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strange issue with wifi xposed DNS 4.4.4

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Mar 11, 2010
i had xposed installed with alot of modules, xprivacy,gravity box,play permission,no safe volume warning,lighting wall,gps notification,disable notification request,boot manager and app settings, franco kernel.

ip settings DHCP,

browsing and next minute i had issues with dns i find out that was blocked from internet/router but not lan/nas,

i take it DHCP lease is 24 hours, so i made the address static to 168.1.63 and all is fine, i tried ip .64 with nexus7 and that address was blocked.

so im trying to find out what actually happened. the router blocked requests from device to outside networks to protect my lan?,

i should of gotten the logs on the router and phone but was distracted by the issue since this had never occurred to me before.

router asus n56u custom firmware,

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