Stuck in Boot Animation

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Sep 30, 2022
Guys i need help few days ago my LG V30+ L-01k was bricked then i visit a shop he flashed h930ds oreo with qualcomm box when i came home i flashed h93020d kdz as Partition DL then unlock it flash twrp then i flash stock L-01k zip using twrp but my phone stuck in boot animation i tried RR oreo rom but it also stuck in boot animation i tried h93020d as refurbish mode didn't worked so can someone help me how to get rid of this ?
previous time my phone brick reason was i flashed L-01K bootloader zip using twrp on h93020d oreo. maybe pie L-01k is not compaitable with h93020d oreo.
my phone in this rom h93020d works like a charm only sim signals is not working imei is not null but still signals is not working if someone know how to fix the signals issue then i don't to flash other roms
sorry for my bad english