Strange problem setting up SMTP mail account

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Oct 2, 2007
Hi guys I have a really strange problem setting up a SMTP mail account on my wifes phone.. It is a bit difficult to explain because I'm dutch and my phone language is dutch too of course..

My wife and I both have a Galaxy s2. I tried to set up our mail account from home (versatel) on our phones. With the Premium account (POP/IMAP) setting both phones worked oke with the mail account. But then when deleting a message form the phone, the message gets deleted from the server too and we dont want that.

So I went to my phone and set up the mail account via manual settings (in stead of premium and just click next). I left the incoming settings alone. (, no verification, port 110) And changed the outgoing setting so the correspondent with the settings on our PC. (, no verification, port 25)

Now comes the strange thing! This works on my phone. On my wifes phone however it keeps saying our server doesnt support verification. As said I already have this checked of tough.... I already tried deleting the account en resetting. Didnt work. Also tried check verification on and off again. Also didnt work. Any suggestions?
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Oct 24, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Follow your email providers instructions IMAP not POP .

Check the ISP ?Network that the mail is sent through they may have port restrictions to prevent spam .