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Stutter, Lag, Jitter, an Open Letter to Samsung

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Dec 7, 2018
Open Letter To Samsung

This letter is written in the perspective of a customer that buys Samsung hardware. I do not want to root my Samsung device, I do not want a custom ROM for situation described below.

When I first buy the Samsung device, all browsers work fast and smooth, however after every update browser become unexplained slow with the exception of Samsung Internet Browser.

For example my Galaxy S8 was smooth with Yandex Browser, Kiwi Browser, Opera Browser, Chrome Browser.

However, with update after update the only browser that remains smooth, is Samsung Internet Browser.

My Galaxy Tab S5e for example is a product from 2019 and with the latest firmware update every browser with exception of Samsung Internet browser gets very slow.

In the Galaxy Tab S5e and the Galaxy S8, I accepted that I was forced to use Samsung Internet Browser at the Galaxy S8, but I cannot feel right about the Galaxy Tab S5e that is no longer able to run other browsers with exception of Samsung Internet Browser.

With every firmware update other browsers become stuttering, lagging, and in the Galaxy Tab S5e extraordinary rubbery Jelly Bean scrolling like.

For now I want people to understand, if you buy a Samsung, you must accept that Samsung will force you to use Samsung Internet Browser if you do not want.

* Jelly Bean effect, as if a website is some sort of rubber while scrolling
* Lagged scrolling in every other browser than Samsung Internet Browser
* Stuttering in every other browser than Samsung Internet Browser

This happens slowly at first, but suddenly it feels like

“ It is Samsung their way to buy a new device “

And I say, Samsung, you are artificially programmaticaly slowing other browsers, and I do not understand why. It is not the hardware, it is as if Samsung puts a frame rate limiter which is very obviously noticeable to any customer at all other browsers with exception of Samsung Internet Browser.

Dear Samsung, in the past Microsoft did the same with Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the short term you can force people to use Samsung Internet Browser, but at the long term, you know what happened to Microsoft.

Samsung please submit the code that makes Samsung Internet Browser appear much faster, to the Open Source Chromium engine that powers all browsers with exception of Firefox.

What comes to mind is that legally Samsung must comply to GPL Licenses that are the base of using the Chromium Blink engine.

What comes to mind, is that the artificial limiting and destruction of usable browsers with exception of Samsung Internet Browser with every firmware update, will have a long term effect.

The Samsung Browser, yes I have it, but it is not my free choice, all the so called stuttering, lagging, scrolling issues introduced after a firmware update are really gone.

But Dear Samsung, Look at what Microsoft did and the long term results for Microsoft.

Dear Samsung, stop destroying the other browsers, please, if you continue, you end up like Microsoft. Not that Microsoft is doing bad, but who uses Microsoft browsers anyway today unless one is forced to do so, e.g. for work ?

My Galaxy Tab S5e is now only able to run Samsung Internet Browser smooth and fast, but I remember and others remember, every other browser was smooth and fast too.

Until you dear Samsung started firmware updates, the other browsers are all affected, maybe with exception for now of Firefox.

I do not think anyone cares that people buying Samsung devices will be forced to use Samsung Internet Browser sooner or later, with exception of XDA Developers complaining about:

Planned obsolescence of any browser which is not Samsung Internet Browser, which is not true entirely, since the Samsung Internet Browser although very primitive stays fast as if I bought this device.

Games play perfectly, the device is so fast, but why do you do it again Samsung? You introduce a firmware update after firmware update, that knowingly slows down other browsers. In the beginning almost unnoticeable, but suddenly….

My Galaxy Tab S5e was so fast with every browser, it was released in 2019, but now it is end of life for anyone using another browser than Samsung Internet Browser.

If you buy Samsung, understand you must accept that within a few months other browsers become so artificially slow that you are forced to use Samsung Internet Browser.

The solution would be rooting the device and installing a custom firmware, but that would mean loosing any reason to buy Samsung.

As reference a Galaxy S3 from 2012 renders very smooth with Chrome browser any webpage, the Galaxy Tab S5e is not even to run simple websites anymore after the ‘ special ‘ enhancement firmware updates.

