S.:I have vodafone/orange bloathware, but my light works well!

(by the way..I lovw this updated, is running smooth like on my s9plus! just need to twrp and root!)
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Jul 9, 2015
The Vodafone app is called "Start" and the phone is unlocked and I'm not a Vodafone customer.

I see there are Vodafone files in root /system/app/OSAVodafoneUpdates in the system image. I'm sorry for that. But why are these apps installed on some devices and some others stay clean? What triggers installation of Vodafone? :confused:

Let me know if anyone finds a better OPEN EU KDZ without such branding.


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Mar 23, 2009
When I Install magisk I have root but torchlight app dont work. Even in camera app or google camera i dont have flashlight. Anyone know solution ?


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Sep 24, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S9
Installed last night, after stuck on LG logo screen (I try to flash in LGUP without wiping Fulmics ROM previously installed) solved with reflashing stock Nougat first (https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5/development/stock-h850-20v-eu-rom-flashable-zips-kdz-t3788620) and after that Oreo. Followed the guide in first post (my bootloader stayed unlocked) for TWRP, installed Magisk, after that Xposed module from Magisk, MK2000 kernel beta for H850, restored my apps with Titanium backup and all working well for now :) Ah yes installed "New adreno 530 gpu driver for our g6" from G6 thread (* Android 8.0 : [email protected] rev21 non treble) and all working.
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Oct 7, 2012
This does have vendor apps but they are easily removed in TWRP File Manager
mount system to be able to delete apps in system.
Delete everything besides LG help


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Feb 13, 2010
Thank you so much, I didn't know COMPLETE has no recovery inside. So (sorry for bothering) what does COMPLETE contain? My guess is Rom+boot+modem+bootloader but now I'm not sure anymore :)

Well, i just flashed the COMPLETE file.
My report:
I got a Vodafone app installed too and the first splash screen is a Vodafone animation.
For some reason after the flashing the phone rebooted itself and I didn't make it to flash magisk before so now I lost root.:crying:

Actually my recovery got replaced too because when I rebooted to recovery through button combo I didn't land to TWRP but I saw a colourful animation saying "Erasing" and it actually erased all data.
After reinitializing the phone i tried
adb reboot recovery
and the robot with his belly open appeared.
I'm trying to install magisk through magisk manager and it says installation failed.
Trying to flash twrp in fastboot says OKAY but then if I reboot to recovery there's no trace of twrp, only the good ol' robot laying down...

Any suggestion? Please!

EDIT1: Ok i managed to install and boot into twrp, i just didn't know that i had to repeat the button combo after flashing.
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Jul 4, 2012
I wiped data using the format-"yes" method but I've just noticed I'm still encryped so I'm going to have to flash all over again - yawn! I noticed this when I went into twrp and I was asked for code to decrypt data. How to do it but keep everything unencrypted???

Hamad Zakieldeen

New member
Oct 4, 2018
Hey guys

I found a h850 30a firmware in the previous website I want to know if I can flash it to my phone which have "h850 20a" in its software version or the kdz have to match the 20a ??



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Jul 30, 2018
The number "20" stands for "secon major upgrade" (10=Marshmellow, 20=Nougat, 30=Oreo) and the "a" means "first release of the current version". So 30a is the first version of Oreo, and you can flash it on your phone with 20a Nougat.
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Sep 21, 2012

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    Stock Firmware H850 V30a "Oreo" OPEN EU ROM

    KDZ-File: H85030a_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0910.kdz (MD5)
    Flashable ZIP Complete: LG-H85030a-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip (MD5)
    Flashable ZIP Boot: LG-H85030a-Flashable.Boot.zip (MD5)
    Flashable ZIP Bootloader: LG-H85030a-Flashable.Bootloader.zip (MD5)
    Flashable ZIP Modem: LG-H85030a-Flashable.Modem.zip (MD5)

    Android 8.0.0
    Patch level: 1 September 2018
    Baseband: MPSS.TH.2.0.c1.4-00070-M8996FAAAANAZM-1.163432.2a.168009.1
    Kernel: 3.18.71
    Build: OPR1.170623.032
    Software version: V30a-EUR-XX

    - Android Oreo

    Upgrade from Android 7 and root using TWRP and Magisk
    1. Do backups! Expect to lose your apps and settings!
    2. Get the required imgages:
      • H85030a_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0910.kdz from above --> store it on your HDD.
      • twrp-3.2.3-2-h850.img --> HDD
      • Magisk 17.1 ZIP file. Copy it to your G5's SD card.
      • the LG-H85030a-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip from above --> SD-Card.
      • Optional: You can additionally download the MD5 file which is being used by TWRP to verify the ZIP file (simply place it in the same folder like the ZIP).
    3. As a safety measure, I'd clean upgrade with the stock KDZ first using LG UP. This will replace also recovery to stock. If successful, you can continue.
    4. Unlock the bootloader (if not already unlocked) as described here with the official bootloader unlock and flash TWRP. TWRP 3.2.3-2 worked for me. Boot into TWRP as described.
    5. Optional: Do a backup in TWRP.
    6. Format Data: "Wipe" > "Format Data" > type "yes". Wipe slider wipe is not enough!
    7. Go back until you see the TWRP main screen. Then Reboot into Recovery. Don't start into System!
    8. Flash / Install the LG-H85030a-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip and Magisk-v17.1.zip without reboot inbetween.
    9. Reboot to System
    10. enjoy!

    To build the ZIPs I used parts of autoprime's previous files. Thx again!

    Disclaimer: This is not an official post by LG to update the firmware! Don't blame me if you destroy your phone. If you use these files and instructions you do it at your own risk!
    V30f flashable zip

    I made a flashable zip from the v30f kdz. It is the full ROM so it will work for a dirt flash from v30a as well as for a clean install.
    I've uploaded it to Mega:
    Download LG-H85030f-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip
    SHA1 checksum: C8D80CA80282AADA16A5CF4E54EA76F1B9185046

    Thanks to DavidFlint for the base zip file and thanks to asialove2013 for posting the kdz file here .
    30A boot.img "modded"

    - disabled forcencrypt (format data via twrp if you have enabled encryption)
    - disabled drm-verity
    - insecure boot.img
    - (selinux for deodex)

    Flash via twrp (install image)
    root via supersu
    I want to leave some Feedback, maybe it will help others:

    I have a H850 (Germany) with LOS Oreo installed.
    1. I booted into recovery and manually wiped everything except external SD.
    2. Reboot to Recovery.
    3. Flash complete zip and Magisk 17.2
    4. Reboot to system (took 1-2 minutes).

    I did not need to flash the KDZ first and I did not end up with any bloatware/unwanted apps. TWRP was still there after I completed the flashing procedure.

    I followed this as well.Flashed the latest TWRP.
    Booted to Recovery and wiped everything except SD.
    Reboot to Recovery and flashed comeplete zip and Magisk AND MK2000 kernel.
    Reboot to system and everything worked.
    Flash works, torch works and fingerprints work.
    No bloat apps and all is working great!
    Thank you!
    P.S. I came from Fulmics 5.5 and did not flash KDZ
    Yes magisk is the reason. In other thrad they say "change kernel to MK2000 is the solution".
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