Stuck in boot :/

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Aug 14, 2022

Hi guys, i tried to root my Wiko UPulse Lite (Android 7.0), and I followed the steps in this article

Now I’m stuck in the loop of the image (the phone turns on and off and only shows whats on the screen)

I tried to press all the combinations of buttons already and it is simply stuck.

Can anyone help?

Thanks 🙏🏻

Oswald Boelcke

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Hello and good morning, @m0nsterxp

Welcome to XDA. I hope you'll always find and get the support you require.

However, prior to your next posting please read the guidances that are stuck on top of every forum like
and the others. I've moved the thread to Android Q&A.

Thanks for your cooperation!
Oswald Boelcke
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