Probably anyone at XDA knows what is behind these tragic words, it is not the hardware, it is not the browser, a simple Web view Test Application will show you that Chrome engine works perfectly, but who is the first to openly speak out dear Samsung ?

Dear Samsung, you are artificially destroying other browsers in the short term, my 2019 device isn’t even after factory reset able to use any other browser than Samsung Internet Browser without exceptional noticeable lag, stutter, jitter, and the jelly bean scrolling effect.

Am just a customer, I forgave you so many times Samsung, but look, Microsoft once did this, and who wants to use a Microsoft browser by free will?

At Samsung Devices Samsung is the boss, that is what I accepted. But man oh man, a 2019 device becoming obsolete after a few firmware updates already?

As some at XDA say

“ This is Samsung its way to tell you it’s time to upgrade and buy a new Samsung “

But the device is only a at most 11 months old, sold first in 2019 and obsolete end 2019 in December same year? This is frustrating, so many openly say, Samsung you do this deliberately.

I can no longer deny that buying a Samsung also includes being forced to accept Samsung Internet Browser as the only and one browser with it.

And Samsung, what did you contribute back to Chromium Open Source Project, which you are legally bound too?

Samsung You Harvest openly from Chromium Open Source, But you do not contribute back.

Dear Samsung, give people the free will back to choose their browser, contribute your obligations bound legally by law to Chromium.

It is not that Samsung Internet Browser is faster, it is rather Samsung deliberately slows down other browsers to a crawl.

End of open letter, no hard feelings, except deep feelings of tragedy...


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Oct 8, 2015
I've read about the problem you described when using Chrome instead of the Samsung internet browser but haven't noticed it on my S10+ or on this tablet.

Unfortunately I have encountered other issues on both devices that I think are more serious and probably won't be buying anything else from Samsung in the future.

Prior to the S10+ I hadn't owned a Samsung phone since the Galaxy 3. My most recent prior devices were a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and a Huawei tablet. The Samsung phone and tablet are both vastly inferior and were both also a lot more expensive.

Thanks to the North American tech press I don't think most people here have any idea that Samsung is at least 3-4 years behind Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor and OPPO when it comes to photography, biometric authentication, wireless charging, fast charging, AI Assisted features, device cooling, and dual GPS. And as if that wasn't already bad enough Samsung's inferior devices are much more expensive, sometimes costing nearly twice as much.

Samsung charged a $1,000 dollars for the S10+ and used the exact same camera sensor that they have been using since the S7 series which is 4 generations without an upgrade. AI Assisted Photography has been available on Snapdragon chips for 3 years but not on Samsung phones since they use a 4 year old camera sensor that can't take advantage of a feature available on $300 Xiaomi phones.

The S10+ (and this tablet) both use out of date 2D Facial Recognition technology that barely works in Android 9 and doesn't work at all in Android 10 since it doesn't meet the minimum biometric authentication security standards in Android 10.

Samsung actually used more secure and powerful Facial Recognition technology that incorporated an iris scan on the Galaxy S7 through S9 but dropped it on the S10 series because they couldn't fit the iris scanner in their punch-hole display--so S10 customers ended up paying more for older and less secure biometric authentication than Samsung had been using for the previous several years.

Samsung could have easily solved that problem with AI Assisted Authentication if they hadn't decided to save money and used a 4 year old camera sensor in its ludicrously overpriced S10 series phones.

Fingerprint authentication on the S10+ and on this tablet are also the slowest and most unreliable I've encountered on devices in years.

I'm sorry to say this but the browser issues you are experiencing are a minor irritation compared to other problems with Samsung devices.

I should also add that the software coding for Android 10 on the S10+ is bad. Every time I reboot my phone I have to grant Last Pass a permission that's already enabled in OneUI so I need to flick the permission toggle off and back on. Much worse, the last two OTA updates which were nothing but small security patches both sent my S10+ into a soft brick and there are complaints in the Samsung Members App from other owners experiencing the same issue. I know enough about flashing to recover but owners who don't and contact Samsung support are told to bring their phones into an authorized service center.
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