Storage Issue on PrimeOS

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Aug 9, 2021
Today Install primeOS android 11 on my old laptop. But I can't install any app. In status bar keep showing this, anyone know why this happen? I'm install primeOS on 50gb ssd. With ext4.
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Aug 22, 2015
Ah, so sad. Storage corrupt issue fixed, but all games was crashing 😓
For test builds, this is normal. - Did the games work before the update?

Yesterday I checked the build on a laptop i5-2450m + gt650m
(both the video card and igpu Intel worked) in all games

Let's check if you have games running on the Bliss OS 11.13 Gapps (A9) build.
If not, then it makes sense to roll back to Android 7 (Phoenix OS/Posrog or Prime)
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    Okay, let me install first. What format of your partition for install primeOS? Ext4? or ntfs?