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Stuck on 8.1 Like Many Others

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I have the ATT Us variant. It has been stuck in 8.1 for a couple of years. It has been having some serious overheating issues for the past few months and so I wanted to get it upgraded to 10. It also has many other issues with the OS and I am hoping this will resolve it. I turned off updates when I got the phone because at the time I preferred 8.1 over 9.

Anyway, I cannot figure out how to get the updates to work again. I turned auto update back on a week ago. I am on wifi because I am in central Mexico for a while.

When I installed and tried Smart Switch, it said the phone was fully updated which is not true. I have it on the very first ATT update of 8.1.

I do not want to reinstall/factory reset the phone right now, so a fix that allows it to just update would be wonderful.

SM-N960U is the model.