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Stuck in Bootloop after flashing Evolution X custom ROM

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Jul 25, 2021
Hi, I downloaded the Evolution X 5.9 surya unofficial zip file in my internal storage and then went to TWRP.
I watched a tutorial on Youtube so I wiped Dalvik/Art Cache, Data, and Cache before flashing the custom rom (wiped the dalvik/art cache again before pressing boot to system)
I thought it was going well but then my phone is now stuck in a bootloop where it's just stuck in Fastboot mode. Currently trying to fix it..

I just want to know what could have caused this? And if I did the whole process wrong? I want to try out the Evo X custom rom, I'm willing to try and flash the rom again once I've gotten out of the bootloop, but I'm anxious I'll mess up again. I've never unlocked my bootloader and flashed a custom rom before, so forgive me.

EDIT: any possible fixes for getting out of the bootloop would be really appreciated too!
EDIT2: I may have really messed up. I decided to press the power button while in Fastboot, and then now it's just a black screen. Windows won't recognize it anymore...
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