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Stylo 6 and K51 unlocked bootloader and root

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I've recently stumbled into a process that allows the bootloaders to be unlocked on nearly all mediatek devices, with the help of a paid tool, and this process https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/mod-dev-mediatek-mtk-auth-bypass-sla-daa-utility.4232377/ It made unlocking the bootloaders, pulling full rom backups or restoring the backups possible.
First i accidently crashed the system and preloader manually on the Stylo 6 and was able to unlock the bootloader, then i repeated the process on 2 more Stylo 6's and 2 K51's. I sought out help and started working with Haise and the guys in the stylo 6 discord group until he got the files i pulled from my unlocked phones that he needed for his process that he came up with and then told me to stop the work that I started. After he removed me from his discord group for calling him out for no longer wanting to work with me so i could accomplish this goal that I set for myself. I reached out to the team at Hovatek for some guidance and I couldn't have restored my 2 hard bricked stylo 6's without them, in just about a months time i feel i learned half a years worth of knowledge, and i plan to share my findings in hope that this process can be recreated without a paid program.
I have complete rom backups of the stock system, unlocked bootloader system, and fully magisk rooted backups of both Stylo 6 and K51. I have compiled a 100 percent all files included scatter file based off of each rom backup, i will continue working with the Hovatek team to make this process of unlocking these bootloaders and many more bootloaders easy and free for everyone, I will be loading more files tonite so look out for links to the unlocked bootloader files, the scatter files, and a zip for those who brick their stylo 6's trying to recreate the process themselves.


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I'm nearly finished getting the correct files and order and pre flash setup done so that SP Flash Tool can be used to unlock the bootloader and root the stylo6, I appreciate the team at Hovatek being there to give me some direction, and to bounce ideas and methods back and forth with me for the majority of this project, after I sorta stumbled into the first stylo 6 unlock I got unlock happy and I unlocked the next 2 stylo 6 phones I purchased before thinking about the steps I should take to narrow down how it happened, this was my first real attempt to do anything this in depth, but I set a personal goal for myself that I won't let anyone influence me to not get to the bottom of it and make it doable for everyone. I'm writing this as I'm waiting for a full stock rom back up to install so I'll eliminate the variables that have occurred from hard bricking one of my test dummy phones multiple times. The super.img is about halfway done, and then I will start what is hopefully the flash setup that I will be sharing with everyone. But if it fails I hope that some more experienced developers will let me bounce some ideas back and forth to find the right order of flashing and formatting so I don't have to keep bricking my 2 test dummy stylo6's, I prefer to keep the 3rd I have in total working order.
I'm stuck on one last thing and could use all the help I can get, I am not finding a working way that will disable avb, I have found about 5 methods and I've tried them without success, I've even attempted these methods on an unlocked bootloader with root still with no success, so without this one last piece to my puzzle I may not be able to release a fully working method that everybody can use to unlock their own stylo6.
I have a flash setup that would flash every .img file that changes after the bootloader unlock, but with avb still enabled the flash is unsuccessful, If a method is figured out this way of unlocking will start development for many more phones as I've been able to unlock a few other mtk phones that have not been unlocked by anyone else that I've seen so far.


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Aug 3, 2021
Wow, great work Warlockguitarman, this is really exciting!

A few ideas (some of which you may have already tried):

1. Flash a blank vbmeta image (this might brick the phone though?)
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2. Extract zImage from boot.img, and modify it to remove dm-verity

3. Generate your own custom signing keys, and sign boot.img with it:
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1. Flash a blank vbmeta image (this might brick the phone though?)
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