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[SUBSTRATUM] OOS PureBlack UI Free v3.2

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    OOS PureBlack UI Theme for OxygenOS (OOS)​

    This theme works with the latest Substratum​

    The theme currently supports any device running OxygenOS 11 (OOS 11)


    - PureBlack UI and Notifications
    - Transparent StatusBar when pull down QS Panel/Notifications
    - PureBlack Backgrounds
    - Different Accent Colors available (Paid via PlayStore)
    NOTE: To Enable Blur effect as shown in the Screenshots, you need to install
    this Magisk Module in Magisk Manager.

    How to Install:​

    1. Download and install this theme
    2. Open Substratum and make sure no other theme is enabled
    3. Open this theme and Select all
    5. Reboot
    6. After reboot open Substratum again and go to manager
    7. Tick all (this theme) and Enable selected and enjoy.

    Themed Apps:

    - Android System (Base)
    - Calculator
    - Calender
    - Call Management
    - Contacts
    - Duo
    - Gmail
    - Messaging App
    - Phone/Dialer App
    - Settings
    - SystemUI
    - SystemUI Headers

    Download from here v3.2-​

    > AndroidFileHost < OOS PureBlack UI Free [Settings Icons fixed]​

    The same theme is available on Google PlayStore as Paid with Different Accent Color options.

    OOS PureBlackUI <- Link to Google PlayStore​

    And also a Brand New theme with many other features available on Playstore

    Material Vivid OOS <- Link to Google PlayStore


    If you Like my works or like this mod
    - You can donate me by buy me a coffee of your choice
    - You can Donate me here - Playstore Link

    I bought the pure Black Theme on Playstore. Working great with blur module, thank you!

    Do you like Avengers?
    I am doing some work :cool:...guess what is this...
    I know you guys already know what is this.



    -Some settings icons fixed (Removed circles)


    -Settings icons fixed
    Hi guys and @da4vidpl

    Light theme for the same is now available here

    All free+paid themes are available for Light/White mode