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[STOCK ROM][4.4.4][FTF] Xperia T3 (D5103) 18.1.A.2.25 MEA


New member
Feb 27, 2014
Sorry to bump an old thread but its still at the top of the forum. Anyways, I figured I'd just inform people that this can be flashed on a D5106 phone. However, the splash screen will be replaced with one that yells at you for mismatching firmware (oh well). It's a good way to free up more space from /system and have less bloatware to worry about.
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New member
Apr 21, 2016
help pls

Cant you help me to my sony xperia t3 i can not flash my stock rom because my debbuging is off what cant i do to fix my sony xperia t3....

Sorry for my bad english...:crying::crying::crying::crying:


New member
Nov 13, 2012
Bricked Xperia T3 D5103 while sony software repair


My sony Xperia T3 D5103 was having sudden death problem, it used to stuck with no led no response to the keys, I had to wait for battery to drain completely to reboot. So, I flash the software and the problem still persist. So I planned to repair using sony companion, halfway to repair it gets sudden death, now i cant flash it because Flashtool ask me to enable usb MPT mode and sony companion doesnt recognise too. Please help.

Thanks in advance